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Monday, May 21, 2018

The Holiday Discovery bytach14©

It is the night before Christmas and Anna and her family are rushing around in a panic before the relatives arrive for the big day tomorrow. Anna just turned 18 a few months ago and is about ready for the holidays to be over with. She can soon relax, especially dealing with her parents, siblings and relatives. It will be stressful with so many people in a two story house, especially with only two bathrooms.
They just finished wrapping gifts and all the traditions like leaving cookies out for Santa and decorating the Christmas tree. Anna feeling stuffed after dinner goes back down in the basement to grab the last few presents to bring upstairs. Anna brushes her long brown hair over her shoulder and notices a rather large bag of what seems to be festive popcorn that should've been a present, but it was opened.

She takes the presents upstairs and returns to the basement. Her basement is half finished and rather large for a house this size. The previous owners had a large crafting table, and another bathroom stall made of wood in one corner. No one has really used it since they moved in. Anna glances for the popcorn bag again and finds it behind a box of crafts. Her mother must have bought it recently for someone, but didn't wrap it.

Anna opens up the bag, "whoa it smells so good! I can't believe mom didn't gift this to anyone. I bet they taste good!" She though grabbing handfuls.

She puts a few cornels in her mouth savoring the flavor. She sighs with pleasure, "oh they're so sweet and salty... it's the best thing I've tasted!" Anna thought shoving more in her mouth.

Anna continues eating more until she hears her mom calling for her to come up and help get her siblings ready for bed.

She helps her siblings and settles down feeling rather full from the popcorn. Anna gets ready for bed thinking, "I wonder if so much as popcorn could ever be bad for my stomach? Na I'm sure mother wouldn't have bought anything crazy. She's such a health nut anyways."

Anna is a bit on the petite size, although her well rounded bubble butt gives her some curves. Her stomach slightly rumbled as Anna drifts to sleep thinking of all the Christmas festivities that await in the morning.

Anna woke up to her siblings thundering down the stairs and parents slowly following. She immediately felt bloated. "Maybe all that popcorn wasn't too good before Christmas Day" she thought crawling out of bed. Being festive and all, Anna puts on a thick red sweater, and a pair of dark green leggings that ride up her butt slightly. She's wearing red and white striped panties to match.

Their family went forward with their presents and a small breakfast before the relatives arrived. Anna felt a slight urge to go to the bathroom, but pushes the thought aside as she hears the doorbell chime.

Her relatives all came in bearing gifts and food for everyone and the house got a little crowded. As everyone settles down and presents are opened, she feels her stomach rumble and her face blushes hoping no one heard. "I need to poop soon, but I'll have to at least wait till after we all eat lunch and settle down again! Uh then I'll have to wait for a bathroom to be free," Anna thought sweating a little. Her bowels shift again as she opens another gift.

Anna receives some nice gifts for the holidays. Mostly clothes, money, and other things she wanted. Now all Anna wants is to relieve herself.

It's finally lunchtime and everyone sits in the long dining room for all a big meal. Anna manages to make a sensible plate without having to stuff herself even more. She catches up with her relatives, while keeping the building pressure bearing down on her anus. Anna only has to stop and clench her ass a few times during lunch.

Now everyone is sitting in the family room talking and catching up. Anna really needs to poop. The pressure is beginning to become too much for her anus to handle as a large turd is trying to force it's way out. Anna accidentally lets out some farts, but no one notices. She is sweating now and is pretty desperate. She knows she will fill a toilet and take a really long time, so she doesn't want to use the two main toilets. "I can't hold it in for much longer. I have to go now! If I can just reach the basement toilet... I haven't used that one in years." Anna thought squeezing her ass cheeks together.

Anna waits another minute or so and stands up slowly. Her bowels cramp and a fart escapes. Her breath stutters as she calmly turns for the basement door. She makes it to the basement and shuts the door behind her. "Oh my I really need to know if that popcorn is the cause of this. I feel so full!" Anna whimpers to herself clutching her stomach. She takes reaches the bottom of the stairs shaking. Her anus is tiring and her full bowels are dying to be relieved.

Anna stumbles to the bag of festive popcorn flipping it around. She reads the label: Serving size exceeding 30-50 pieces may cause larger bowel movements.

Anna sighs, "Uh why would mom buy these?! She must have found them on clearance and didn't even read the bag." She shakes her head.

Anna turns to walk toward the basement stall, and feels another large cramp. Her anus can't hold back her load anymore. She gasps taking her hands to squeeze her ass together as a last effort. She doubles over desperately trying not to fill her striped panties and leggings. She hobbles a few steps closer. A thick large turd pokes out into her panties. Anna reaches the door and pushes it open. She freezes. Her eyes wide and mouth open. "Oh no I'm so close... I just... mmmmmph ooh mmmm n-no stop!" Anna whimpers fumbling into the bathroom.

Her muscles relax and a long turd pushes its way into her panties. Anna turns around to see her green leggings expanding. It's too late. "Oooh so much better. I was close. it's warm..." Anna ponders almost enjoying her accident. Her panties elastic is straining to keep her massive warm mess contained.

