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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

pooped panty sex..

pooped panty sex..

I Did It!! this past saturday i had the experience ive been wanting for quiet some time.i fucked my girlfriend while i was wearing pooped panties.
my girlfriend is very aware of my panty and pantypooping fetishes.she indulges me in many ways.she buys me panties,she has made me videos of her pooping her pants,she role plays with me when i poop my panties,etc….well we were havin drinks a few weeks ago when the topic came up of me pooping my panties.she has done it but is very indifferent to it..doesnt love it,doesnt find it repulsive..could care less if i do it.i told her i wanted to have sex with her in my poopy panties and possibly poop while havin sex.she was open to the idea and gave me the go ahead.well days go by and never the right this past saturday she and i are shopping when i realize i could poop…but alas i havent any panties on.i hold it…and get horny cause now i havin pooping on my mind.about an hour later we arrive home.i put on my grey and black stripey cotton panties and go in the bathroom to shave my i look int the mirror at myself i get a boner and the feeling of havin to poop really bad.its now or never for this i relax and make a very large semi soft poo in my pants..i nearly came on myself as it hits me that i have just pooped my panties very badly and my gf is 15 feet away and we dont have a bathroom door.she knows i am into pantypooping and ive done it maybe 4 times around her but it still makes me feel somewhat embarrassed and nervous.well my horniness over came my nervousness .i walk from the bathroom into the kitchen where she was and put my hand in her panties.i fingered her from behind her while kissing her neck.she was wet and i was throbbing.not knowing if she knew i had pooped my panties i ushered her to the bedroom and shoved her on the bed.i shoved my cock in her and melted.i was blown away…i could feel my warm,creamy poop in my panties and her hot,wet pussy all at once.i could only last a couple of minutes before i had to pull out and exploded all over sexy little was one of the best orgasms ive can ever rememeber.!WOW!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Julie20: Unplanned messy fun.

Thewishmaster a year ago
Julie20: Unplanned messy fun.

