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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diane 1 - Diane's Punishment


Posted by Raffles on March 02, 1998 at 17:03:54:
A couple of years ago, I wrote a story called "Diane's Punishment" and posted to to Patches Place. Recently I made some changes in it, primarily so that it would conform to a sequel now in progress, and so that I could continue the story line even beyond that. I will have the sequel finished and posted in a few days. Meanwhile, this newer version of the original can be looked at as sort of an introduction. It is fiction.

By Raffles
Diane was a very unhappy young lady. Here she was, eighteen years old, old enough to drive, old enough to vote and old enough for sex (although her parents didn't know about that part), yet in their eyes, not old enough to be home alone while they were on vacation.
Diane was more or less used to getting her own way. She was an only child, and, while she wasn’t exactly spoiled, her father usually gave in to whatever she asked for. She had never gotten in any serious trouble, but had always been mischievous and liked to play practical jokes. Now she really wanted to have the house to herself, and couldn’t help thinking about the partying and fun she’d be missing out on.
She was especially unhappy that she and her boyfriend Jack were going to lose out on the ideal place to be alone together. Diane's hormones always seemed to be raging and she had been masturbating regularly since puberty. Almost any outside influence having to do with sex got her hot. She had lost her virginity to Jack just a few months before. Really, it was amazing that she had managed to hold out that long. As is typical with teenagers, the big event took place in the back of a car because there was nowhere else to go. They'd done it a few more times since then, but it was always uncomfortable, and Diane was always nervous that someone would come upon them. This all took away a great deal of the pleasure, and Diane had been looking forward to the time when she could make love in a real bed. When she first heard that her parents were going away sometime soon, she was overjoyed. Then, just a few days before she was expecting them to leave, they dropped the bomb on her. She would not be staying alone. And the worst part was the “babysitter” who was staying with her: Aunt Jane. It just wasn’t fair.
Diane really didn’t know Aunt Jane very well. She was Diane's father’s youngest sister, who lived in California, but her father never talked much about her. Until now she had never come to visit Diane’s family, and Diane had never been to visit her. In fact the only times they had ever met were at family functions such as a cousin’s wedding a few years ago. There had been only two or three such events, so really it was like being with a total stranger in the house. Diane wasn’t even sure why she was visiting now. Apparently she had some business to attend to in town for several days and needed a place to stay. Diane’s parents had offered their home and had managed to reschedule their vacation time to coincide. They were going to be gone a whole week, which in this new situation seemed like forever.
The first evening with Aunt Jane had not gone well. She had arrived in a taxi early Friday afternoon, and Diane’s parents had shown her around briefly, left instructions and then taken off almost immediately. Aunt Jane then retreated to her room until it was time to start dinner. The meal started out friendly enough, but then Aunt Jane made a remark about the way young girls wore such short skirts nowadays, and how disgraceful it would have been when she was Diane’s age. This attitude really bothered Diane, and he two of them ate together in almost total silence after that. When dinner was over, Diane had gone straight to her room where she sulked the rest of the night.
Aunt Jane even looked weird, Diane reflected. First of all, she was very small and thin. She dressed all in black and wore no makeup. She kept her sweater buttoned all the way to her throat and wore a tight leather skirt that came down past her knees. Her hair was pulled tightly into a bun behind her head, and she wore high black boots with pointed toes and three inch heels. Diane was positive that the entire week was going to be a disaster. Jack was playing in a late high school basketball game, so she couldn't even let out her frustrations to him on the phone
By the next day, however, Diane had decided that since there was nothing she could do to change the situation, she might as well try to make the best of it. First she showered and then proceeded to get dressed. She put on a loose sweater that wouldn’t accentuate her rather large breasts. Then she wore one of her longest skirts, a navy blue pleated one that still only came to about three inches above her knees. Underneath she had put on pink, nylon hip hugger briefs. Looking in the mirror, she thought she looked “presentable” enough.
When she got downstairs, Aunt Jane was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. She was dressed similar to the way she had been the evening before. Diane greeted her and started to make some small talk about school and some of the things she was doing. Surprisingly Aunt Jane responded with some interest, and before long they were having a pleasant conversation leading to some stories about Aunt Jane’s school days and her life out in California. The conversation continued through breakfast and by the time they had finished the dishes Diane was starting to think that her time with Aunt Jane might not turn out to be so horrible after all.
It was during the course of this conversation that Aunt Jane casually mentioned that today was her birthday. Diane felt badly that she hadn’t known about it and hadn’t had a chance to do something special. She started to say something about it, but Aunt Jane interrupted, telling her nothing was necessary and immediately changed the subject. Nevertheless, it remained in the back of Diane’s mind, and a few minutes later, when the opportunity arose, Diane impulsively acted on it.
It happened when Aunt Jane got up and went to her purse to get some pictures to show Diane. The purse was sitting on a low table in front of the couch. As Aunt Jane bent over, Diane rushed up to her, grabbed the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up over her hips, exposing Aunt Jane’s derriere. To Diane's surprise, it was encased in a heavy, white open bottom girdle with white cotton panty briefs underneath. Diane also noticed several garters on each leg extending down from the girdle to the tops of her black stocking. Diane hesitated a second, then began to administer a birthday spanking consisting of ten light slaps with her open hand applied quickly to the outside of the girdle--plus one for good luck.