Anna slides off her leggings carefully, avoiding her full panties. She's a bit turned on, but there's no time. She cleans up her mess and delicately removes her panties. She flushes her load and just puts her panties back on. She felt a bit naughty. "Hm well I think this holiday won't be to terrible after all. I better change and get back the the family before anyone notices!" Anna thought heading back upstairs.
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Thursday, March 29, 2018


While eating at Hooters I was being served by a brown haired waitress with a tremendous back side. When I say tremendous, I mean it defied gravity. It was plump, but firm. The kind of ass you want to bury your face into. She was very nice, and smiled a lot. After a few times flirting with her she returned the flirting, and even sat down with me for a while.
                She sat down in the chair right next to me, and I admired the way her ass formed the orange shorts she was wearing. Her waist was tiny, and well defined.
                While talking to her, I noticed her straighten up, and a concerned look crossed her face. Just after this, the scent of a very heavy smelling fart wafted up my nose. Her cheeks reddened slightly, and I noticed her shift her weight to one ass cheek. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT, SHE JUST FARTED. My cock became rock hard knowing that this beautiful creature just blew a stinky fart out from between her plump bum cheeks and into her dainty panties.
                I saw her nostrils expand as she checked the odor of her gas, and her face instantly registered her disapproval. While blushing a deep crimson, she said she had to get to work, and then got up and left.
                I knew that I couldn’t let her go without trying to get her into the sack, where I could sniff her pungent ass, and dream of her farts.
                I walked up behind her and touched her shoulder. She turned with dismay on her face. She was probably thinking I was going to comment on her fart. When I asked if I could pick her up after work, she immediately brightened up, and said she got off at 10:00 p.m.
                 I went home and dreamed about her beautiful, body and cute pretty face. I couldn’t help, but imagine what it would be like to have her let me smell her ass. ESPECIALLY IF SHE WOULD LET ME SMELL HER FARTS.
At 10:00 sharp I met her at the front door to the restaurant and noticed she was still wearing her Hooter’s uniform. She said she’d have to go home to change, as she didn’t bring a change of clothes to work. She took the bus, so we took my car to her house.
It was approximately a 15-minute drive to her house, and we passed the time away by telling each other about ourselves. She was a 3rd year arts student who was paying her way through school, by working at Hooter’s 4 times a week. She had a beautiful smile that she easily shared. Her tanned face and body were exceptional, and drove me to fantasize about her in a devious way.
While talking, I noticed her shift her weight slightly towards me, causing her gorgeous ass crack to spread towards the passenger door.  She got a blank expression on her face, and then shifted her weight back again. Just then, my nose was assaulted with an extremely strong arousing fart smell. This gorgeous babe had just puffed out a full-bodied fart into her pretty orange shorts, and I was now smelling her fresh bowel smell. TALK ABOUT AN ERECTION. I was so hard from the smell of her stinky bum gas that my dick was popping out the top of my jeans.
                She turned beet red knowing I could smell her fart, and instantly tried to divert my attention by pointing out a car she would like to own one day.
                I was going to let her think she would get away with it, but something told me that I would be rewarded if I challenged her on it. I asked her accusingly,” Did you just fart?”
She turned beet red and said,” I am so sorry, I couldn’t help it I have to go to the bathroom”. “You must think I am a complete pig.”
“Not at all”, I said. “ In fact I find it kind of a turn on!”
“You got to be kidding me,” she exclaimed, “you mean to tell me you got turned on by my fart.”
She gave me a strange smile and said “Weird, I’ve never heard of a guy who got turned on by that before.” “What do you like about it?”
“Well” I said,” I like the smell and the sound, and I also like the embarrassment the girl shows.”
“You like the smell”. “Cool!” she said, “ Don’t farts smell like shit though?” she said inquisitively.
“Yes, but I also like to watch a girl shit, and I especially like it when she shits her pants?” “ Or better yet her sexy panties or orange uniform pants”. I said with a smile.”
She looked at me long and hard for about a minute to see if I was putting her on and than said, “ I think you’re in for a real treat when we get to my place”
I drove mach 10 to her house and screeched into the driveway. I opened the car door for her and she made her way up the steps to her house she shared with two other girl roommates. While walking up the steps she pushed her nylon encased ass into my face, and said, “I have to blow a fart!” “Do you want to hear it?”
“Yes please! Let ‘er rip baby!”
I watched as she concentrated her sexy ass plump and round in front of me! “I can’t do it! It goes against everything I was taught to fart in front of a man.” “I can feel a big one waiting to come out, but I can’t relax enough to let it out.”
“Maybe if I massage your ass cheeks, it will help you relax.”
“Yeah maybe.” “Why don’t you try it.”
I reached out, grabbed each delectably sensual cheek in my hands, and began kneading her bum wantonly. She began moaning erotically, and started rotating her hips and thrusting her ass in my face. Her ass was firm, although she was relaxing it.
She was looking over her shoulder. Her face a picture of concentration as she tried to relax her anus enough to let out her arousing fumes.
“Here it comes!” She said. I watched as she bit her upper lip and her bum pushed out slightly. Her stomach muscles didn’t tighten, so I knew that she wasn’t pushing it out. She was just letting it come out naturally; on it’s own power.
Then out it came in all its glorious wonder. It came out in a low droning hollow sound. It sounded like an incredibly large balloon deflating.
It lasted for a good five seconds, and was followed by a long “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” from Tracey. She must have been holding it for a long time, based on the amount of bowel gas that came out and the power of it.
Because of her tight shorts and pantyhose, it took a while for the smell to reach my nostrils, but when it did. Whoa! What a heavenly smell!
Her fart had the most powerful scent I have ever had the pleasure of smelling. It reeked of a pure shit smell, but a solid smell not a sick one. I knew that she must have a large hard log of shit waiting to come out of her magnificent asshole.
