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Monday, June 22, 2015

Erotic experience with sister in law

We were out with sister in law to a party , her Husband had gone to a football night with his friends I had promised to drive so wife and sister could go to party , her sister although not attractive had a great arse , I have been with wife 15 years and nothing like this had happened before .
When her sister came out she was wearing blue jeans to tight to much panty line , basically her arse was under a lot of tension as an arse fan was a treat as not drinking watching her sister tight arse in panties and jeans  .
Ok 2pm in morning and sister and wife really pissed sister particularly pissed like bumping into things and gabbling rubbish, I had parked a ten  minute walk from car sister was proper drunk zigzagging down the road and babbling crap, A minute down the road and started moaning she needed the toilet , her sister suggested peeing in the alley but she announced  blatantly she need a poo not a pee. we walked a little further and then started putting her hand in over her arse crack .
She whispered to her sister something I said , what is wrong nothing my wife said I kept asking and eventually her sister  just said I have a turtle head in my Knicks , I knew what it was but wanted her sister to explain . She was very drunk and explained in slurred drunk talk I have a firm turd and its head is poking out in my knickers I really need to poop.
I was looking at her arse in tight jeans with the obvious panty lines and imagining a turd in them , she bent slightly I  thought I see a slight point.
In the car and 30 minute journey home to drop sister in law off first was some squirming in back seat, then a long his of air from her jeans followed by a rich fart smell ohhhhhh lord sorry she said slurring and giggling. My cock was hard as a rock in my pants the smell was disgusting but also very sexy. I could see in the rear view that her sister was shifting in her seat and pressing a hand between her legs and slightly under her bum from the front . after around 5 minutes of squirming due to her pissed state she said ohhh fuck it , leant back and farted really long and loudly announcing relief and how foul it smells and how hot her knickers now were and how soon she was going to poo them.
After 30 farts and 25 minutes we arrived at her home wife had window open but fart smells were thick in the car . her sister was now gabbling and moaning drunken crap and we had to help her out off car , she was zigg zagging and farting whilst holding onto me and wife . Wife managed to open door  and we got her into hallway she was now deliriously pissed and as she was famous for was now passing out sleepy .
He sister said I need to get her to toilet , can't leave her like this until morning , she is to heavy to get to toilet on my own can you help me get her into toilet and I will stay with her , ok we managed to get her up to the toilet and farts were leaking all  the way up . My wife who was also drunk started moaning that she would be sick if her sister pooped in front of her but how can I her out I said I am sober and have strong stomach let me sort this out you can get her into bed after woods , she isn't going to remember we can't just let her poo her knickers it would be far worse .
Anyway were are in toilet and wife has helped me unbutton her jeans after a fair struggle and having to breathe  constant fart fumes . Nightmare these jeans being so bloody tight my wife announced she managed to help me get the jeans down past her sister arse , but started gagging when she see the tip of a turd poking out into what were also very tight lemon coloured full in the bum lace knickers . If you help her get knickers off and stay with her whilst she poo's I will get some clean knickers and take over once she has finished and her bum is clean I will be sick if I stay here .
Here I was in the toilet with a raging fart , panty and poop fetish , with my wife's sister who I had perved over her arse for 15 years and she was full of poop, farting for England, drunk and wearing some very tight lace panties . She was now rolling her eyes and on verge of passing out , whilst what must be now automatic farts . My wife was no passed out in bed loll, first thing I had to do was feel the turd in the back of her knickers , she was  slumped against me and I reached around to her bottom and felt her bum.

The seat of her knickers were tenting out and  with the head of a turd poking into them and another release of gas around the turd and onto my hand was hot and fetid 
Ok true story would like to exaggerate but lol no good . So had to just knickers and seat sister in law so she could poo, getting knickers off was not an easy task with her sister on verge of pass out and talking shit and swaying .Also the knickers were very tight and getting them over her ample arse was a task , eventually got them over her arse and down to the bottom of her thighs .

As soon as the turd was un-knickered it slid out with a tonne of gas and landed on floor next to the toilet with a stinky splat .
oops what was that she repeated Dunkley and put a hand on her arse hole ohhh more.

I tried to get her to sit down before more poo landed on floor, but was to late the hard turd was followed by a lot of soft scoop type poo, it must of been plugged by the hard turd. What must of been 8 6 inch soft turd exiting rapidly out of her arse and onto the floor . She was finished after some more airy farts and groaning , I managed to wipe her arse . I got her to lie on floor away from pile of light brown poo.

I went into her bedroom checking wife was sound asleep and got a fresh pair of knickers out of her sister in laws knicker drawer, went back and put them on her sister , lol were all her knickers a size to small as these were super tight and wedged immediately .

