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Monday, July 7, 2014

Giantess Fart Fantasy by GirlFarts027

Michael had gone to school with Lauren for all 12 years of his schooling. He had always found her attractive but he never felt that she would be interested in him. The two had been friends but Michael had wanted to he more than friends. One day, while waiting for his driver's ed class to start, Michael had spotted Lauren at the corner of the hallway. She had motioned for him to come towards her in a seductive matter. Lauren had been shaking her large ass while she had turned around to Michael. Michael's eyes had lit up.
"Hey Lauren, what's going on?" Michael had asked.
"Oh nothing," Lauren responded. "I've just always found you attractive and I have this fetish that I would hope you would want to take a part in."
"What would your fetish happen to be?" Michael replied.
After responding, Michael was shrunk down to the size of a doll.
"I've always wanted to shrink you down and fart all over you! I know you want me to because I checked your browser history on you laptop when we hung out last," Lauren said in a seductive tone.
Just as she finished, Lauren put Michael in her hand and brought her towards her ass.
"Don't worry about the smell of my farts. Since I'm a sexy sorceress, I can make my farts smell like, or have the effect of, whatever you would like. Any suggestions?" Lauren motioned.
"Make them smell like the worst farts ever but make them so that I fall in love with them. I want to be able to sniff you asshole's magical farts without being able to faint or pass out!" Michael said very excited.
Michael finished his wish and immediately afterwards, Lauren let loose. *BRAPPPPPPPPPPPP* The enticing smell of Lauren's farts made Michael's dick erect. He started to get really hard.
"Giantess Lauren, will you place me inside your panties and fart on me directly?"
"Why only if you would like me to!"
Lauren then pulled her skin tight jeans down and placed him inside of her panties.*BRAPPPPP* Lauren let out another fart that pleased Michael just as much. She continued to fart on him for the next fifteen minutes. Michael became in love with not only her beauty and personality, but her butt and its farts. He began to kiss her anus and when she farted while he was kissing, he stuck his tongue out, licking her asshole. After Michael had continuously smelled, licked, and kissed Lauren's wonderful farts, she let out the loudest, longest, and smelliest fart the universe had ever endured. The fart last for 22 minutes and seconds. Michael could not believe that the girl of his dreams had fulfilled his and hers fetish fantasy.
"Giantess Lauren, will you please sit on me as well as fart on me?" Michael asked.
"Only if that is what your heart desires. I will not fully sit on you because I do not want you to die beneath my ass." Lauren said concerned.
"Giantess Lauren, if you could use your sorceress powers to make me immortal, then would you sit and fart on me?"
"Your wish is my command."
With a snap of her fingers, Lauren made Michael immortal. She then placed Michael on a chair that would be most comfortable for the two of them. Lauren sat down and after, let out a fart that rattled the walls. *BRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP* After sniffing it all up, Michael made his final wish.
"Giantess Lauren, I would like you to release a fart on me that will end my life. I would like to die in the most blissful way I could possibly endure."
"I hope to see you in the after life."
On that note, Lauren released the fart that ended Michael's life. With a *BRAP* and a *BRAPPPPPPP* and a *BRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP*, Michael had recieved the fantasy he had always dreamed of. He would live through and die from the farts of Lauren in giantess form.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Book of Scat bySeuler©

In the land of Pantipupia there was a winding staircase made of stone that reached up into heaven. It was forbidden for men to ascend the stairway. Yet one day Pantsby Brown did just that. To his surprise he met no resistance from the guarding angels that according to legend patrolled the staircase, and continued above the clouds, at last coming onto a landing. Before him stretched a corridor with a high ceiling and high arched doors down either side. He went through the first door to his right.

"What are you doing in the House of the Gods?" boomed the voice of the giantess seated on a porcelain throne with her white panties round her ankles.

Pantsby Brown prostrated himself. "Forgive me, Divinity. But I come to implore the help of the gods."

There was a sound as of a mighty waterfall as the giantess began to pee. "What do you want?"

"Divinity, the women of our world are unclean, for they fill their panties with refuse. O that the gods would intervene and teach them to be clean!"

"What you say displeases me, that the women are unclean. Therefore I will grant your request. I will teach them to be clean."

"Thank you, Divinity. May I ask your name?"

"I am Scat." She wiped her vagina dry with paper she had pulled from a roll mounted on the wall. "We must go at once. But alas! How am I to take you with me? I have no pockets in which to put you; nor can I carry you in my hand, for I am afraid I might crush you or drop you."