She turned and looked at me with an expression of embarrassment and pride. Pride for being able to produce a fart of such magnitude, and embarrassment for doing it in front of me.
She pinched her nose as she detected the smell, and said, “Whew! That really stinks. You sure this turns you on. I mean that was a gross smelling fart.”
I answered her question, by putting my nose into her deep ass crack and taking a big whiff. “SNIIIIIIIIIIIFFF! Mmmmm, I love it!” I inhaled all the remnant fart odour out of her orange nylon panties (and let me tell you they can retain the stench very well).
She looked at me with lust and said, “ let’s go upstairs, I can’t believe how dirty we are being. This is making me soooo horny.”
As she ran up the stairs, her fat bum jiggling, she blew a short sharp fart.
“HaHaHa!!” she giggled, “Excuse me! I really have to poop bad!” “I can’t wait to poop my panties for you!”
As she unlocked her door, I got on my knee’s, spread her butt, and sniffed her stinky fart out of her pretty ass!”
“Stop it!” she said, mockingly, “You’re going to make me shit right here!”
Just as she said that a long winded airy fart puffed out from between her bum cheeks and blew all over my face. I could smell the deep dank odour of the turd that waited just inside her ass. I began to kiss her ass with total abandon, as she giggled and tried to pull her ass away from my face.
She managed to wrest her bum from me and get into the apartment, and I followed like a hungry wolf.
Once inside I began to kiss her on the lips, and squeeze her breasts. I alternated between kissing her and sucking on the top of her full plump breasts. She sighed and groaned sexily, as I squeezed her hard against me.
I grabbed her ass, and she let fly with an odiferous fart, whose dirty smell enveloped us both. “BBBBROOOOMPPPH!”
She groaned with lust as she sniffed her fart, knowing that I could smell her filthy bum odor as well. It turned me on enormously kissing her beautiful face while sniffing her sexy shit smell.
“I have to PEE!” she yelled. She pushed me away and stepped back a few feet, and spread her legs. She stood there for a few minutes and nothing happened, I was just ready to say something, when she said, “Shhhh! It’s hard to go pee and not poop at the same time.”
“Here it comes!”
I watched as a dark wet stain began spreading across her crotch, accompanied by a loose deep sounding fart.
“Oops! I couldn’t hold that one in.”, she said with a smile.”
I ran over onto my knees behind her and sniffed her nasty piss fart. I smelled like dirty shit, and cabbage. As I sniffed her ass her warm piss cascaded over my face, soaked my body and crotch, and then splashed noisily onto the kitchen floor. As her piss ended, she blew a windy fart into my adoring face.
As I sniffed her fart she stepped away and said, “Let me get into something else for the main event. She slipped off her shorts and pantyhose, and I watched as her perfect tanned buttocks bounced into her room.
After a few minutes she came into the room wearing, checkered yellow panties and a matching bra.
She put on some music, and dances slowly towards the chair I was sitting on and straddled me. She kissed my face as she ground her wet pantied cunt against my erection. I fondled her plump ass cheeks and ran my fingers along her deep dank bum crack. She groaned and asked my to spread her cheeks.
“Put your hand in my crack,” she said. I did as I was told and was rewarded with a soft fluffy fart. I could feel the warmth of her inner asshole on her fart. I sniffed her deep stinky fart and humped myself against her cunt.
She laid across my lap, and said in a demure voice,” Pull down my panties and smell my bum for me.”
I pulled her panties to mid thigh, exposing her wanton sexy ass. I spread her cheeks and instantly smelled her dirty wet poop stink emanating from between her pretty buttocks. I sniffed her ass and stuck my tongue in her ass as she blew two very wet farts in my face, The fart filled up my mouth and I could taste her filthy turd flavor. She groaned and said,” I’m going to have to ppppoop soon.” “Why don’t you stick your finger in my ass and see if it is ready.”
                As I slid my finger into her wet anus, I immediately felt the tip of a very hard piece of shit. The turd was hard and lumpy, and little pieces broke off when I moved my finger past it. I played with the log of shit in her ass, and found it incredibly large. It felt like it must be approximately 3 inches across! As my probing finger moved in her ass, little puffy pre-poop fart seeped out of Tracy’s anus and bathed my face in her obscene anal aroma.
                “Mmmmm, I have to take a big shit don’t I?” “ It really turns me on unngh! When you play with my stinky poop.” “ I can’t hold it in anymore my stomach is bursting.” “ I have to shit right now!”
She turned away from me, pulled up her pretty panties, bent over slightly and farted.
“I’m going to poop my pretty panties for you now sexy.” “I want you to jerk of as I the shit comes out of my ass.”
I grabbed my cock and began stroking it, as I watched the most sexy display I have ever witnessed.
Her panties were sexily stuck up her ass crack, and she was looking over her shoulder with intense pleasure and concentration.
I heard a little poop of a fart, followed by a low crackling sound. The sound of fresh girl shit being forced out of a pretty bum. Her panties began to stretch as if a pointed penis was exiting her ass and continued, until her waist hem exposed her bum crack. The long turd stretched her panties approximately 8 inches, then it must have broke in half, rolling into the crotch of her panties and sagging them down obscenely. The following log sludged quickly out of her ass, laying like a big mud ball in her ass crack. A large brown stain grew on her ass, and she continued shitting.
I could not believe the amount of shit she had in her, as it kept coming until some of it fell out of her panties and landed with splats and thuds on the floor. The turds were rich brown with a redolent smell, and each of them was of enormous girth. She must have been holding in her shit all day.
I got up and as pushed my bare cock against the warm shit mound in her panties.
“OH! Oh! Oh!” she exclaimed each time I thrusted with a splat against her shit filled panties. Shit flew out of the top her panties and over my crotch as I humped her.
She turned and pushed me into a chair and straddled me. She pulled her crotch to the side, exposing her wet cunt, and causing a large 5-inch log of shit to fall in my lap. I picked it up and mashed it in my hand, feeling the warm stinky shit of this sexy woman squeeze between my fingers. I rubbed the log of shit into her left ass cheek, and she groaned.
She shoved my cock deep into her warm inviting cunt, and screamed in ecstasy, as she fucked my cock.
Just as she reached orgasm, she blew a loud wet fart into my lap followed by lumps of semi hard mushy shit.
The stench, warmth, and sensation of this lovely girl shitting and farting caused me to piss urine and cum deep into her cunt.