She started slurring that she was going to be sick, lol if this was a baby you would be annoyed but as I hot chick in knicks lol . So here I am pile of shit on floor dirty shitty panties next to it and I'm lifting her over toilet bowl to puke.

She was still very  drunk so her head was down toilet arse was in the air lovely tight panty covered but, she threw up a fountain and then slumped again in toilet .I  at her pussy and anus clearly visible through the taught knickers . I probably could have fucked her and she would have been no wiser , my cock certainly wanted to . I was admiring her arse waiting for the vomiting to finish 100 percent before moving her to be and clearing up the poo. Then a dry heave and hot stinky airy fart poured through her knickers and delightfully filled the room. To my delight and horror the head of another turd poked out into her knickers and stopped .

 To be continued

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Disgustilng & naughty on Thanksgiving.

Thewishmaster a year ago
Julie47: Disgustilng & naughty on Thanksgiving.

It’s taken a while for me to write this but I finally
found the time. I also want to let everyone know this may be a little
disgusting for some as I did get a little carried away with “eating stinky”.
With the Thanksgiving holiday last week I knew my
opportunities to have fun would be limited due to having family visiting. My
brother, his wife and their children drove six hours on Wednesday evening then
stayed at my parent’s house until Saturday. My oldest son who now lives in
Chicago was not able to be home on Thanksgiving Day as he spent the holiday
with his girlfriend’s family however they did both come to my house Friday
afternoon and stayed until Sunday morning. It was wonderful to spend time with
all of my family during the long weekend as that doesn’t seem to happen often
enough these days.
On Thanksgiving Day my mom prepared her usual feast
and I overindulged as I always seem to do at holiday meals. We ate our dinner
around 2PM then feasted on leftovers early that evening. I’d done a small poopy
in my panties on Wednesday evening and by about 9PM on Thursday I was beginning
to feel the need for a BM. Since my older son was coming home on Friday I knew
I would probably not have a chance to poop my pants again until at least Sunday
so I was already hoping that I could hold my bowel movement until I got home
and my younger son was in bed. I really didn’t want to leave my parent’s house
too soon as we were enjoying ourselves playing card games and fortunately my
bowels cooperated. Although I was feeling quite full I ended up having no
trouble controlling my BM. We stopped playing around 10:30 and when I told my
son that we should be heading home he asked if he could spend the night at my
parents with his cousins. Since the kids were sleeping together in sleeping
bags on the floor there was no issue with there being enough room and when my
parents said “it would be no trouble” I was more then happy to let him stay. It
was just before 11PM when I left to go home and by then I was getting anxious
for the fun I knew I would soon be having. My bowels were full and grumbling
and with knowing I was going to have the house to myself, I could hardly wait
to make a big stinky in my panties.
I had only driven a few blocks from my parent’s house
when I decided there was really no reason to wait any longer for my BM. I
pulled up to a stop sign on a non-busy side street, shifted the car into “park”
then put my hands under my thighs and lifted my bottom a few inches off the
seat. I then began to grunt and with very little effort a large amount of warm
creamy poop pushed into my underpants followed immediately by another large
amount. I could hear the crackling sound from my poop filling my panties and
the tightness from my jeans forced it to spread out over my butt cheeks. The
inside of my car was instantly filled with the aroma from my stinky then as I
lowered my bottom back down onto the seat I felt the soft mess go up my butt
crack and between my legs and said to myself “oh god yes, that feels so
wonderful. I love sittin in my stinky”. I then enjoyed the fifteen minute drive
back to my house while sitting in my creamy warm mess, sliding my butt all
around in it as I massaged my excited poop covered clit through my jeans.
Throughout my drive I kept saying “I know someone that’s going to be eating her
stinky tonight” and the thought of doing that was exciting me even more.
By the time I got home I was totally turned on and
ready to satisfy my disgusting desires. I immediately went to my bedroom to get
my vibrator then went into the bathroom to enjoy myself. I looked at my bottom
in the mirror and said “oh my goodness, I think someone made poo-poo’s in her
pants” then I undid my jeans and began to slowly pull them down revealing my
stained white full cut cotton underpants. There was stinky all the way up my
crack to the waistband and the entire seat of my panties were brown. I looked
down and could see the brown stain in the front of my panties as well and there
was a small amount of chocolate brown stinky in the crotch of my jeans. I also
noticed a couple chunks of corn in the poop in my jeans then pulled down the
back of my panties enough to see that there was corn spread throughout my poop.
As I pulled my panties back up I could hardly believe the disgusting desire I
suddenly was having. I turned on the vibrator and placed it on my dirty panties
against my poop covered clit while smearing the poop around in my panties with
my other hand then said to myself “I know a naughty girl that’s going to have
some of her Thanksgiving dinner a second time”.
With the vibrator on my clit it didn’t take long
before I felt myself nearing orgasm. I then sat down on the toilet seat lid and
continued using the vibrator on my excited clit through my messy panties as I
slid my bottom around in my stinky. Within about a minute I knew I couldn’t
contain my excitement much longer. I turned off the vibrator for a moment,
leaned back and pulled the gusset of my panties aside then said “it’s time for
a second helping of Thanksgiving dinner Julie”. I dug a piece of corn out of
the poop that was on my pussy, placed it on my tongue then swallowed it. It
went down so easily that I did the same thing at least a half dozen more times.
I know it sounds disgusting but I was getting more turned on each time and
after swallowing a number of kernels of pooped corn I was ready for my
chocolate dessert. I turned the vibrator back on and placed it directly on my
swollen poop covered clit then scooped a glob of corn filled stinky off my
pussy. I lifted it to my nose to inhale the odor and said “oh Julie, you are so
naughty” then began licking lightly over the mess on my fingers. The excitement
was too much and as I began to orgasm I pushed the vibratordeep into my pussy
while licking stinky from my fingers. Even though my gag reflexes immediately
kicked in I was still able to swallow some of my stinky as I enjoyed multiple
orgasms. I’m normally very disgusted with myself after my excitement subsides
but this time it really didn’t bother me. After cleaning up, I masturbated to
another orgasm in bed as I relived my fun. Although it seems really disgusting,
I still get turned on thinking that I ate corn from my own poop and as odd as
it seems, I would really like to do it again.