"Divinity, might I suggest that I ride in your panties? For there I might safely nestle in the cleft of your pudendum."

"What you say pleases me. But tell me first — what is your name?"

"I am Pantsby Brown."

"Pantsby Brown, I declare you my prophet. Climb into my panties and we shall go at once to Pantipupia."

The prophet of Scat ran across the tiled floor and flung himself face down in the gusset of her panties. He held on tightly as she pulled them up, only letting go once he was safely between her labia. She turned and suddenly he heard the sound of crashing waters. He did not comprehend that this was merely the flushing of the toilet, for in those days there were no toilets in Pantipupia. And while the crashing waters drowned out all other sounds, Scat passed flatus. Overcome by the stench, the prophet lost consciousness.

As Scat descended the staircase, men began to gather at its base, looking up into heaven and asking one another, "What does this mean? Who is this person? Until now no one has ever gone up or come down this staircase."

Finally she reached the bottom. "I am the great goddess Scat."

And men looked up her miniskirt and marvelled at her clean panties.

"I have come to teach your women to be clean." She dropped her panties. Pantsby Brown, having regained consciousness, stepped out of her panties. "Behold my prophet!" She pulled her panties back up. "He speaks for me. Everything he tells you to do, do. Someone give him a laptop that he may record my words."

A man in the crowd willingly gave up his laptop, and the prophet began typing.

"Hear me, men of Pantipupia! At the moment of creation, we gods built this staircase that we might come down and commune with men. But before long there arose a stench among you that hindered us from coming down. Not knowing what caused it and not wanting the stench to infect heaven, we posted angels to guard the staircase; but the stench soon drove them to retreat into heaven also. But now news has reached heaven that this stench is caused by the uncleanness of your women. For they foul their panties and walk around in their filth; and men, being base, have relations with them in their uncleanness. Listen to me, and I will teach you what is right." And thus she preached throughout the day and throughout that night also.

Shortly after sunrise she ceased talking and let out a long rumbling fart, and the earth shook violently. "Behold, it is time! Watch me, Pantipupians, and learn what you must do."

She dug a hole with her hands, uprooting trees and boulders. Sliding her panties down, she squatted over the hole. A mighty golden torrent issued from her vagina, and a lake began to form in the bottom of the hole. Again the earth shook from an explosive fart, and a perfectly-formed stool slid from her anus, splashing into the lake of pee. And the men of Pantipupia gasped in awe.

"Holy shit!" said the prophet.

"Alas!" cried Scat. "I have nothing with which to wipe my orifices clean!" Standing, she pulled up her panties. "But when you Pantipupians do this, you shall wipe yourselves clean with paper or rags before pulling up your underwear." She filled in the hole. "Behold, I have shown you what you should do. If any woman refuse to do likewise, her husband or boyfriend shall spank her.

"Yet it is not fitting that I should always defecate like this when I visit Pantipupia." She turned to her prophet. "You shall build me a throne like my throne in heaven, which your own eyes have beheld. I shall reveal to you its dimensions and the secrets of its plumbing and give you wisdom in engineering. And the men of Pantipupia shall help you. But come now, let us return to heaven; for I will not make such revelations in front of ordinary men."

She lowered her panties. Because she had not wiped, there was now a skid mark and a wet spot in the gusset. The prophet climbed in, and she took him up into heaven.

Her brother Sado met her at the top of the stairs. "Our father has called a council of the gods. Your presence is required."

And at the council her father, King of the Gods, asked her, "Daughter, where have you been?"

"I have been down in Pantipupia, teaching them to be clean; for I have found out the cause of their uncleanness."

"Is that so?" said the king. "Ever since man was created, no one has been able to find out the cause of his stench. But if what you say is true and you succeed in making them clean and removing their stench, then I will surely give you my crown. For I am old, and I do not have many years left."

"But Father!" said Sado. "I am your eldest. Your crown belongs to me!"

"My crown is mine to give. If Scat can do what no other god has ever done before, then she will have earned the right to wear my crown after me."

The king's words greatly angered Sado, yet he kept his silence. But from that moment he began scheming in his heart to undermine his sister's work in Pantipupia.

And the council went on for what mortals would count as many days; and the prophet grew restive, saying to himself, "Surely she has forgotten all about me! I shall perish down here!" And he stroked her labia that he might gain her attention. But she soon became wet, and then the prophet said, "Alas! Now I shall drown in her juices!" And he wriggled up between her labia till he came to her clitoris; and wrapping his arms round it, he pulled down with all his might.