Monday, March 26, 2018

My life story of pants pooping


I'm sure I've told this story before in various fragments, but right now I'm bored, and in my head I am trying to organize all of the events in my life that pertain to pants pooping. I would say I'm a relatively lucky person as far as this fetish is concerned. Most go their entire lives without a single sighting and are utterly alone in their preference. I have been most fortunate thus far. My connection with pants pooping is definitely sexual, and centered around girls messing themselves. I do not partake very often at all. I also don't believe I was born with this, but rather am a "convert," due to events early in my life that have shaped who I am. The first story I share with you is my first memory dealing with messing one's pants (of course outside of my toddler years.)
I was seven or eight, and I had a babysitter for the summer. This babysitter had a son and a daughter, the son 9 and the daughter 17. One day, the son (named Bobby) and I were playing in his back yard, and all of a sudden he confided in me that "My sister poops her pants." I remember how I reacted to that statement, how I immediately imagined his gorgeous sister taking a shit in her tight pink spandex pants. I asked him why she would do that, and he told me that it was because "she likes a guy at her school." So at that early age, I had become under the impression that girls liked to poop their pants for pleasure. Well, I thought about this for a few days, and it really intrigued me, so I figured I was going to try to witness her in the act. I asked Bobby how often she pooped her pants, and he told me he had seen her do it three times in the past few weeks. He told me that all three times she had gone in her bedroom, closed and locked the door, and put on a New Kids on the Block CD. (Hey, it was the early 90's!) Bobby had happened to spy this activity thru a vent that their rooms shared, and was accessible from a hidden crawlspace behind his closet. Well one day, we heard the NKOB CD and decided to see what we could see. Sure enough, we looked thru the vent, and saw his sister (her name was Stacy) standing in front of a full-length mirror with those great, skin-hugging pink pants on. It took her a couple of minutes, but she popped a half-squat and pushed a huge load into her spandex, amid moans of pleasure barely audible over the music. She then paraded around the room a little, wiggling her butt, then sat on her bed, which she had pre-covered with a trash bag. After wriggling around in her mess for a few minutes, she began to play with herself. At that age, Bobby and I didn't know the full implications of what she was doing, but those thoughts and the things I saw that day stuck with me on into puberty and sexual maturation. Shortly thereafter was when I had tried pooping my pants for the first time, and I found it highly enjoyable. I had a brief stint with it up until age 9 or so, but stopped after almost getting caught multiple times, but I still actively fantasized about girls pooping themselves, listening closely whenever the subject was discussed.
My second experience with pants pooping was nothing short of amazing, although it requires a little backstory to be properly told. It involved my friend Tim's sister Ashley (I know, a lot of sisters!). This happened when I was sixteen and enjoying my newfound freedom to drive. I had my computer set up at Tim's with a few other friends and we were having a LAN party. These were the days before everyone had a broadband connection, and Tim was lucky enough to have one, so we all congregated at his house very often. It just so happened that this night, his sister and her friends were having a "slumber party" of sorts as well. Tim's sister had a bedroom in the basement, and even though she had no bedroom door, the basement afforded her all the privacy she could ask for since she was the only one in her family who ever went down there. Us guys of course were set up on the upper floor in and about Tim's room. After about an hour of Quake 2, I decided to go downstairs both to urinate and grab more soda. Somewhere along the way, I decided it would be fun to sneak down to the basement and spy on the girls, so into the basement I went, being as quiet as possible. The lights in the basement were off, but the light from Ashley's room was enough to illuminate the surrounding area after my eyes had adjusted to the light. (Remember, she had no bedroom door, only a thin curtain.) I crept up beside her door, sat down, and started eavesdropping. Just my luck! They were talking about their bodily functions, stuff that any teenage boy would be very interested to hear girls talk about. Their conversation eventually turned to daring each other do to certain things, like kiss each other. One girl (I think Olga was her name) seemed particularly fixated on bowel movements, and dared Ashley to fart. I instantly got very excited and started listening intently, trying not to breathe too loudly. All of the girls giggled, then got quiet. I heard a sudden "pfft," followed by more giggles. Another girl commented on the smell. Then, Olga said, "I have to take a big dump, I'll be right back." Ashley responded with "Well I dare you to take a dump in your pants." They all got silent again, and Olga said, "Hmm... I always wondered what that would feel like." Two of the girls made disgusted sounds and stated their obvious displeasure at the idea, but for whatever reason Ashley and Olga seemed to think it would be fun. Ashley chimed in, "Come on, you brought a change of underwear, and I have my own bathroom, so you can take a shower and no one will know!" Ashley actually talked Olga into doing it by telling her that she would poop her pants after Olga. "First I have to pee," Olga said as I heard the bathroom door open and close. After about 30 seconds, I heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door open again. "Ok, here goes..." Olga said hesitantly." At this point I was trembling with excitement, absolutely unable to believe what I was about to witness (or at least hear, anyway). After a series of very hot-sounding grunts, I heard the unmistakeable sound of pants filling with poop. She must've pooped quite a bit, because the crackling sound went on for about ten