Monday, June 1, 2015


Well, let’s start by saying what needs to be said…my wife enjoys shitting herself! Enjoyment might be too lighter word for it, as she absolutely loves shitting her panties. Or stockings, pantyhose, jeans, Spandex fitness wear…you get the picture. When I ask as to why, she says that it is a combination of the forbidden, the shocking, and ultimately, the sheer pleasure of the sensation of pooping herself. She even tried to convince me to try. But push as I might, I just couldn’t do the poop in front of another person (and in truth I really didn’t want to!). In spite of what I have just written, the other day I had a kind of epiphany, and though I will not go as far as to say that I’m into this pantie pooping stuff, let’s just say that it is proving an interesting addition to our sex life.
   My wife and I married young. Back in those days, you didn’t have sex until the ring was placed on her finger, though we did of course fool around a little. Then we moved in together and so started our life as a couple. The funny thing was, that I was the one who was more shy. She was the first (and only) woman I’d ever been with. I remember the first time, I just couldn’t get it up, and yet I’d been jerking off at the very thought of this moment for the last God knows how many months. She was much more secure in herself and wanted to try everything. And boy, was I lucky…she was a natural! Now I had no idea that women like to be licked “down there” and so she set about educating me. At the same time she treated me to long, long blow jobs and loved me to spurt into her open mouth. She liked to have sex in public places where we might be discovered. In a way, you could say that she was the leader, the instigator in our sex life, and though I went along with this quite happily, at times I did feel as if my role as the male lead had been superseded  And I also think that she wanted me to be more in control, be more the "man", and dominate her a little.
   One afternoon a few days ago, I arrived home early and was greeted by an awful smell. A smell of shit! I thought that the toilet was blocked and backing up and tried to remember where I had put the number of the plumber. Up the stairs I went and into the toilet to check out the problem. But to my surprise, it was clean and flushed. The smell did seem stronger up here and appeared to be radiating from the bedroom. Pushing the door open, I was met with the sight of my wife lying on the bed, on her side, reading a magazine. She appeared very relaxed and was dressed in her nightie, and on seeing me, she looked up and smiled….one of those slightly naughty “come to bed” smiles. I was on the point of asking about the smell, when, as if to answer my unasked question, she rolled over onto her front, exposing her arse to me. There was a large bulge and some brown staining and then it dawned on me that she was the source, that she had shit her panties. Deliberately. Well, I was shocked. I just stood there, rooted to the spot, unsure of what to do or say. One thing I can tell you for sure, is that I felt NO sexual excitement at all. I must have looked appalled  As I turned to go, she quickly got off the bed and came over and grabbed my wrist, pulling me back into the room. She told me that pooping her panties was her most secret, and yet gave her the most exciting of feelings. Because it was such a no-no, something so dark and forbidden, and yet something so absolutely pleasurable, that she loved doing it. She told me that it was her “drug”. And then she asked if one day I’d like to watch and share.
    The thing is that I love my wife very much. I want her to be happy. And I am mature enough to know that we all have different degrees of enjoyment for different things. But…the thought of watching her shit herself turned my stomach. I couldn’t see how anyone could find pleasure in such a disgusting act, as I know that I certainly couldn’t. So I turned and ran down the stairs and out into the garden. After that unbearable smell, thank God for fresh air!  A few minutes later, and with a clearer head, I popped back inside and made us both a cup of tea. She had now cleaned herself up and we sat together and talked. She wasn't upset with my reaction upstairs, telling me that it was just natural and normal when faced with something so, how can we say it, new. In the end we agreed that I would try and remain open and that we would introduce panty pooping into our sex life…but slowly. That evening I went on line to find out all I could about this fetish. It proved quite an eye opener for me. But, as I had promised, I was determined to see this through. 
     A couple of nights later we had returned from a friends party. We were both a little worse for wear. Of course, once in the bed, we both started feeling randy. Though I was in my pajamas  and she in a nightshirt and panties, we were soon touching, stroking and fingering. And then a fantastic slow blowjob. When I was good and ready, she turned herself onto her stomach and pushed a pillow under her belly to raise her lovely buttocks up for easier and deeper penetration. She was so wet and creamy that I slid in so easily, the sheer pleasure being almost overwhelming. I started to thrust gently in and out (she loves it when I pull all the way out very, very slowly and then thrust in violently). She reached around and started fondling my balls, and then grabbing the shaft of my cock, she pulled it out of her and offered it up to her ass hole. What an invitation! First time in my life doing anal. I stared as the head of my cock nussled up against her butt hole and then I pushed. Her hole seemed to resist me, and then suddenly it slipped inside. Such unbelievable hotness and tightness and within a few wonderful strokes, I was cumming. It was the strongest orgasm I’d ever experienced and I must have cum gallons. In the end, exhausted and happy I withdrew my now flassid cock.
    And as I did so it was followed by a large dark brown shit. I gently fell onto my side on the bed and just watched as the poop got larger and larger until it weighted down her tight panties, making a huge, brown stained bulge. I must admit that it was really very erotic. I didn’t notice (or care) about the sudden smell, all I could do was just lay there and watch, fascinated. She groaned loudly and reaching behind herself, started to work her fingers around her sopping wet cunt. And then I started to feel myself getting hard again….something that hadn’t happened for many, many years! As my wife was keeping herself busy, I crept to the toilet and washed my cock which was now a raging erection. back into the bedroom and I positioned myself in front of her, and opening her eyes, she smiled at me, and then took my cock into her hungry mouth. looking down over her back, over to her buttocks  I could see the dark, wet bulge, moving as she worked her bust fingers. As her breathing quickened, I too felt the most amazing sensation and then a huge wad of sperm shot into her mouth, as she came, moaning and thrashing about. Cum oozed down her chin and then, looking my in the eye, she opened her mouth and then used her tongue to play with my load, before swallowing. I bent forwards and kissed her.
So, if there’s a moral to the story, it’s something about keeping the mind open….for no matter how negative you might feel about a certain sex act, you might just surprise yourself with the reality. I know that I did.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


