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Thursday, March 24, 2011



By Sharon
Despite my addiction to wetting and pooping my pants, I still hadn't had any real public accidents. The ones I had on my doorstep, and the others in my backyard as I hung out the washing, or mowed the lawns, weren't really public as no one could see what I was doing. I was beginning to fantasise more and more about wetting and messing myself in public, and lots of times as I walked up town I would be really busting to go from both places, but could never quite get up enough courage to actually do it. But things were soon to change.
I met this married man who used to come into my work a lot. He always paid me compliments by telling me how nice I looked, and things like that, and sent me flowers. I didn't know that he was married then, so one day when he asked me out I decided to go. He took me out and we had a really nice dinner, and a few too many wines, before ending up back at my place having sex. He was a really good lover, and was the first man to perform oral sex on me. That night he spent ages licking my clit and pussy, and then doing something that I didn't think anyone would want to do to another person, and that was lick and kiss my bottomhole, and even put his tongue right up inside me there.
After we made love for over two hours, he said that he had to go, and when I asked him why, it was then that he told me he was married. He came out with all the old lines about how the marriage was nearly over, and that he was soon going to leave his wife, and I guess I just fell for it (which I will never do again) and I agreed to keep seeing him, mostly because of what he had done to me with his tongue!
Every night after that, he would come to my place about six, and we would make love until about eight, then he would go home. In those two hours, I would have two or three orgasms on his tongue, and then would either do oral sex on him, or he would screw my pussy or bottom and leave a lovely sticky load of cum in one of my love holes. After he had gone, I would dress in just panties and tee shirt, make myself a cup of coffee, then settle back down on the bed to masturbate.
Sometimes I would squat over a mirror and watch the little wet stains form on my panties as I pushed dribbles of his cum out of either my pussy or bottom. When it was my bottom that had been lubricated, I often ended up messing in my panties as I pushed. My hole would be so wet and slippery, once I started, I just couldn't stop myself from going. I must admit, I didn't really want to try, and I would feel it filling up my pants, then sit down on the mirror while I rubbed my clit to a giant orgasm.
A few weeks later, he started coming to my place in the mornings before he went to work. He started work at eight o'clock, and I started at nine, so he would come over at about seven and would just get into bed with me, and we would make love. Then he would leave, I would shower and then go to work.
One morning after him doing this I was walking to work with a lovely big load of his cum in my bottom, and I suddenly felt like I needed to pass wind. When I couldn't stop it any longer, I relaxed just a little, but to mu horror, instead of farting I did a huge poop right there in the street in my panties! I didn't know what to do. I hardly even felt it come out, and by the time I felt the mess all over my bottom, my panties were quite full. I was wearing a dress, panties, pantyhose and another pair of panties over that, so that helped to contain it all. I knew however that I couldn't go to work like that, so I turned around and very carefully walked back home.
As I walked, I could feel all the mess in my panties, and could also feel the pressure building back up again, telling me that I was soon going to do more. I could feel the poop down between my legs and around my pussy, so I knew I couldn't risk doing any more as my panties wouldn't hold it in. But I was getting more and more exited with the wet gooey feeling between my legs, and the feeling of wanting to do more. I had to stop several times on the way home and squeeze my bottom to stop it coming out. But when I turned the corner at my street, I saw that there was no one else in it, and suddenly had a deliciously dirty thought.
As I continued walking, I only relaxed my bottom again and proceeded to fill my panties almost to bursting point. I could feel the lovely gooey mess halfway up my bottom cheeks and oozing down over my pussy, but then it started to leak down the insides of my legs inside my pantyhose. I had to stop walking for a minute just to gather myself together. Looking down I saw that fortunately there was no sign of what I had just done. I can tell though, that the feeling of standing there with that giant load in my panties and all between my legs was the most incredible feeling - so naughty, but oh so nice, and I was more than just a little turned on.
I stood there for a minute, and then after having a quick look to see if anyone was around, I pulled my dress down a little further and then continued walking. I felt the mess creep further and further down my legs until I could feel that it was below the level of my dress, but as I was almost home, and there was still no one around, I didn't care. When I was six houses from my place and could see my gate, I again relaxed my bottomhole and felt some more poo ooze out, and then I just relaxed completely, and with every step I took, more and more came out.
By now I was busting to pee as well, but I knew that if I did, I would leave a trail all the way to my door. So I held on (just) until I got in my gate, and then I walked onto the grass and just stood there and let go. My warm pee came gushing out, while at the same time, I was still going from the other end. As pee flooded through my already full panties, making everything pour down my legs, I had the most intense orgasm that I had ever had.
By the time I was finished, I was in such a mess, I could hardly believe it. The insides of my legs were brown right down to my shoes, and I could feel pee in my shoes right to my toes. I couldn't go in the house like that as the mess was still dripping from between my legs, so I had to take off my shoes, pantyhose and panties, and then wipe my feet as best as I could on the grass. I then unlocked the door and quickly ran inside, holding my dress between my legs with one hand to catch any drips, and my soaking, messy panties and pantyhose in the other.
I went straight to the shower and took my clothes off, just dropping them in the tray. I leaned back against the wall and gave my hard, very messy, but very tingly clitty the much needed attention it was after. It took me ages in a nice hot shower to clean up, and lots of perfume and powder. My shoes were ruined and I had to throw them away, but it was worth it, and I have done it lots of times since. But this was my first really public accident, I will never forget it.

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