I had some unplanned and very messy fun this morning
to get my day off to an enjoyable start. I normally get up out of bed around
6:30 AM on “work” days then wake my son up around 7:00AM in order for him to
get ready for school. This morning I woke up around 5:30AM with strong cramps
in my lower abdomen and feeling very gassy. I really didn’t want to get up out
of bed at that time and tried to get back to sleep. After laying there in
discomfort for about fifteen minutes while letting out some very smelly farts,
I realized the cramps were not going away and I had no chance of getting back
to sleep. The urge for a BM was quite strong and by the way my stomach felt I
was pretty certain my poop was going to be soft and mushy. As I lay there in
bed the thought of making a nice messy poop in my panties before going to work
sounded delightful especially since I knew that I had plenty of time to enjoy
it before my son got up.
While laying in bed thinking about starting my day
with a nice stinky in my panties I began to rub my clit and as I masturbated I
started thinking about pooping while I was in bed. The idea seemed so naughty
and the more I thought about it the more turned on I was getting. With the
weather getting cooler I just recently started wearing pyjama’s to bed again
and sometimes I wear panties under my pj’s. Last night I happened to not be
wearing any so I went to the hamper to retrieve the dirty pair from yesterday.
I was just about to put them on then started wondering what it would be like to
poop in my cotton pj’s without any panties on. For some reason that thought
seemed even naughtier and since I was wearing an older pair of pyjama’s I
wasn’t concerned with making a mess in them. The idea seemed very exciting and
as I stood there momentarily massaging my clit, I knew that’s what I wanted to
do. I put the panties back in the hamper then got a couple of bath towels and
went back to my bed. After folding the towels to make them thicker I placed
them on my bed to protect the sheets then got back into bed with my butt
positioned on the towels.
After laying back down I raised my knees and spread my
legs then began to masturbate again. I then started to grunt and as I felt my
sphincter opening and poop beginning to push out, I had butterflies in my
stomach. I was as excited by what I was doing as I had been the very first time
I purposely pooped my pants. As I felt soft creamy poop slowly oozing between
my cheeks I said “oh god, I don’t believe I’m pooping in my pyjama’s” then the
poop broke off and I couldn’t really feel it anymore as it settled in the seat
of my loose fitting pj’s. I began to move my butt around a little then lowered
my knees and oh my god, what a wonderful feeling! Warm and very mushy poop
squished in my pyjama’s, some on my bottom but most of it went up between my
legs. As I pushed my fingers down further between my legs I could feel the mess
through my pyjama’s and knew that my vagina was covered with stinky. I began
rubbing my hand up and down between my legs, smearing the mushy poop up into
the front of my pyjama’s and covering my very excited clit as I talked to
myself about how much “I love playing in my stinky”.
After a few minutes of enjoying my mess I raised my
knees back up then grunted again and this time I heard that lovely bubbly sound
as I emptied a large amount of extremely mushy poop into my pyjama’s. I knew
right away that I had made an even bigger mess then I expected but I was so
turned on that it didn’t matter. I was being a naughty little girl and loving
it! Then as if being asked by someone else I said to myself “oh my, it smells
like somebody made stinky in her jammies. Did you make stinky in your jammies
Julie? Did you?” I lowered my knees again and felt the mushy poop squish down
the back of my thighs and up between my legs. I began to move my butt around
and thrust my hips causing my stinky to spread out further into my pyjama’s.
The excitement was more then I could take and as I began to orgasm I answered
the questions to myself by saying “oh god yes, I made stinky in my jammies. I
made so much stinky”. With being so absorbed in pleasure I had no concern of
the mess I was making. I pressed the palm of my hand between my legs then
rapidly rubbed stinky all over my pussy and clit while I continued thrusting my
hips as I brought myself to multiple orgasms.
When my excitement finally subsided I knew I had made
an extremely large mess. I had poop all over my right hand from smearing my
stinky as I masturbated and I couldn’t even imagine the mess that was in my
pyjama’s. I climbed out of bed, picked up the towels then carefully walked to
the bathroom. My pale yellow cotton pyjama bottoms with the little teddy bear
print were a total mess and I thought to myself “oh god Julie, I can’t believe
you made such a mess in your pyjama’s”. The seat of my pj’s, the front halfway
up to the waist, and the legs halfway down the thighs were coated with my mess.
I stood in the bathtub while peeling them off and wiped most of the poop off
myself as well before turning on the shower. It was difficult rinsing the poop
from the pyjama’s in the toilet but after I finally managed to get it done I
put them in the washer with the towels. They cleaned up better then I thought
they would although if you look closely at them you can see a slight stain. I’m
certain it won’t be the last time they get filled with stinky as it seemed very
naughty and quite exciting pooping directly in them and playing in the mess.
I remembered as I was writing this that it was a year
ago this week that I had the messy accident in my pants that aroused my
curiosity and got me interested in pooping my pants. A year ago I would have
never imagined that I would become a 43 year old mother obsessed with pooping
in her pants! My only regret is that I wasn’t doing it for all those years
before but I’m really glad to have discovered the pleasure now.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Julie24: Only when I’m at home

Thewishmaster a year ago
Julie24: Only when I’m at home.