My partners new fetish , as you know my partner loves sniffing my farts through my knickers, Jeans upskirt , Especially VPL ,
He suggested something Monday he wanted me to do with him all one sided as usual but what can I say I am not a lesbian lol so as I say one sided for him

He said as you are female and have access to all areas of female private places changing room toilets etc so if we went to pubs etc and he see a girl he found sexy he wanted me to follow her to the toilet and describe what happened in the toilet , lovely I am thinking toilet duty and stink.

Anyway first night Friday night in trendy bar in town were all the young and sexy go not us we are getting old anyway a few girls took his fancy followed them to toilet and just a wee only .

Around and hour later a girl around 25 came in with her mates a little bit Latin looking long dark hair tan, she had on the tightest pair of red leggings you could wear without fainting and lol fashion disaster or pure tease some tanga knickers underneath making some very visible lines and camel toe.

My partner was rampant just looking , he could not take his eyes of the tight triangle of panty under her tight leggings , anyway after around 20 minutes she went to the loo I followed . Other than a lot of struggling with her leggings and knickers it was just a pee.

The girl as we were standing real close was drinking vodka redbulls and saying it was her first time drinking them , she liked  them but said they were making her keep needing to pee . She stood there squirming for a bit and announced she needed the loo .

This time she was in more of a hurry than usual , she opened the toilet door 
and I was just behind as she closed the door , a long airy fart escaped her bum , followed by another then a rush to the toilet cubicle and the door slamming , I went to cubicle next door to listen , the smell was awfull already like baby poop . I listened against the door and could hear a struggle with her tight leggings and knickers and moaning .

Trouble is tight clothes good for teasing crap for getting of in a hurry , 
I could her the final whispering of her knickers going down her legs and a hurried sit on the toilet and lots of hissing gas coming out of her bum .