The goddess groaned and pressed her thighs together, almost crushing him; and he squeezed her clitoris harder, thrashing franticly between her labia. She put a hand up her skirt and with a finger gently nudged him through her panties as a sign that she had remembered him. But the prophet misunderstood and thought that she was displeased with him and meant to crush him like an insect, and so he struggled more vigorously. Then she slid her finger under the elastic of the gusset and tried to dislodge him from her clitoris, yet she could not prevail against the prophet. And it came to pass that she climaxed, and a great moan arose from her lips, and all turned to look at her.

And when her father saw her with her hand up her skirt, he said, "Daughter, what have you done? This is not fitting conduct for one who might become Queen of the Gods."

"Excuse me, Father, for I have something urgent I must attend to." And she went to her private chambers, where she let the prophet out of her panties and chided him saying, "From now on you shall no longer ride in the cleft of my pudendum but in the cleft of my buttocks lest you do this to me again and disgrace me in front of my father and in front of the gods."

And the prophet stayed with Scat, and she demonstrated to him the use of her porcelain throne and showed him the secrets of its inner workings. And by the time they returned to Pantipupia, ten days had passed. And Scat said to those gathered at the foot of the staircase, "I see that you have put into practice all that I have shown you, for your stench is gone. Now you must help my prophet, whom I am leaving here with you, to build me a throne." And with that she returned to heaven.

Work began on the throne immediately. Word spread throughout Pantipupia, and men came from afar to assist in the undertaking. Soon a city sprang up at the foot of the staircase, and men named the city Scatia. The throne they built on a hill overlooking the city; and when all the work was done, the prophet ascended the staircase and told Scat.

They returned the following morning; and Scat consecrated her throne, pulling down her panties and sitting on it. She peed and, after farting many times, pooped. On top of the cistern sat a roll from which she tore several sheets of paper with which she wiped herself clean. Finally she got up and flushed, and all those gathered at the foot of the hill cheered.

"I am well pleased with your work," said Scat. "But your work must continue. My prophet shall appoint three orders of priesthood from among you to maintain my throne. There shall be one order of priests who shall ensure that there is always a fresh toilet roll on the cistern, another who shall ensure that my throne is always brushed clean and disinfected after I use it, and yet another who shall ensure that its plumbing never fails.

"And you shall build smaller thrones for yourselves. Every house shall have at least one throne like mine; and every business shall have at least two: one for women and one for men. And there shall be a sewage system which will carry away all your refuse out to sea." And again she returned to heaven, leaving her prophet behind.

The prophet wasted no time in appointing priests; and he appointed a woman to be High Priestess and said to her, "If anything should happen to me, you shall become Scat's prophet in my stead. For I have had a vision; and behold, dark times are coming to Pantipupia."

Around that time a woman named Panny Soila, her heart filled with wickedness, presumed to ascend the staircase; and the first god she encountered in heaven was Sado. She told him all that his sister had done in Pantipupia. "But many of us," she told him, "are unhappy with the new way of things. For we have always pooped in our panties, and before your sister came we felt no shame in doing so. O that you would intervene and deliver us from her tyranny!"

"Alas! I cannot intervene directly, but I shall bestow upon you the power to perform miraculous signs that men may know you have been sent by the gods. And you yourself shall speak on behalf of the gods, for you are a prophetess. Whatever is in your heart you shall tell the people of Pantipupia, and you shall make them obey you. And if you succeed in restoring Pantipupia to its former state, I shall make you a god like me. All that I ask is that you keep me informed of your progress and of my sister's doings in Pantipupia."

"So be it," she said, and descended the staircase. When she reached the bottom, she farted; and the sound was like a trumpet blast — for this was one of the powers that Sado had bestowed upon her. Hearing the sound, the men of Scatia came out to investigate; and they found Panny Soila at the foot of the staircase.

"Hear me, men of Scatia!" she said. "I have been appointed a prophetess to speak for the gods, for they have heard about the work of Scat and her prophet and are greatly displeased."

"What sign will you show us?" asked the men of Scatia. "Lest you deceive us with your words. For any man may say that he is a prophet."

"Behold!" said the prophetess, hiking up her skirt and bending over. A bulge began to form in the seat of her pale blue cotton panties.

"Sinner!" cried the men of Scatia. "See! She is defying the decrees of Scat. Let us spank her, as Scat commanded." And they took up the cry, "Spank her! Spank her!"