seconds. "Wow, this feels kinda wierd... now it's your turn, Ashley!" Olga said."I've had to go all afternoon and night, but I've been putting it off, so this should be easy." Ashley went into the bathroom to urinate as well, and came out a few seconds later. "Hmm... oh my god!" she said as she rapidly filled her pants. Just then the smell hit me. Those poor other three girls in the room with them! I've smelled poop before, but knowing it had just come out of an attractive girl made it somewhat sweet to smell. At this point, I had such an erection that my member was very sore. They went on for a few minutes, talking about how it felt. Olga called the shower first, so Ashley had to sit in her poopy pants for about 15 or 20 minutes. I thought about doing something devious like bursting in the room, or calling her from upstairs, but I decided against it. Instead, I just went back upstairs to my buddies. Keep in mind that all of this happened over a mere fifteen minutes, so my presence wasn't missed all that much. I never mentioned what I had heard to Ashley and her friends, but even to this day, when I see her or hear her voice, those memories come rushing back...
Which leads into my last leg of the story, the story of the girl I'm with right now, who has to be the most amazing female I've ever met. I'd had a few previous girlfriends, during high school and such, and only one of which I'd ever even come close to telling my secret. (She had brought up the question of how it felt to poop in a diaper. She seemed to be pretty open-minded, so I told her that I had once pooped my pants on purpose when I was little just to see how it felt. She didn't get outright disgusted, but she couldn't understand why I would do that, so I just dropped it and let it be.) As fate would have it, just as my last high school relationship was ending (another story in and of itself; I had been with her for three years, and this whole story happened over the course of 2005), at a rock concert I met a most amazing girl named Noelia from Spain who was more even-tempered, kind, and understanding than my previous girlfriend was ever capable of being. We immediately hit it off, and were wildly making out within the second night of knowing her. Unfortunately, she had to go back to Spain until she was done with school. A few months passed that seemed like an eon, but finally her school year was over, summer was upon us, and I paid for her to come over from Spain. I was still living with my parents at that point, but they were cool with Noelia coming to visit. Our relationship flourished, to say the least. We were inseperable. Then came the one fateful night that changed everything. We were driving back from downtown Chicago. After the CD we were listening to ended, she told me that we had to talk. That has always been bad news. I felt my heart start to sink, afraid for her to continue. She started by saying, "Yanni, I used your computer the other day, and saw some interesting videos." OH SHIT! I immediately thought. I had a few panty pooping videos that I had forgotten to throw on to my secure file server were no one could get them but me. I had always been meticulously careful about any and all panty pooping content on any of my computers. I could see where this was going, fast, and I started to feel the relationship that she and I had forged over the past two months start to go up in flames. "Uhhh... I think those came from an awful link of the day," I started, trying to play it down like it was something I was ridiculing off of somethingawful. She then half-giggled and said, "Strange, I've looked at the site nearly every day for the past three weeks... I don't remember there being a site like that." Then, she grabbed my hand, lifted her butt off of the seat of my car, and dropped a load in her pants! My eyes went wide with utter amazement and disbelief when I heard the familiar crackling eminating from her black velvet pants. The squeeze of her hand on mine as she strained made it all the more real. As she pushed the last of it out, she let out a contented moan that made me nearly orgasm on the spot. My car quickly filled with the smell, which I didn't mind, but we rolled down the windows anyway, because it was a nice night. She then explained to me, "When I saw those videos (I think she had seen a couple of the Kate videos) at first I didn't know what to think, but then I started wondering why you'd be turned on by such things. My curosity eventually got the best of me, and I had to try it. I didn't find it that bad at all; it actually felt kind of good. So, I figured if you're into girls shitting their pants, I was going to surprise you in the best way I could think of, by making you think you're busted, then turning everything around. I didn't take a crap for two days so I could do this for you." We talked the whole way home about it. She seemed to get more excited, the closer we got, as was I. When we finally pulled in the driveway, she pulled me into the back seat and straddled me, and we started to make out feverishly. She unzipped my pants and went down on me with great enthusiasm. I reached around and felt her load, how large and firm it was. This made her moan, and I must've orgasmed harder than I ever have, twice in a row nonetheless. We then went in the house (I had basement "apartment" with its own bathroom, kitchen, etc.) and I helped her clean up. After showering together, I went down on her for hours in repayment. Needless to say, we didn't leave bed the next day until about 1500. Now, we live in Spain, and we have our own apartment, so we can play as much as we want now. She's just the most random person. She's shit herself for me many times, and often we do it together. She'll do things that drive me wild, like poop when we're just making out, or when she's giving me a blowjob (which is the best feeing ever.)
So now that you all have read my novel-length story, I have some pictures to share with you.
This is Noelia, on the right:

This is Stacy. I had to dig thru about ten yearbooks at the local library, but it was worth it. I checked the book out and scanned the picture:

And this is Ashley, my friend's sister:
(Heh, I just asked her for that a minute ago.)

Thanks for reading... I will field any and all questions you may have.