Then the crackling noise a turd makes then a splash then another crackling and a splash , then some more farts airy . Then her making a phone call , it was her mother she greeted her then said that her irritable bowl was bad tonight , why does the constipation abate now for gods sake . She then asked her mum if this was the result of the metamucile fibre liquid .

I have had this before it makes you shit buckets and buckets once it starts working .

Anyway knickers up leggings up and back in the bar , I think she had pulled up her knickers tighter as my partner commented that they were further up her bum , did she fart did she fart I told him she had and would give details later but missed out the turds he hated poop.

Only 20 Mins later she left for the toilet again I followed discreetly and she was at the sink , she was letting airy farts out one after the other I said lol that stinks like my farts to lighten the conversation , she said she had been leaking farts all night and was thinking about going home as she felt uncomfortable . 

I went to say something when she said sorry and rushed to cubicle and slammed the door . I heard the struggling and more gas escaping I said are you ok , she said its these  fucking tight clothes so hard to get off in an hurry , to be honest these ones are so fucking uncomfortable but my last guy said it was sexy so as I am trying to pull though would wear tonight .

Can I help she said no in a panic and finally removed them , she sat on the toilet and farted more air and then a rapid succession of turds and more farts like 7 turds one after the other .

Ohh so sorry that stinks as she pulled up her knickers and leggings , lol are you feeling better now I said , yes but as soon as I get back in bar I feel the need to fart and poop again , these fucking leggings and knickers dont help 

Lol my partner likes them though he cant stop staring , I think all the guys are , I said have you taken any medicine or anything and she mentioned 5 days constipated and her mum giving her a fibre liquid to ease it 

Lol it wasnt metamucile was it , she said yes why Said you will be in toilet all night its terrible stuff.

Anyway 3rd visit to toilet and me following she said are you following me I said I was just worried about her , she said its ok and let more air out through her knickers and leggings , excuse me and went to cubicle again 

More moaning farting and struggling with panties , I said leave your knickers of it will be easier next time , ohh lol only thing helping me hold it all in is my knickers .

She sat on the toilet and loads of turds came out like 5 in around 2 minutes more farts and then wipe knickers up leggings up and club .

More but much of the same 

Thursday, May 7, 2015


First one working in Primark whilst in college , blonde girl was always farting and commenting on it how she liked the smell of her own farts , you would also  hear her down the warehouse isle and
a female colleague moaning how bad it smelled etc , but what makes me think she thought it was sexy was it was a night out with work and she asked one of the other girls if they had spare knickers as she had farted so much her knickers were stained . This was in front of me blatantly, then later on farted a silent airy one in front of me and said oops sorry about that lol my knickers are now stuck on my arsehole .
Next one was working in  jewellers , bird who was also a hairdresser was always farting with the other females like lots of times, one time she said she would cut my hair so she come over to my parents who were out to cut my hair , she wasn't the best looking bird in the world but she had a great body . On this occasion she had black tight leggings with some to small black panties digging right into her bottom flesh and creating lines . Twice she farted whilst in front of me both times she leant backward to exaggerate the party lines and let go of a huge fart . She apologised but it was blatant and right in front of me lol . Then one summer day at work a few months later I had heard nothing from her about farting she said her panties were sweaty and she couldn't tell if she needed to poo or fart .
Then another time I was sharing a flat with a girl a bit of a pig but fancied me and another gay guy  anyway one night her sexy mate stayed she was typical girl next door attractive no beautiful any way for some reason , this girl and  flat mate shared a bed did not fancy flat mate but ended getting hold of her mate , but her mate would only let me kiss and feel her through the tight white nylon panties her bum was really tight and hotly covered , I  felt her bum and she said jokingly carefull I might fart I said please dont even though I was hoping for one lol.
Anyway in the morning she was up in mirror getting ready  when she lifter her nightshirt showed a hot little knickered bum and let out a really smelly fart in front of me , laughing saying how that had burnt the seat of her knickers .
Next one was in Vodafone shop was me and one other guy and 4 girls and manager , one of the girls another not pretty but great arse would always be farting in the smoking area in front of me , usually she had tight black  trousers that went up her bum crack and she would comment how hot each fart was in her knickers etd  Then the really pretty girly one who got ready for night out with her mates in shop came out of female toilets in a really tight lycra dress white  ( was in 90's lol) She was waiting in shop staff room for her mates and I was in there with her on my break she kept shuffling complaining her knickers were going up her bum, she literally dug her fingers through her skirt and pulled the offending panties out of her bum at the same time letting go a really load crisp fart , she said ohhh there is a fart for you
Why would girls highlight there knickers farting if did not think would get some kind of arousal
I have more please post your here also