But the bulge soon grew so large that the men of Scatia became silent, watching in awe; and still it continued to grow. And the panties miraculously expanded to accommodate the extraordinarily large stool. And it came to pass that the gusset of her panties reached the ground between her feet and all the space between her legs was occupied with her poop-laden panties. Looking back over her shoulder, she said to the men of Scatia, "Don't just stand there! Come forward and see for yourselves that what I have done is no trick."

And they came forward and sniffed her panties. Some poked the bulge with their fingers and a few even peeled back the gusset or the waistband to look inside. "Now we know," said the men of Scatia, "that the gods have sent you. For no one could perform a sign like this unless the gods had blessed him. Tell us — what message do you have for us?"

Turning to face the crowd but still holding her skirt up, she said, "Thus say the gods: 'We are displeased that you follow the heretical teachings of the apostate Scat and her prophet, whom we did not appoint. For she needlessly lays on you a burden that you need not bear. Your women ought not to be ashamed to do what comes naturally, for thus the gods created them. From now on you shall heed neither Scat nor her prophet but rather heed our prophetess, for she will lift your burden from your backs.'"

"Tell us what to do, and we will do it!" shouted the crowd.

"Scat has told you that whatever woman does not defecate into a hole and then cover it up shall be spanked. Yet I give you a new command: whatever woman defecates into a hole shall be scourged with whips on her first offence, and on her second offence she shall surely be put to death. And when she dies her soul shall go to the dungeon of Sado, where her soul shall be bound in chains and scourged day and night for ever and ever.

"When a woman needs to defecate, wherever she is, whatever she is doing, she shall defecate in her clothes, as is natural. And men need not fear having relations with women in this state. Look at me now! My panties are filled with poop. Am I not beautiful? Does no man among you want me?"

The Mayor of Scatia stepped forward. Unbuckling his belt, he dropped his trousers and boxer shorts and began rubbing his erect penis against the bulge in her panties. And after he came, he got on his knees and crawled round to her front and administered cunnilingus through her panties. Thus was the Mayor of Scatia turned aside after the prophetess to do her bidding.

And the prophetess continued: "You shall cease working on the thrones that Scat has asked you to build in your houses and in your workplaces and on the sewage system that will carry your refuse out to sea. Moreover we shall tear down Scat's throne.

"Men of Scatia! You asked of me a sign that you might know that I was sent by the gods. Even so I now ask each of you to bear a sign of your devotion to me that all may know that you are my followers. Each of you shall come forward and grab a handful of holy shit from my panties and smear it on himself."

And many men from the crowd came forward and made themselves unclean, but a few fled and told the prophet of Scat what was happening. The prophet in turn told the High Priestess and sent her into hiding. Then he ascended the staircase to tell Scat.

Meanwhile the prophetess led her followers into the city. And although each of her followers had taken a handful of poop from her panties, yet the gusset of her panties still came down to her knees; and the load swung from side to side as she waddled at the head of her followers. Every now and again she stopped, lifted a leg and farted, heralding her passage through the city; and as people came out to see what all the commotion was about, the number of her followers increased.

The sun was setting when they came out on the other side of the city, and they ascended the hill on which Scat's throne was built. There they found the priests of Scat attending her throne; and the crowd rushed forward and laid hands on the priests, bringing them before the prophetess.

"What shall we do with these?" they asked her.

"Slay them!" she said. And so the priests of Scat were slaughtered in front of the prophetess.

Then men brought out ladders and cherry pickers and scaled the sides of Scat's throne; and armed with sledgehammers and picks, they chipped away at it. But soon cranes were brought up from the city, and wrecking balls completed the demolition.

Standing on the ruins of Scat's throne, the prophetess called out, "If there is any woman among you who needs to poop, let her come forward and stand before me." A group of about forty women came forward. "Squat where you are and relieve yourselves in your panties." And once they had done so, she said, "Now peel off your panties and throw them into the ruins of Scat's throne." And they did so. Thus was the site of Scat's throne desecrated. And the prophetess taught them many other perversions besides which are not recorded in this book. Emptying the contents of her own panties onto the ruins, the prophetess then sent the crowd away and ascended the staircase to tell Sado all that she had accomplished.

Meanwhile Scat's heart was filled with rage, and she longed to intervene immediately in the events that were taking place in Pantipupia. "But," she said to her prophet, "we shall go down in the morning; for I need time to consider what I must do, lest in anger I should do something which I later regret." Yet at this time she did not know how quickly the prophetess had acted and that already her throne had been destroyed.

That night Sado sent for his sister, and she visited him in his private chambers with her prophet hiding in her panties.