Email: yanni@bluebottle.com

Monday, February 19, 2018


Part I
I was laying on my stomach in bed and suddenly had to go poop and pee. I was wearing cotton panties and pajama shorts pulled up snug around my waist. I thought since I was alone upstairs and the large comforter would mask the smell, I would just go right there laying down. The mattress had a plastic sheet on it so I knew it would be fine. Laying firmly on my stomach, I hugged my pillow almost falling asleep, closed my eyes and spread my legs real wide. I adjusted my tight thick panties over my bum and crotch. I lifted my pelvis about an inch off the bed and as I did, a high pitched 'weeeeeeeeeee' began hissing softly under the covers as I felt peepee trickle up off my clit, spraying and flooding my panties all the way up to my stomach. It was a really strong pee as I smelt it even as I buried my face deep in my pillow. I continued relieving myself, pressing my bum and clit down and peed harder into the mattress, the wee sound getting softer and a puddle growing under the covers. I still really had to go but was also so tired almost falling asleep. I tried getting comfortable to go number 2 so I moved up on my knees then back down again. as I did, un absorbed pee-pee splashed and trickled puddling up in my bum crack inside my underwear. It felt really warm and I got a really strong whiff of piss as I pulled the covers further up over my back, snuggling and closing my eyes like nothing even happened.

I felt the strong urge to poop now so I began humping down slightly and spread my legs wider. Still laying on my stomach hugging my pillow, I held it in... but felt pain in my intestines so I just began to go right there. I squirted more pee and farted as I pushed and grunted. I spread my legs all the way and began smelling a hint of poo under the covers. It was going to be a big load, I could feel it coming down...
Mmmpphh... I closed my eyes tight and raised my bum a little off, feeling my wet panties stick to my clit. As poop started poking out I pressed my hips down into the mattress and went more wee as I felt a big poop start pressing up crackling slowly in my panties. It started to fall down into my crotch lips as I continued pushing down hard and going. I was alone upstairs for the weekend so I knew nobody would see or smell.
mpphh.. I grunted in my pillow as more poop forced its way down onto my crotch from the gravity of my bum being slightly cocked up. I kept going poop and relaxed for a minute in the cozy quiet bed, almost dosing off, pulling in my legs together. As I did this, the doodie cracked as it forced and mounded up around and under my ass. I felt the heavy load between my crotch and butt as I nestled and got comfortable under the covers. I started going soft poo over the bulge so I turned over and laid on my back, lifting up my pelvis to push the rest out half asleep. It was difficult as my underwear had no more room and my shorts hugged really tight around my soft packed poop and wet slippery bulging pussy.
Feeling horny from going poop I pulled down my undies and spraid pee-pee up into the covers, the quiet 'weeeeeeeee' sound echoed under the cover as the thin stream of pee sprayed up onto the white comforter then splashed down onto my already soaked stomach, drribling down under my load of poop. It caused another small puddle under my bum on the mattress. The strong smell of pee and poo wafted as I lowered my hips back down, crushing the huge mound of poop under my butt and smashing some poop up the slit of my vagina in my stretched underwear, forming a bulge up in front as well. I fell back asleep instantly, never even getting up from my bed until the morning.
When I woke up I cleaned up, opened the window and sprayed lysol in the air like nothing even happened. As I was brushing my teeth with the running water, to save water I cocked my hips forward over the sink and went morning wee-wee standing up, pulling back the hood of my clitoris to feel the piss whisk from my clit down the sink drain in a yellow bubbling puddle as I finished brushing. I quickly turned the sink off wiped and got ready. I didn't even use the toilet for days, but thought nobody would care or notice.

Part II
About 2 weeks or so later I had stolen a thin pull-up diaper from planned parenthood and wore it out under my skinny jeans. I walked around the mall shopping for clothes and while I was looking in GAP, I started going spurts of peepee. I was looking in the mirror with a bra placed over my chest pretending to be fitting but I was really leaning somewhat backward looking down at my crotch swelling with piss and crinkling slightly inside my jeans. For some reason I'm guessing by the way the diaper was pressed up on my pussy lip it made my pee stream shoot up sideways in my diaper so I heard a pronounced hiss as I walked by the fitting rooms and felt pee forcing up on the left of my thigh trickling down the front and side as I continued walking. It was so loud that the hiss echoed off the wall I was walking near. I put the bra back on the rack, walking out of the store going weewee. It felt warm and wet as I walked, and I got so turned on that I didn't care anymore if I leaked. I went the rest of my weewee on the lower level standing in line at Starbucks and began to smell piss by the time I ordered but very faint so nobody noticed. My jeans were a little bulged at the crotch by then but it was only something I knew, and while I was in the bathroom stall about to check if I leaked, I grabbed ahold of my bulged crotch over my jeans and felt all the pee-pee going up my clit, butt and waistband of my diaper, but no leak yet. I peed my entire bladder while walking through the mall and felt it sloshing around in the diaper as I walked outside and left with my coffee and bag. As I sat in my car i felt the absorbent crystals crush up around my ass and pussy. There was a small wet line on the front now but it was so small it looked like a piece of hair.
Part III
As I was pumping fuel into my car on my way back from the mall I started to go poop in the same diaper because my stomach ached from the pressure. I pushed really hard and grunted while walking across the gas station lot, crossing paths with someone walking out to go inside and buy a pack of gum. My skinny jeans were really tight over my diaper since the crystals were already expanded with yellow pee-pee, so walkin

Friday, December 29, 2017

Anya the Shameless Panty-Pooper by Arthur Saxon meganeura@hotmail.com

Anya paused by a stand of wonderbras and pushed. A long, soft poo emerged from her anus and curled up in the back of her panties, nestling against her buttocks. Anya smiled at the feeling and pushed again, squeezing out a second turd into her panties. This one was longer and thicker than the first, but still she could feel that there was more to come. She strained again, and a third poo began to come out. There was little room for it in her overcrowded undies, but she continued pushing, and the back of her panties sagged lower and lower under the increasing weight of poo. The new turd finally broke off, but Anya knew she was still not done, despite the fact that the third one had been the longest yet. She knew that if she filled her panties any more, she would not be able to walk without some of it dropping out on to the floor.