Friday, May 1, 2015

Sister in laws ripe farts and poo pebbles

For over 20 years I had always had a thing for my wife's sisters arse , she was not really pretty but had a great bottom, she would sometimes turn up in ridiculously tight jeans with very faint knickers lines always full in bottom panties lol . I have had many a wank fantasising about her ripping a hot fart when wearing the jeans , only one time I got a look at her knickers she was over our house and it was morning she had been out with her sister and had a loose Nightshirt on she did not realise I was in hallway behind door she bent forward and her nightshirt  rode up over her bum and I got full view of a tight pair of lemony white lacy knickers , one side of the bottom elastic had gone in her crack delicious loads of wanks from that one lol.
Well this happened last week fucking amazing , She had popped round randomly to see her sister without calling as she was upset due to argument with Husband. The wife was out and was not sure when she would be home , her sister said she would wait, anyway there she was tight jeans and knickers lines doing her make up in our front room mirror giving me ample time to ogle her arse . I always wonder do girls get turned on by such tight clothing , these jeans were really wedging up her bum and were deliciously tight . Anyway baring in mind I've caught one look at her knickers in 15 years and never heard as much of a squeak from her arse farting wise . She bent to get something from her bag and on the way down she let rip a really hot ripe fart that stunk up the whole room it was like cabbages and poo mixed it was so sexy especially as it was accidental and had leaked from those very tight jeans and knickers.
 As you can imagine she was very very very embarrassed and just went really red and was coming out with things that she had not been feeling well and how embarrassing etc . I just blurted out without thinking in those jeans I'm surprised you didn't split them and my cock was thinking not my brain I also said that it smelled nice . I then went immediately red lol the hot sexy gas had made me speak without thinking as my willy was rock hard .
Just the thought of the gas coming out from between her cheeks , knickers and tight jeans was just too much .
She replied with smells rancid how can it smell nice , it smells like poo and cabbage and is really warm I think this was a slip up of speech as she went really red again.
I took a chance in the moment and said from those jeans and bottom any fart would smell divine how could it not , if you have any more let them rip I'm so turned on I told her .

She giggled and then asked do you like the smell off poo and cabbage then , I replied only from that sexy are and those jeans and I suspect really tight knickers lol she immediately went red again , how do you know I wear tight knickers lol . Well you can see the lines through your jeans and I got a glimpse of them a few months back in your nightshirt lemon lace at least 2 sizes 2 small lol.
Would you believe it she said got same ones now and why are we discussing this what about your wife my sister , honestly I said I've been perving on your arse for years especially in those jeans for sure .

 . I have been dreaming of you farting by accident for ever had so many wanks thinking about it you would not believe , but you are just not a gassy person so its took 15 years to get to smell one . Lol not a gassy person I suffer with wind daily , how many times I have had to go to the toilet when over your to secretly fart is beyond belief . I just though you needed to pee a lot , no she said I must fart like 60 times a day I think it's due to being a veggie I literally leak farts .