After pooping my pants last week for the first time in
quite a while I was really looking forward to the next time but when I got the
urge for a BM at work on Thursday, I ended up using the potty thinking that I
should control my desires and limit myself to messing my panties only when I’m
at home. I enjoyed that pleasure Saturday morning and again Sunday night. Both
times my poop was firm but as always it was wonderful feeling the warm turds
against my bottom and I enjoyed nice orgasms each time.
Late yesterday afternoon at work I was again having
the urge for a BM and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to wait until I got
home. Although last week I had decided not to do it at work anymore the
temptation was too much. I remembered how exciting it used to be and was
anxious to feel that same thrill again. Since I haven’t been pooping my panties
at work recently I quit carrying my “just in case” bag with me so I knew I was
taking a bit of a chance but by the way I felt I was confident my poop would
again be firm and I would have no trouble emptying my panties in the potty
after I finished. As I walked towards the restroom my stomach was filled with
butterflies as I anticipated the thrill of pooping my pants at work again and I
could hardly wait to feel the warm poopy in my undies.
I was happy to see no one else in the restroom when I
walked in. I then stood with my back to the mirror over the sink where I was
going to watch my pants bulge as I did my BM but just as I was about to grunt
one of my co-workers came in. I immediately went into a stall and she went into
the one beside me. I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to
watch myself but I knew I was still going to have the joy of pooping in my
panties. I pulled my pants down and sat on the potty with my light blue full
cut cotton panties still on then pulled the crotch to the side and began to
pee. As I finished tinkling I let my panties go back in place and my co-worker
began to empty her bladder. I was going to wait until she was finished before
starting my BM but decided to go ahead and fill my panties with her sitting
next to me. I began to grunt and could hardly contain my excitement as I felt a
turd beginning to push past my sphincter. It was really long and came out very
slowly before breaking off and falling into the seat of my panties. Two more
good size turds followed and by the time my co-worker finished peeing I was
sitting there with my panties full of poop. It felt absolutely wonderful and
although it was quite obvious from the odor that I had a bowel movement, she
had no idea that I had done it in my panties. Within a few seconds she flushed
then washed her hands and walked out of the restroom.
I was extremely turned on and was already massaging my
excited clit through my panties while my co-worker was washing her hands. As
soon as she walked out of the door I leaned back on the potty, pulled the
crotch of my panties to the side again then watched myself finger my very wet
pussy as I quickly brought myself to a very nice orgasm. I then lifted my
bottom off the potty and pulled the seat of my panties down allowing the big
pile of poop to fall into the toilet. After wiping a small amount of poop
residue from the seat of my panties I washed my hands and went back to my
office with no one suspecting the fun I had. I masturbated again last night
while smelling the odor that still lingered in my dirty panties as I relived
the moment still fresh in my mind. So much for only pooping my pants at home!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

True story of the teacher and Rotten Eggs

I am the assistant head at a primary school in Kent , I work under a very tough headmistress in her sixties who just says what she thinks without remorse . Its about a teacher in her early thirties called Kelly who had recently moved from teaching first years to years sixes a few months ago at the start of the new term . She was a blonde with a modern bob and should I say it a sexy figure , she was taken to wearing tight fitting trousers not leggings usually blue or green that hugged her legs and bottom like a glove . I think she possible needed to check her rear view in the mirror when leaving as you could often see a faint line of her tight knickers showing through . Well this is the story, two of the children had complained to their parents that the class often smelled of rotten eggs and was making them feel queasy as it was a strong smell that seemed to cum and go for the whole day .
Anyway they had the caretaker in the class after school when the class was empty and he was saying that he could not smell anything in the class at all, he then tried to locate the smell whilst the kids and teacher were in the class and then he got the smell it was like waves of it , at its peak it smelled eggy, like eggs that had gone off for weeks it really was overpowering at some points , he was convinced it was some food that had got trapped somewhere behind a cupboard or under the floor tiles , but could not understand why the smell was coming in waves and not present when the school was empty .
It was after the 5th day of investigation when he had lifted the floor, looked behind all the furniture against the wall with no success. He then was behind the teachers desk and taking the screws out of the chalk  board , Kelly was standing behind her desk and he could not help but take a sneaky peak at Kelly bottom in the form fitting trousers , it was then that the truth was revealed as he was looking at her arse that was slightly sticking out , that he heard a very faint hissing coming from the crack of Kelly trousers , followed by a heavy stink of rotten eggs . Oh lord he thought all this time and the smell was Kelly constantly farting throughout the day , it explained clearly why it did not smell after class.
He was going to have to go and tell the headmistress but how was she going to deal with poor Kelly , he knew she was outspoken an blunt , so it would be embarrassing to kelly to experience  for sure .
As assistant head I was called in and told to Ask kelly to come to the headmistresses office at lunchtime ,I was also ordered to attend I did not know what it was about , but guessed it was something to do with the rotten egg smell in the classroom.
I went into the class and was met by a rich and thick stink of rotten eggs , so strong your felt like you could chew on it , passed the message to Kelly and she had a look of worried horror on her face , I said its ok nothing to worry about I just think the head wants to tell you she has found the source of the rotten egg smells .
Anyway lunchtime arrived and I went to the heads office for the meeting with the head and Kelly , the head was already there but not kelly , as the head always expected punctuality she was a little annoyed when kelly arrived 15 minutes late . Kelly and me sat on the chairs opposite the head and what was about to happen was going to be a total shocker , the head started by saying that the caretaker had found the source of the smell, Kelly was going really red and squirming in her chair but managed to say thats good was it some rotten food caught behind something .
No the head said , please would you stand up Kelly , kelly did this and in her mind knew what was coming , she stood up facing the head , but the head asked her to turn round so her arse was facing her . The head got out of her chair and pointed at Kellys bottom and said the smell has been coming from there all this time , why did you let us know this it would have saved a lot of time and money .
The head carried on pointing at Kellys bum and said clearly do you know you can see the outline of your knickers through those trousers .