She checked the back of her pleated miniskirt, smiling at the way it was draped over the enormous bulge in her panties. She checked the hemline and found that it did not quite cover the bulge. Perfect, she thought to herself with satisfaction. She wandered among the clothing stands to the dressing room, and held up the items she had collected. The lady at the entrance waved her through, and she walked in and selected a cubicle. Drawing the curtain halfway across, she stripped off her top and bra, then gingerly removed her skirt, taking care not to disturb her over-full panties. She pulled on a cut-off top designed for an eight-year-old, and grinned as she tugged the front down so that it only just covered her nipples and no more. Then she pulled on the skirt she had selected. This was also made for a little girl, but it had an elasticated waistband so that she could still fit into it. She carefully pulled it up over the bulge and let it snap into place around her waist and hips. It was not quite long enough to cover her buttocks, and certainly did not cover much of her bulge. She turned around a couple of times, admiring herself in the mirror, then she slipped her hand into the front of her panties and masturbated for all she was worth while she slowly pushed another poo into her panties. As she climaxed, she realised her panties were slipping down under the weight of her poo, so she grabbed hold of either side of her waistband to prevent them from falling.

There was now a monster load inside her panties, but still she had not quite finished. In order to balance the load, she reached into the back of her panties and scooped out a handful of poo. Holding the front open, she brought the poo around and dropped it inside so that it nestled against her pussy. She transferred a couple more handfuls in the same way, and soon she had a large bulge at the front of her panties as well as at the back. Of course, her hand was rather messy by now, so she pulled a couple of tissues out of her purse and wiped it clean. Popping the messy tissues inside the front of her panties for future disposal, she changed back into her original clothes and walked out of the dressing room, pushing again as she went.

A fifth turd began to emerge, and it was still coming out of her anus when she reached the checkout and paid for her new clothes. Her skirt was splayed out in front as well as at the back, where her bulge was again sagging well below her hemline. Finally she squeezed the last little bit of poo out, and her anus closed up.

She left the shop and made her way to the toilets. There, she locked herself in a stall and lifted up the front of her skirt. Pulling open the front of her panties, she removed the dirty tissues and dropped them into the toilet bowl. She pushed the button to flush them away, then walked out of the stall and left the toilets. She looked and her watch and decided it was time for lunch. Smiling to herself, she began walking in the direction of Macdonald�s. Sitting down, she predicted, was going to be so much fun!


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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Part II of my Subway adventures

I was in the city shopping with friends one day. It was hot so I decided to wear a red mini skirt that was plaid round the edges with a white shirt, red bra & white panties (I remember). After we finished shopping my friends all decided to go to subway before we went home. I was reluctant to agree after what happened last time, but didn’t want to admit what happened so I just went. So rather hesitantly I ate a subway. After we all finished our subs, we rushed over to the bus stop just in time to catch the bus home. Being a gang of girls we sat on the upstairs deck at the back. On the journey home I felt rather allot of pressure build up in my bowels, this isn’t unusual as my ass decides when to take a shit rather than by brain, usually leaving it till my ass says ‘gotta shit’ rather than everybody else who goes every other day which I always found odd. Either way, on the bus journey back I really felt the pressure build in my bowels, at first I thought nothing of it, but about half way I really started to feel slight pain, something I rarely feel as I can go for week without having a shit. But just talked to my friends to take my attention off it & sat on one bum cheek let out some silent but very deadly farts. My friends picked up on the smell & we started to argue amongst ourselves about who it was. One friend Jess leant over & let out a ripper, after that so did Lucy. We all laughed but I was seriously turned on by this.
We got back to our local town bus station with those who lived in the same town as me. From the bus we walked to an open field where some of my friends lived, there were benches & swings. We were going to hang out there for a while, as we knew it was a good place to meet boys, but no boys turned up. On the walk  over from the bus station to the field I was letting out little silent farts just to release some pressure I don’t know if they picked up on it or not, but my bowels were still aching quite badly. When we got to the field me & Jess sat down on a bench & got our phones out. About one minute later Jess leans over & lets out a massive fart. I remember it well, she was wearing a beige top with a tight black skirt & black tights, she leaned away from me & let rip a massive wet fart, sounded like she shat herself, we started laughing but I was really turned on & got quite horny, so horny in fact that I let my anus slip a bit & a hard firm poop slid out & pushed against my panties. I got so excited that I forgot where I was. As my other friends were returning from a smoke, I looked at my phone & made up some excuse that I had to go home.
The walk home was long & even longer when you’ve got a shit sticking out your ass & pushing against your panties, even though it was annoying & embarrassing it was also slightly sexy, it was also a windy day so I held my shopping bags behind by bum to prevent my skirt from being lifted by the wind. The walk home was hot & sweaty just to add to the annoyance.
When I got home rather than go to the toilet, I was feeling a bit naughty & just decided to hang around, check emails, facebook, stuff & probably touch myself a bit. Minutes later my ass just exploded the hard shit was pushed out & lots of soft shit followed gushing out into my white panties. I had no control; it took me completely by surprise. I remember I stood up & clenched my stomach letting out a groan. I also felt quite horny & made no effort to go to the toilet I just stood there with soft shit filling my pretty white panties with farts bubbling its way through the shit. It was a rather large shit & absolutely stank, I must have been saving that one up for 4-5 days. It’s really soft consistency meant that it bulged  out at the bottom of my panties quite a bit, 3 inches roughly & started to drip out onto the floor at this point I didn’t care I was having too much fun. I took my skirt off & sat down in my messy, stinky panties & started to wank. But at this point a surprise delivery a man knocked at the door with a parcel. I was feeling pretty naughty so went to answer the door in my shirt & panties (they still looked ok from the front except maybe a small piss stain). I answered the door & the man had eyes like an owl looking at me, I signed it pretty quickly wanting to get back to my wank & the man left pretty quickly wanting to get away from the terrible stench. I went back to sitting in my own mess & continued to wank & play with my panties into the evening, cupping & holding the shit, pulling it up tight into my panties, dancing with my panties full of shit. That day was allot of fun. Might just go to subway more often.
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Karen's stinky day.