Almost before Diane had finished, Aunt Jane straightened up and turned. Tugging her skirt back down to its proper place, Aunt Jane exclaimed,
Diane backed away immediately, shocked by the almost violent reaction.
“What manner is this in which to act toward your elders!” Aunt Jane went on, “Haven’t your parents taught you any respect? I’ve never heard of such a thing before!”
“I...I...I’m sorry, Aunt Jane.” Diane stammered, “It was just a little birthday spanking. We always do it to one another. I didn’t mean any harm.”
“Indeed!” Aunt Jane responded. “Well I find your behavior most inappropriate for a girl your age. I think it’s clear that some discipline is in order.”
Diane didn’t like the sound of that. She had never been severely punished for anything before, not physically anyway. The tone of Aunt Jane’s voice and her threatening looks were beginning to frighten Diane. However, what really scared her was when Aunt Jane marched out of the room and came back a few seconds later with a flat wooden paddle. Diane had never seen anything exactly like it before. It was about 18 inches long with a narrow handle at one end, 3 inches wide and about an inch thick. It looked like it could really hurt when properly applied, and Diane’s stomach was beginning to do flip-flops with fear. Although, Diane was physically larger than her aunt, there was something about her air of authority that was very intimidating.
“Oh please Aunt Jane,” she pleaded. Don’t hit me with that. I promise I’ll be good. I’ll never do it again.”
“Oh I’m sure you won’t,” Aunt Jane responded with a nasty smile, as she slapped the paddle against the palm of her hand with a loud smack.
That was all it took. Diane was now truly terrified. Suddenly, as if from far away, she became aware of a splashing sound on the rug and a feeling of warm wetness in the crotch of her panties and flowing down her legs. In fear she had totally lost control and was peeing right through her nylon panties. Even after she became aware of what she was doing, she was powerless to stop it, and for several seconds just stood there as the pee continued it’s flow. She felt the spreading wetness as it crept up the front and back of her panties. As she realized that her skirt was about to get wet also, she quickly grabbed the hem and raised it above her waist, totally exposing her pink panties to the now astonished Aunt Jane.
Diane was practically paralyzed in fear at this point and continued to wet herself until her bladder was entirely drained. At that time she dropped her skirt and just stood there watching to see what her aunt would do next.
“I can’t believe it!! You peed right into your panties!! Your panties are totally soaked, not to mention the rug. This calls for severe punishment. Come over here, missy, NOW!!”
As if in a trance, Diane did as she was told. “Please, Aunt Jane,” she sobbed again. “Please don’t paddle me. I didn’t mean it. It was an accident. Please.”
“Lay down across my lap, young lady” replied Aunt Jane sternly, as she seated herself on the couch.
Again Diane continued to sob, but she did as instructed. When she was properly situated, Aunt Jane grabbed her skirt and once again pulled it past her hips, exposing the seat of her wet panties. These were now nearly transparent and stretched tightly across her raised quivering bottom. Without another word, Aunt Jane brought the paddle down, striking her left cheek with a loud SMACK.
Actually, the first one didn’t feel so bad. Neither did the next few, as Aunt Jane alternated the strokes from one cheek to the other, and Diane was beginning to think this form of punishment might not be so bad after all. However, as the blows continued, they began to sting more and more, until by the tenth one, she was squirming and once again begging Aunt Jane to stop. Aunt Jane continued steadily though.
“Oh Aunt Jane, please stop!!” (SMACK)
“Ow. Oh please, no more!!" (SMACK)
Each stroke was now like a red hot iron being applied to her tender bottom. The wetness of her panties made it feel even worse. Still the paddling continued with Diane jumping and squirming with each stroke and pleading for her aunt to stop.
All at once, through the pain, another feeling became apparent to Diane. It was a feeling that started in the pit of her stomach and slowly crept toward her rear. Diane now realized that in her fear and pain she was beginning to lose control of her bowels.
“Aunt Jane, please wait. I have to use the bathroom.”
Aunt Jane replied with a well placed smack on the left cheek sending another fiery message to Diane’s body. The pressure grew stronger.
“Please Aunt Jane! Let me go!”
“Not so fast, young lady,” she responded, “You’re not going to get out of your punishment with that trick. You just finished peeing yourself, remember?"
“But Aunt Jane, it’s true. I have to poop. If I don’t get to the bathroom soon, I’m going to mess myself."
The pressure was definitely building now, and Diane could feel it pushing against her anal opening. She just had to have some relief soon. Instead she felt another blow to her right cheek. How much longer could she hold on? Two more blows followed, and Diane knew she couldn’t last much longer.
"Aunt Jane, PLEASE!!!” she cried, “I’m going to poop my panties if you don’t let me go NOW!!”
The response was another smack, even harder than the others. Diane jumped and the load in her bowels seemed to move even lower Now her rear was almost numb, and she realized she couldn't hold on any longer. As the next blow landed on her left cheek, she felt her sphincter muscles failing.