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Not so good for her but huge boner for me ( true story)

Ok night out with wife and her sister and her Husband and wife's Niece from Birmingham who was around 19 and as treat we were taking her out for Dinner whilst she was staying at wife's sister for weekend , Wife's sister Husband was driving as they have a 4 wheel drive so could fit us all in . We were also staying at the sisters so we parked outside and went into sister in laws house and went in to wait.
Her sister's Husband was down in the lounge but her sister and niece were still getting ready , around ten minutes later the niece came down lol what a babe never met her before but she was a medium sized brunette with a killer body , I am a big arse fan and what an arse she had it was full but pouty if that's the right word , especially in the black tight trousers leggings she was wearing , they were really tight and were showing her arse crack to perfection , also you could make out a very slight panty line in certain lights and if she bent slightly . So could not stop getting sneaky peaks at it through the night without wife seeing .
Anyway nice night without incident , sister in law was mighty drunk as usual , Niece had drunk a few but was only merry and had tried the peri peri chicken for the first time , towards the end she did mention her stomach was hurting slightly she also went to the toilet a 2 or 3 times in the last 20 minutes . Ok in the car for the 20 plus minute drive back to the sister in laws in the suburbs , the niece who was in the back with me and wife was noticeably squirming in her seat , she asked Paul my brother in law who was driving how long we had to go as she was feeling a little unwell. He said around 5 minutes , she continued squirming and finally we arrived at the sister in laws and parked in drive  , we got out and the Niece could not get out of the car quicker and stood near the door moving from one foot to the other .
Then it went wrong the sister in law who was reasonably drunk and stumbling and swaying , we got to the door and she then started going through her bag for the door keys , after about 2 minutes she announce they were not in her bag she must of left them in the restaurant toilet when she got her makeup out . I was annoyed as had visions of having to go all the way back to the restaurant on a hope someone was still there and her keys were there . Suddenly her niece was moaning she desperately needed to use the toilet like desperate  , Paul said to my wife to take her to the back of bushes so she could pee , as my wife approached she whispered in her ear that she needed to poop not wee . Ohh dear can you hold it a little longer my wife said and she said to my wife in her ear I got update on all this once the nonstop farting started  that if she could release some gas she might be able to but felt so embarrassed about it that she was clinging on to it with dear life . She also said that it was her tight leggings and knickers putting pressure on her bottom and stomach that was making it worse . Then she crossed her legs and her hand went to her bottom crack and clamped over where her bottom whole bottom hole must of been , then quickly after a huge fart exploded from her bottom , it was the sound of a fart that comes from tight clothing and it reeked of poo as pre poop farts usually do , after she let this one out they just kept coming her belly was hurting so she lost sense where she was an just kept letting them go one after another , really really ripe and meaty even in the open air.
She then announced in a voice of terror and desperation she was going to shit herself if she did not find a place to go really soon, Paul my brother in law suggested that she could go in the alley way at the side of their house . All he had to do was climb over and unlock from the other side. She moaned that could he hurry as accident was imminent . He got the gate open and she literally ran through the gate , with my wife following behind to help , my brother in law announced as this was happening that he was going to drive back to restaurant and get keys , sister in law was now sitting and falling asleep in the  doorway . My wife closed the gate behind her and I managed to find a whole in the gate to observe the whole thing , brother in law had gone , sister in law was passing out so let's see . Lucky for me the light from the neighbours window illuminated the alleyway enough to see everything no so lucky for the niece lol. She fumbled in desperation and managed to get her leggings of leaving her there in a very tight pair of lacy light cream tanga Knickers trying to disappear up her bottom ,  She bent forward and removed the knickers in one movement .
As soon as she got them past her horny bottom a fat turd powered by a fart shot out of her arse , followed by another , then another and another after 7 of them in quick succession they subsided my wife bent down to help her pull her knickers back up , the niece said no I don't thing I'm finished , then released a very airy fart and another fat turd poked out and slid out of her bottom slowly , followed by three more before she pushed one more time and a small turd slid out with a hot fart and she started crying saying how embarrassed she was pulling her knickers back up and then her leggings . She looked down at the hot pile of turds and said what shall we do with this I can't cope with Paul seeing this in the morning its gross . My wife agreed to help her clean them up in the morning before he gets up at the same time gagging and looking like very shocked this little person had pooped such a pile of shit .