"Sister," he said, "welcome. I would like to congratulate you on your work in Pantipupia. For you have achieved what no other god ever has. Sit with me and have a glass of wine. And let us seek from now on to be friends."

At this time Scat did not know that her brother was behind all that the prophetess had done. Therefore she accepted his offer, unwittingly taking from him a glass of red wine laced with a potent laxative — for he had already heard of the destruction of her throne in Pantipupia.

When morning came, Scat made her way down the staircase with the prophet nestled in the cleft of her buttocks. As she descended, however, her bowels became increasingly unsettled. "Alas!" she said. "My sphincter weakens, and I am unsure whether I will make it to my throne."

Hearing this, the prophet lent his strength to the goddess, holding her sphincter shut with his own hands. "Do not be anxious, Divinity! For I would die rather than see you disgrace yourself in front of mortals!"

Scat hiked up her miniskirt, revealing white, strawberry-print panties, and began to run down the stairs. Now the men of Scatia had come out into the streets of the city to watch the goddess make her descent; and they said to one another, "Alas! The goddess has heard of our rebellion, and now she rushes down from heaven bringin
g judgement!"

But when she reached Pantipupia, she ran along the range of hills to the east of the city till she came to the place where her throne had been. And when she saw the pile of ruins, the forty pairs of soiled panties, the massive turd left by the prophetess, and the bodies of her priests, her fatigued anal sphincter finally succumbed to the pressure in her bowels; and the prophet, the strength in his arms having failed, became immersed in her excrement.

And seeing the crotch of her panties sag and turn brown, the inhabitants of the city erupted in raucous laughter, saying, "Look! She is no different from one of our women! What a hypocrite! She told our women not to poop their panties, yet she herself does the same!"

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Accident on the Interstate by Arthur Saxon

“Devil take this traffic!” growled Nathan Garrett as he stared at the rain-blurred brake lights of the SUV sitting just two feet in front of the front bumper of his green ’95 Oldsmobile. “What’s the goddamn hold-up?”

“Probably an accident,” said his sixteen-year-old daughter Megan, who was sitting next to him in the passenger seat. Slim and pretty, she was the apple of her father’s eye, particularly since her mother had passed away eighteen months ago. Her dark brown hair tumbled down to her shoulder-blades, and her winning smile and bubbly personality made her one of the most popular girls in her school. This evening she and her father were returning home from the state cheerleading competition, where she had, along with her team-mates, placed twentieth out of thirty-two high schools. This was partly due to her own error – a stumble that had thrown several of the girls off their rhythm. She was feeling miserable about this, of course, and she knew she would be cold-shouldered at school for at least a week by girls she normally considered friends.

Right now, however, something else was beginning to press on her mind. “Dad, can we pull off at the next exit and find a restroom somewhere?” she said. “I really need to go.”

“You’re kidding, right?” said Nathan. “The chances of us reaching an exit in the next hour are slim to none, I would say.”

Megan sighed and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She was really getting quite desperate – she was not sure she could hold out for an hour. “Perhaps the radio will have some traffic news?” she suggested.

“Good idea,” agreed Nathan, and he tuned the radio in to the traffic report. Upon learning of a pile-up four miles ahead, he cursed in disgust. “We could be stuck here a while,” he said grimly.

Megan squirmed. “Dad, I really need to go!” she said urgently.

Nathan watched the rain bouncing off the hood of the car. “You want to go out and squat by the side of the road?” he suggested.

Megan looked out at the miniature river flowing by at the edge of the road. “You’re kidding! I’m not going out in that! And I certainly wouldn’t ‘squat’ in view of all these cars.”

Nathan’s eyes lit upon a bottle of water that he had brought for the journey. He lifted it to his lips and drained the last of it. “Here,” he said, handing it to her. “Can you manage to pee in that?”

Megan stared at it. “No!” she said. “For one thing, I’m not a boy and can’t aim that well.” Then she shrugged and turned away in embarrassment. “And for another, I don’t need to pee.”

Nathan was startled. “Oh!” he said. “Well for heaven’s sake, if it’s a number two, I’m sure you can hold out until we get home.”

“But that could be hours!” said Megan. “And I don’t think I can!”

Nevertheless, she tried. But as the next half-hour wore on, and they moved less than a car-length, her desperation increased until she was clutching at her abdomen in pain. “Dad!” she gasped. “I’ve got to go!”