She replied that she liked tight panties and jeans to show off her only best asset her arse , but farting in them although relieving she thought was disgusting although she didn't mind the smell of her own if she was on her own 
letting rip but not in a million years did you think a guy would get turned on by a fart lol
She always pulled her knickers down when farting in our toilet encase off stains 
She admitted to farting over 20 times at Xmas and holding in at least another 20 farts
I said what a waste of sweet smelling gas.
She then said she had to fart now and made her way to our toilet , I at this stage did not have confidence to asker her to fart in front of me but could not resist listening at toilet door . I heard her struggling with her jeans no surprise there how she got them over her full bottom in the first place I don't know .you could hear the noise of them sliding over her bum then oh no obviously before she got her knickers of there was a long airy fart filling them and her moaning and gagging from the smell that was leaking around the door also , it was really thick an meaty and my cock was throbbing in my pants. I heard her sitting on the toilet and releasing another long hot fart and a grunt then a little plop in the water must of been a teeny turd. Then a delay and her knickers being pulled up and then her jeans with a lot of struggling and lol with the struggling another long hot stinky fart and stench round door lol. Also a lot of moaning that after an  effort of removing the knickers and jeans she had farted in them anyway . I carefully went down stairs and waited .
When she came down the stairs for some reason I am not sure why perhaps she had pulled her knickers a little tight but the lines of them were really pronounced , you could even see a faint outline of the lace lol .
Hey I've got to say but I can see the outline of your knickers more clearly now how tight are they for god sake I laughed loudly and went red . 
She said also going very red that all the effort of getting her knickers and jeans off had made her bum a little sweaty so it was making her Knicks al little damp and all the asking had made the gusset really sticky with pussy juice. Do you need to fart again I joked she said no ehehe but I could tell how she was positioning her bum on the chair she was aching to .
I she said anxiously when do you think my sister will be back , I knew that she was not back for at least 5 hours but said next couple of hours , she then said ohh my bladder all these tea I need to use your toilet again.
I said with a grin I bet you just need to fart again don't you and do another turd in my toilet . What she pretended to be angry was you listening at the door , yes it was great nearly had to have a wank your farts are so strong I could smell them through the door , and I could hear you moaning as you farted before you got your knickers off and what was that plop was it a turd. 
Ohm let me get rid of this fart then I will tell you , she opened her legs and I had to look between the tightly covered pussy. Lol you could see the knickers gusset through the jeans , even the little line that joined the front to the back . She lifted slight from the seat and let go a long hot airy fart ohhhhh that feels nice and relieving she said , it smelt relieving also like poop.
You need to poo as-well don't you I said, she said that is the whole problem I am really constipated and full of if , this is why I am full of farts it's the poop in my arse producing it all I am lucky to get one turd out whilst peeing she said and that is most of the time  only just a pebble , in fact I can feel a tiny turd in my arse now , that is why I always remove my knickers when I fart as some times if I am lucky a turd will come out but it will stain my knickers if I don't remove them like this one now probably is .
I am going to have to use the toilet now I am sorry otherwise the turds going to be in my knickers squashed up my arse and I haven't got a pair of spare knickers ooooh got to hurry it's at the exit of my bottom now and I need to fart again . Can I watch no she said with shock but all the effort of not farting and pooping she just run up stairs holding her hand over her bum and farting hot airy farts through her fingers and groaning , she got to the toilet and see me behind her sniffing eagerly at the escaping gas ohhh you perv ok if you are going to watch you might as well help , she got into the toilet and said when I remove my hand put yours firmly over my bottom and jeans and push firmly stop me pooping in my knickers whilst I undoo my jeans . As she removed her hand I replaced it over bum and was treated to a long hot and it was very hot on my hand fart. She had undone the top of her jeans but she said the release of pressure pulling them down I think I'm going to poop , You are going to have to keep one hand on my jeans and put one hand down the back of them and quickly and then put pressure on my bum hole though my knickers all in one movement .
You need to get your hand down and stick your finger in my arse crack and put pressure on my bum whole though my knickers as the turd needs to come out . Lol I could not believe my luck my fantasy was coming true , so I quickly pushed my hand down the back of her jeans over her divinely warm and tight knickers and found her arse crack and finally arsehole through her knickers  goodness I nearly cum it was only the tightness of her divine knickers before my finger that was holding the gas loaded turd , once my finger was in place I could hear her sigh and a really hot load of gas pushed passed the turd , passed my hand and into the air . So she finally managed to get her jeans of and here we were me with my hand pushed up arse knackered arse crack . Ok nearly there she said letting tons of hot arse gas out through her tightly knocker arse and on my finger . Ohhh my I said let sniff a fart though your knickers right up close please , the knickers fit her arse like a hot glove .
Lol whatever need to get this turd out of my arse first and not in my knickers, I without asking put my other hand under the elastic so my had was cupped inside her knickers not any easy task with all the farts and sheer tightness of her knickers . Ok I have the turd you can poop , ohh are you sure and a really hard small pebbly turd popped into my hand , I managed to slide my hand out and put the turd in the toilet bowl , is there any more to come . No she said sliding her knickers down and wiping her arse and pussy as it looked a little wet lol. Ohhh she went to check the arse and I said pull them up tight I will check if any stains . Why so much gas for such a little turd , she said there are a load up there but they seem to work their way out with farts so like one every half hour then eventually a load in one will that be today I said , she said possible or tomorrow ohhh I hope it's today would love to witness that . She then bent over in her knickers and said can you check then , She proceed to bend over and farted as doing so lol don't waste it I planted my face into her bum crack and sniffed before the fart came I commented on just the divine smell of dirty knickers over a hot arse , no smell in the world like hot knickers , then she farted and an even diviner smell was released knicker farts .
Any she pulled up her jeans and we repeated this procedure 3 times , farting hand over knickers farts little turd . She was so was so turned on she has forgot all about her sister etc that her inhibitions were gone lol,
o like pan filling amount 