Monday, June 22, 2015

Erotic experience with sister in law

We were out with sister in law to a party , her Husband had gone to a football night with his friends I had promised to drive so wife and sister could go to party , her sister although not attractive had a great arse , I have been with wife 15 years and nothing like this had happened before .
When her sister came out she was wearing blue jeans to tight to much panty line , basically her arse was under a lot of tension as an arse fan was a treat as not drinking watching her sister tight arse in panties and jeans  .
Ok 2pm in morning and sister and wife really pissed sister particularly pissed like bumping into things and gabbling rubbish, I had parked a ten  minute walk from car sister was proper drunk zigzagging down the road and babbling crap, A minute down the road and started moaning she needed the toilet , her sister suggested peeing in the alley but she announced  blatantly she need a poo not a pee. we walked a little further and then started putting her hand in over her arse crack .
She whispered to her sister something I said , what is wrong nothing my wife said I kept asking and eventually her sister  just said I have a turtle head in my Knicks , I knew what it was but wanted her sister to explain . She was very drunk and explained in slurred drunk talk I have a firm turd and its head is poking out in my knickers I really need to poop.
I was looking at her arse in tight jeans with the obvious panty lines and imagining a turd in them , she bent slightly I  thought I see a slight point.
In the car and 30 minute journey home to drop sister in law off first was some squirming in back seat, then a long his of air from her jeans followed by a rich fart smell ohhhhhh lord sorry she said slurring and giggling. My cock was hard as a rock in my pants the smell was disgusting but also very sexy. I could see in the rear view that her sister was shifting in her seat and pressing a hand between her legs and slightly under her bum from the front . after around 5 minutes of squirming due to her pissed state she said ohhh fuck it , leant back and farted really long and loudly announcing relief and how foul it smells and how hot her knickers now were and how soon she was going to poo them.
After 30 farts and 25 minutes we arrived at her home wife had window open but fart smells were thick in the car . her sister was now gabbling and moaning drunken crap and we had to help her out off car , she was zigg zagging and farting whilst holding onto me and wife . Wife managed to open door  and we got her into hallway she was now deliriously pissed and as she was famous for was now passing out sleepy .
He sister said I need to get her to toilet , can't leave her like this until morning , she is to heavy to get to toilet on my own can you help me get her into toilet and I will stay with her , ok we managed to get her up to the toilet and farts were leaking all  the way up . My wife who was also drunk started moaning that she would be sick if her sister pooped in front of her but how can I her out I said I am sober and have strong stomach let me sort this out you can get her into bed after woods , she isn't going to remember we can't just let her poo her knickers it would be far worse .
Anyway were are in toilet and wife has helped me unbutton her jeans after a fair struggle and having to breathe  constant fart fumes . Nightmare these jeans being so bloody tight my wife announced she managed to help me get the jeans down past her sister arse , but started gagging when she see the tip of a turd poking out into what were also very tight lemon coloured full in the bum lace knickers . If you help her get knickers off and stay with her whilst she poo's I will get some clean knickers and take over once she has finished and her bum is clean I will be sick if I stay here .
Here I was in the toilet with a raging fart , panty and poop fetish , with my wife's sister who I had perved over her arse for 15 years and she was full of poop, farting for England, drunk and wearing some very tight lace panties . She was now rolling her eyes and on verge of passing out , whilst what must be now automatic farts . My wife was no passed out in bed loll, first thing I had to do was feel the turd in the back of her knickers , she was  slumped against me and I reached around to her bottom and felt her bum.