Warning!: If you don't like a girl having diarrhea, groaning while rubbing her belly, and farts, this story isn't your cup of tea (Also, this is my first story, so no hate please haha)

Driving into the taco bell drive thru, 19 year old Karen happily orders 3 burritos and a side of nachos and cheese. As the woman says for her to pull up to get her food, Karen gets a little more than excited. Stopping right behind the car in front of her, Karen rubs her groaning belly. "I sure am going to have a nice dinner tonight" Pulling out of the taco bell drive through after she gets her food, she holds her gurgling belly and drives back home, thinking about how she was going to mess her panties tonight.

As she pulled into her drive way, she felt her tummy rumble in hunger. Ggrrrggllee "Oh shush, I'm about to feed you now" she smiles while grabbing her food and walks into her house. Setting down her keys and purse, she takes her bra and shorts off and heads to the kitchen. "Because I plan on having a big gassy night, I should probably drink some milk with my dinner". Knowing that she was lactose intolerant, she grabs a huge cup of milk and walks into the living room with her food. She turns on the TV, gets out her food and starts eating her first burrito. "Mmmhhh, this is so amazing!" Practically, moaning in ecstasy, she chows down on her second burrito and drinks the milk to wash it down. GUURRRGGLLEEE! She ignore the gurgling in her belly and continues to eat her 3rd burrito and nachos.

Soon after eating everything and washing it all down by chugging the rest of her milk, she throws the cup to the side and grabs her belly. "Ohhhh mannn. That milk is already getting to me." Rubbing her belly, she feels all of the food churning inside of her, creating a great amount of feces and gas. As Karen rubs her belly, she feels a little bit of gas filling up her rectum. Grabbing her butt, she leans to the side.
"Ahhhhhh, that felt amazing" She giggles to herself and gets up, heading to her cupboard in the bathroom. "How about we add a little more liquid into this?." Grabbing her liquid laxative, she opens it and chugs it down. Buurrrrrppp! "Oooffff, excuse me" Karen walks out of the bathroom holding her belly that is now making audible gurgles and letting out loud wet farts.
Karen gasps, but giggles soon afterward. "Oh no... Seems like that one had a bit a liquid added on"  Going into her room, she looks into her tall mirror and turns around, giggling at the brown spot on her panties. "How about we literally shake things up a bit?" Grabbing her belly, she shakes it up, causing all the contents in her belly to mix into each other and immediately giving her more gas than ever.
Immediately, she puts her hand to her butt and feels the diarrhea oozing out. Pulling down her panties, she takes her hand away from her butt and looks in the mirror, grabbing her belly, gripping it tight and pushing on it as hard as she can, she groans but smiles at her upset, rumbling, gurgling tummy and starts pushing out her diarrhea toward her bed.
"Ah, man this feels so good!" Karen leans forward a little more, pushing on her lower intestine that was gurgling like mad and continues poring out diarrhea.
*knock knock*
Karen quickly stops her diarrhea explosion and stops gripping her belly, putting a hand in her buttcrack and clenching to hold back the storm.
"Karen?! Are you home? Remember, we are supposed to do movie night! Why does it smell so bad?! Are you doing what I think your doing?!"
Karen opens her eyes widely. "Oh shit! I forgot Sophie was coming over!" She starts to panic as her butt begins to quiver and her stomach begins to gurgle loudly.
"Shit shit shit shit!" Trying to walk to the bathroom, Karen grabs her robe and slowly removes her hand from her buttcrack, waddling to shut her bedroom door and walk over to the front door. She slowly opens it and sees Sophie.
"FFFFEEWWWW! Karen! What the hell were you doing?! " Sophie waves a hand in her face and tries to look inside.
Karen feels herself begin to sweat as she farts slightly and a bit of diarrhea oozes out. "O-oh nothing! Just h-had a bit of gas." Karen tries to smile and move her foot, But she accidentally moved her foot back toward the door, hitting the door back into her tummy and causing her to bend forward and unclenching her buttchecks. Diarrhea starts spewing ALL through the living room and on the walls.
After watching Karen groan and the diarrhea spew out of her for about 10 more minutes, Sophie looked up in astonishment. Karen get up slowly, letting farts out along the way and making a crooked smile "Soo.... Heh.. Will you help me clean up?"
Sophie just kept looking is astonishment and then started laughing. "THAT WAS AWESOME! THIS IS WHY YOUR MY FRIEND"
Karen just smiled and shook her head, slightly laughing. "So I'm guessing thats a yes that you will help me"
"Hell yeah I will!" Sophie yells and walks inside with Karen.
(So basically if you didn't get it, Sophie is also into the same thing and is always there for her friend. Haha. I should be making a story with her as well soon. Thank for reading and leave comments below 😊)