“Ohhh, Aunt Jane, its happening,” she sobbed. “I’m pooping. I'm pooping my panties!”
Sure enough she had totally lost control. She could feel her bowels start to evacuate and the load begin to pass out through her now distended anal opening, between her cheeks and into the seat of her panties. It felt very soft and squishy and made a soft crackling sound as it passed through. As the soft poop contacted the nylon fabric it began to fan out, causing her panties to bulge and filling the cleft between her cheeks. The sour odor of fresh shit filled the air. Aunt Jane had her paddle raised for another stroke when she realized what was happening.
“Oh my gosh! You ARE pooping your panties!! I can’t believe it.”
Diane was no longer making any attempt to hold back now and the huge load continued to move out ever faster into the seat of her panties. As her panties filled, because of her awkward position on Aunt Jane’s lap, the poop moved downwards and filled the space between her thighs. It felt squishy and warm.
“Ohhh nooo. I’m doing it. I’m filling my panties with poop. Ohhh!!” Diane continued to sob.
“I can’t believe it,” repeated Aunt Jane in wonderment. “You’re doo-dooing your panties. You’re pooping yourself like a little girl. How can you do such a thing?”
Finally it was all out, and her anus slowly closed. Diane’s pink panties now showed a large bulge in the seat and hung down between her legs. There was a wide, dark stain forming as well. One of the elastic legholes had been pulled away and the brown mass was clearly visible in the space between. Diane just lay there, exhausted and embarrassed, not knowing what to do next. For a second or two she experienced a strange sensation...almost one of pleasure as the warm poop settled in and spread out against her skin. For just an instant, she thought her pussy had even begun to tingle. The feeling didn't last long though.
Aunt Jane was still repeating over and over: “You doo-dooed yourself. You loaded your pants. I can’t believe it. There’s no excuse for this”
Suddenly the paddle descended again even harder than before. It made contact with the load of poop, spreading it around even more, and flattening the bulge. Aunt Jane continued her paddling repeating as she did each stroke, “There’s no excuse. Pooping your panties like a child. Doo-dooing yourself. Anyone who does such a thing has to be punished.”
Luckily for Diane, most of the blows were absorbed by the load of shit which acted like a padding between her tender cheeks and the paddle. However, her entire rear and thighs became totally smeared.
Finally, after what seemed like forever, Aunt Jane put the paddle aside and Diane was allowed to get up. Still crying she waddled to the bathroom, closed the door and turned to examine herself carefully in the mirror. Most of the rear of her panties was dark brown, and poop was smeared down her thighs. As she removed her shitty panties a good part of the load came with them, but a lot remained between her cheeks and even caught in her pussy hair. She could also see that both cheeks were now a bright red. For a brief second, Diane felt her pussy tingling again and she experienced a momentary desire to massage her clit. However, a spurt of pain as she rubbed her buttocks quickly drowned the feeling. Dropping her panties on the tile floor, she started the shower and climbed in to clean herself up.
She remained under the shower for a long time. When she got out she noticed her rear was still red and that it still hurt even to touch it. She put on some fresh clothes and headed for the laundry room with her soiled undies. After rinsing them off in the tub, she started to place them in the hamper when she noticed something. There near the top was a pair of white cotton, full cut briefs, identical to the ones Diane saw on Aunt Jane when she had been given her birthday spanking. The only difference was that these also had a large brown stain in the rear and fair amount of dried poop still present in the seat. Diane picked them up and examined them carefully. She was sure no one else in the house had panties like that.
With determination in her stride, and the panties in her hand, she marched back to the living room where her aunt was still seated on the couch reading.
“Oh Aunt Ja-a-ane,” she called out with a lilt in her voice. “Guess what I - I - I found.”
As Aunt Jane looked up and saw the pooped panties hanging from Diane’s fingertips, her eyes widened.
“Oh, uh-well, I can explain that-uh.” She continued to stammer, “In the cab...on the way from the airport...There was no place to go...I...uh..couldn’t hold it. It was just an accident," she tried to explain. "It could happen to anyone.”
“That’s odd,” replied Diane confidently. “I thought you told me there was no excuse for pooping your pants. I thought anyone who did that deserved to be punished. ANYONE! Right, Aunt Jane?”
Before her aunt could react further, Diane was on the couch pulling the smaller woman by the shoulders across her lap. At the same time she grabbed the paddle and once again yanked up her aunt’s skirt exposing her girdled bottom and elastic garters. This was to be no playful birthday spanking. Pulling up on the bottom of the girdle, Diane administered a hard smack with the paddle on both upraised cheeks. Aunt Jane yelped and jumped, but Diane had a good hold with her other hand, and there was no escape. Again and again the paddle came down, until Aunt Jane was in tears, begging and pleading for her to stop. Diane realized that now she was in full control, and the feeling as she continued to administer punishment was a turn on like nothing she had ever experienced before.
“Hmmmm,” she thought as the blows continued to land and she listened to her aunt’s pleading.
“The next few days may turn out to be some fun after all.”

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