The seat of her knickers were tenting out and  with the head of a turd poking into them and another release of gas around the turd and onto my hand was hot and fetid 
Ok true story would like to exaggerate but lol no good . So had to just knickers and seat sister in law so she could poo, getting knickers off was not an easy task with her sister on verge of pass out and talking shit and swaying .Also the knickers were very tight and getting them over her ample arse was a task , eventually got them over her arse and down to the bottom of her thighs .

As soon as the turd was un-knickered it slid out with a tonne of gas and landed on floor next to the toilet with a stinky splat .
oops what was that she repeated Dunkley and put a hand on her arse hole ohhh more.

I tried to get her to sit down before more poo landed on floor, but was to late the hard turd was followed by a lot of soft scoop type poo, it must of been plugged by the hard turd. What must of been 8 6 inch soft turd exiting rapidly out of her arse and onto the floor . She was finished after some more airy farts and groaning , I managed to wipe her arse . I got her to lie on floor away from pile of light brown poo.

I went into her bedroom checking wife was sound asleep and got a fresh pair of knickers out of her sister in laws knicker drawer, went back and put them on her sister , lol were all her knickers a size to small as these were super tight and wedged immediately .

She started slurring that she was going to be sick, lol if this was a baby you would be annoyed but as I hot chick in knicks lol . So here I am pile of shit on floor dirty shitty panties next to it and I'm lifting her over toilet bowl to puke.

She was still very  drunk so her head was down toilet arse was in the air lovely tight panty covered but, she threw up a fountain and then slumped again in toilet .I  at her pussy and anus clearly visible through the taught knickers . I probably could have fucked her and she would have been no wiser , my cock certainly wanted to . I was admiring her arse waiting for the vomiting to finish 100 percent before moving her to be and clearing up the poo. Then a dry heave and hot stinky airy fart poured through her knickers and delightfully filled the room. To my delight and horror the head of another turd poked out into her knickers and stopped .

 To be continued

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Disgustilng & naughty on Thanksgiving.

Thewishmaster a year ago
Julie47: Disgustilng & naughty on Thanksgiving.