Friday, April 24, 2015


The best day of my life and the worst combined , I am 28 years old and been with fiancée for 4 years when he proposed . We wanted a really special wedding so took over 8 months planning the wedding . We had nearly 300 guests it was to be a white church wedding in a large church in Hertfordshire . What happened was so unexpected as it is something that has not effect me in my life before but I think the excitement and nerves caused it to happen .
I am a blonde girly girl with what I get told a good girly figure I have always been popular and respected . Anyway night before wedding nerves were there but nothing to bad, I was wearing a non over the top dress that was like a white silk but reasonably close fitting to show my figure as my partner had requested me to try and wear . Underneath was the suspender belt something I would never wear normally and a tight lacy pair of tanga knickers that fit like a glove another partner request . My usual knickers were usually full cut and a little loose fitting to my partners annoyance but due to a special occasion and the promise of wedding night sex I went with this .
Ok morning and make and hair time , my friend tracy was doing this for me . The nerves were really kicking in and I was showered and sitting at my dressing table in my underwear the knickers and suspenders whilst Tracy cut my hair .
I have always been blessed with being gas free most of the time , I was just not a gassy girl .
Sitting there whilst tracy done my hair I felt my belly rumbling and pressure on arsehole . I am a very private person and would always do my business on my own away from even close friends.
I needed to fart really badly and was holding it for ages whilst tracy done her thing , I excused myself and went to the toilet to release some pressure .
I went in downstairs loo as did not want tracy to hear any noises and let loose a long hot airy fart like 30 seconds long . I sat back down and realised I nearly immediately needed to fart again. After 3 toilet visits I think Tracy had an idea what the issue was . She was a pretty girl but much more open about bodily functions etc and was always farting in front of us girls . She went over to her makeupbag and bent over to get the eyeliner , she farted really loudy and laughed . Heather she said let it out while you can and laughed again , I said but it really smells bad lol. go on get it out you dont want it in the church do you . I spread my legs slightly and let a long hot airy fart out through my wedding knickers and positively polluted the whole room. lol no wonder you dont fart in public that really stinks I said its not me must be the nerves . Anyway for the whole 1.5 hours of doing my hair and make up I was releasing one every 6-7 minutes . How tracy did not puke I dont know as I felt like it .
The issue was the gas was not abating at all it was as voluminous and as hot and stinky as the first one .
Lol Tracy what am I going to do I am full to the brim of farts how am I going to hold them in through the service and wedding breakfast .
Im just glad that im not staining my knickers as they feel really hot and smelly now.
Ok Tracy said she had some stomach deflation type stuff for her IBS it would dry up all my gas , she was laughing her head off like hysterical .
Ok she went out what seemed like 10-15 minutes all the why I am farting one after the other in my underwear .
She arrived back and I took a dose of this stuff , well knock me down with a feather it abated the gas until in stopped completely .
we done a inspection on my knickers to make sure no stains has appeared outside I went and checked in toilet for ones inside nothing all was good . They felt a little warm and damp on my arse but I think it was just in my head , I went on about it so much that Tracy stuck her hand on my knickered arse and took a whiff of my arse from a few inches of my arse . She joked that they smelt well worn and knickery whatever that means but I was ok.
Dress on , make up done and hair all looking good nerves were like butterflies that were angry to leave my belly but no gas lol.
Now I could enjoy my day , got in the car and we made our way to the church on time cliche.
What happened in the car was not cliche , I felt not only butterflies but a little bubble going up my abdomen and resting against my arsehole again but only a little one controllable for sure .
Afterwords it turns out the stuff Tracy gave me had a 2 hour effectiveness and you needed to take more if symptoms returned .
ohhh boy did they return my tummy was producing what seemed like gallons off gas and it was gradually queuing up at the exit of my bum and wanting to reunite with my knickers and the outside air nightmare .
It was like my bum was saying I am going to ruin your day to the max , how was I going to hold all these farts in , and if anything
like previous one they were going to stink also .
Anyway long walk up the isle still had control , at the alter trying to enjoy my vowels with a mountain of gas wanting to feel my poor little knickers .
Somehow I managed to get them to wedge tight in my crack and give me extra elasticity to help hold the gas .
Was I going to make it , yes thought to my relief I had spent all my energy not to fart I had not enjoyed any of it , I was clinging on to my gas with all my willpower .
I was nearly there, we were then asked to come to the back of the chapel to sign the marriage certificate , with the relevant witnesses , ohh no I had with all the pressure in my knickers yes I say that as this had ruled my thoughts for 40 minutes I had totally forgotten this bit.
My partner kept asking if I was ok it was obvious my mind was wandering to the inside of my little knickers lol.
Now here I was trying to sit down and not let any gas out all I kept saying was I needed a toilet hence expression.
Anyway with disbelief I managed to sit down in chair without leakage .
Anyway it was the movement to face my now husband , for some reason it moved the wedge of lace in my arse and then it happened a the longest hottest smelliest fart imaginable escaped my poor little bottom hole , it was like a hot nearly silent fart that threatened to ruin my little knickers for good , it was like a very faint but audible rush of air only muffled by knicker material , it was so hot and foul it was burning my arsehole . It was a relief but a nightmare also as the hot fetid gas left me arse it filled the church with a thick eggy poo smell that due to the sheer volume you could chew on it .
Lol that the truth and the aftermath 
KRISTY282Me  31-35, F