It’s taken a while for me to write this but I finally
found the time. I also want to let everyone know this may be a little
disgusting for some as I did get a little carried away with “eating stinky”.
With the Thanksgiving holiday last week I knew my
opportunities to have fun would be limited due to having family visiting. My
brother, his wife and their children drove six hours on Wednesday evening then
stayed at my parent’s house until Saturday. My oldest son who now lives in
Chicago was not able to be home on Thanksgiving Day as he spent the holiday
with his girlfriend’s family however they did both come to my house Friday
afternoon and stayed until Sunday morning. It was wonderful to spend time with
all of my family during the long weekend as that doesn’t seem to happen often
enough these days.
On Thanksgiving Day my mom prepared her usual feast
and I overindulged as I always seem to do at holiday meals. We ate our dinner
around 2PM then feasted on leftovers early that evening. I’d done a small poopy
in my panties on Wednesday evening and by about 9PM on Thursday I was beginning
to feel the need for a BM. Since my older son was coming home on Friday I knew
I would probably not have a chance to poop my pants again until at least Sunday
so I was already hoping that I could hold my bowel movement until I got home
and my younger son was in bed. I really didn’t want to leave my parent’s house
too soon as we were enjoying ourselves playing card games and fortunately my
bowels cooperated. Although I was feeling quite full I ended up having no
trouble controlling my BM. We stopped playing around 10:30 and when I told my
son that we should be heading home he asked if he could spend the night at my
parents with his cousins. Since the kids were sleeping together in sleeping
bags on the floor there was no issue with there being enough room and when my
parents said “it would be no trouble” I was more then happy to let him stay. It
was just before 11PM when I left to go home and by then I was getting anxious
for the fun I knew I would soon be having. My bowels were full and grumbling
and with knowing I was going to have the house to myself, I could hardly wait
to make a big stinky in my panties.
I had only driven a few blocks from my parent’s house
when I decided there was really no reason to wait any longer for my BM. I
pulled up to a stop sign on a non-busy side street, shifted the car into “park”
then put my hands under my thighs and lifted my bottom a few inches off the
seat. I then began to grunt and with very little effort a large amount of warm
creamy poop pushed into my underpants followed immediately by another large
amount. I could hear the crackling sound from my poop filling my panties and
the tightness from my jeans forced it to spread out over my butt cheeks. The
inside of my car was instantly filled with the aroma from my stinky then as I
lowered my bottom back down onto the seat I felt the soft mess go up my butt
crack and between my legs and said to myself “oh god yes, that feels so
wonderful. I love sittin in my stinky”. I then enjoyed the fifteen minute drive
back to my house while sitting in my creamy warm mess, sliding my butt all
around in it as I massaged my excited poop covered clit through my jeans.
Throughout my drive I kept saying “I know someone that’s going to be eating her
stinky tonight” and the thought of doing that was exciting me even more.
By the time I got home I was totally turned on and
ready to satisfy my disgusting desires. I immediately went to my bedroom to get
my vibrator then went into the bathroom to enjoy myself. I looked at my bottom
in the mirror and said “oh my goodness, I think someone made poo-poo’s in her
pants” then I undid my jeans and began to slowly pull them down revealing my
stained white full cut cotton underpants. There was stinky all the way up my
crack to the waistband and the entire seat of my panties were brown. I looked
down and could see the brown stain in the front of my panties as well and there
was a small amount of chocolate brown stinky in the crotch of my jeans. I also
noticed a couple chunks of corn in the poop in my jeans then pulled down the
back of my panties enough to see that there was corn spread throughout my poop.
As I pulled my panties back up I could hardly believe the disgusting desire I
suddenly was having. I turned on the vibrator and placed it on my dirty panties
against my poop covered clit while smearing the poop around in my panties with
my other hand then said to myself “I know a naughty girl that’s going to have
some of her Thanksgiving dinner a second time”.
With the vibrator on my clit it didn’t take long
before I felt myself nearing orgasm. I then sat down on the toilet seat lid and
continued using the vibrator on my excited clit through my messy panties as I
slid my bottom around in my stinky. Within about a minute I knew I couldn’t
contain my excitement much longer. I turned off the vibrator for a moment,
leaned back and pulled the gusset of my panties aside then said “it’s time for
a second helping of Thanksgiving dinner Julie”. I dug a piece of corn out of
the poop that was on my pussy, placed it on my tongue then swallowed it. It
went down so easily that I did the same thing at least a half dozen more times.
I know it sounds disgusting but I was getting more turned on each time and
after swallowing a number of kernels of pooped corn I was ready for my
chocolate dessert. I turned the vibrator back on and placed it directly on my
swollen poop covered clit then scooped a glob of corn filled stinky off my
pussy. I lifted it to my nose to inhale the odor and said “oh Julie, you are so
naughty” then began licking lightly over the mess on my fingers. The excitement
was too much and as I began to orgasm I pushed the vibratordeep into my pussy
while licking stinky from my fingers. Even though my gag reflexes immediately
kicked in I was still able to swallow some of my stinky as I enjoyed multiple
orgasms. I’m normally very disgusted with myself after my excitement subsides
but this time it really didn’t bother me. After cleaning up, I masturbated to
another orgasm in bed as I relived my fun. Although it seems really disgusting,
I still get turned on thinking that I ate corn from my own poop and as odd as
it seems, I would really like to do it again.