“I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do about our situation,” snapped Nathan, who had been getting more and more irritable as the time passed. “You’ll just have to wait, unless you want to go out in the pouring rain and take a dump on the shoulder. Why so desperate, anyway? You used to be able to hold on for a week or something.”

Megan bit her lip. For as long as she could remember it had been her habit to wait as long as possible before emptying her bowels – her doctor had called her a ‘classic anal retentive’, which was to say that she was a neat freak, pedantic about the damnedest things, almost obsessive about things being exactly where they should be … and with a tendency to avoid defecating until she could wait no longer. Her parents had thought that she was cured of this – they had taken her to a specialist after one-too-many accidents in grade school – but she had merely become more skilled in washing her soiled panties on the sly.

Nathan found Megan’s silence ominous. “Just how long has it been?” he asked with a frown.

“Um … a while,” confessed Megan. She writhed in her seat, clenching her anus tightly shut against the enormous pressure threatening to force it open from within.

“How long is a while?” Nathan inquired.

“A … week,” said Megan, grimacing in pain as a new pain began to build inside her bottom. “Or so…”

“A week or so?” echoed her father. “Megan, I thought we’d fixed that habit of yours!”

Megan gasped in pain – she could bear it no longer. “Oh Dad, I can’t hold it!” she exclaimed. It hurt too much to keep clenching, so she eased off a bit, and straight away the rounded tip of a thick, hard poo began to poke its way out of her anus.

“Well try!” said Nathan desperately.

“It’s no good,” moaned Megan as her anus slowly dilated around the emerging turd. At least it wouldn’t get very far – her bottom was pressed against the car seat and that, at least, would prevent the accident from being too severe, even if it did not prevent her cheerleading panties from getting messy.

“What … you mean you’re … having an accident?” asked Nathan in disbelief.

Megan buried her face in her hands. “I’m sorry, I can’t keep it in,” she said, and she began to cry as her poo met the resistance of the seat and halted, having come out barely an inch. Immediately the pressure began to build again, and Megan realized she would have to let some more out, or the pain would continue to grow. She raised herself up off the seat a couple of inches, and her poo started moving again, creeping out of her rectum and slowly pushing out the fabric of her panties.

“Well you can’t just sit there and let it happen!” exclaimed Nathan. “You’ll mess the seat! Find something to put under you, at least!” He reached forward and turned the fan up to full blast, hoping that this would help to keep the smell to a minimum. He did not dare open a window – the rain was pouring down harder than ever.

Megan turned and looked in the back seat, but saw nothing that she could put underneath her bottom. Sighing, she eased herself down on to her left buttock so that she could lift her left hand off the seat. She unbuckled her seatbelt and carefully took off her jacket, while her poo continued to slide out of her anus into her white cheerleading panties. If they had been regular panties, she might already have marked the car seat, but these were of a denser material, with a wide gusset, a thick lining, and rather more coverage at the front and back than her normal panties.

She lifted herself further off the seat and slid her jacket underneath her, spreading it out over the entire seat area. Thank goodness it was washable! Then she sat down – or tried to. But six or seven inches of her poo was now tenting her panties away from her buttocks, and if she sat down the poo would squish and make an even worse mess. So she planted her hands either side of her bottom and held herself a few inches above the seat, though she quickly realized she could not maintain this position for very long.

Nathan was shaking his head. “I can’t believe you’re messing yourself,” he said angrily. “At your age!”

Megan’s lip trembled. “I’m sorry Daddy,” she said, and then the whole misery of her failure at the competition, her teammates’ accusing stares, and now this new humiliation of crapping herself in front of her dad, and his anger at her, all ran together in her mind and she burst into tears.

Nathan sighed in exasperation. Then he looked over at the bowed head and shaking shoulders of his lovely daughter, and he felt guilty for adding to her woes. “Don’t cry,” he said awkwardly. “I’m sorry I yelled. I know you’ve had a bad day and I shouldn’t be making it worse for you.”

“I’m … s…sorry I’m having an accident,” said Megan through her sobs. Her poo was now bending in the middle, arching backwards while it continued to emerge at a slow but steady rate. This meant that the turd was now the shape of an upside-down question mark, but the more it folded, the more compressed it became, and when it began to fold sideways as well its shape became less defined – a firm, lumpy bulge that slowly stretched her panties further and further down towards the seat.

Nathan reached out and patted her shoulder. “There, there,” he said. “Don’t worry about the accident. I’m not really angry with you, I’m just … surprised, that’s all.” Then, as she continued to sob, he said softly, “There, there … just let it all out.”

He was talking about her tears, but Megan, still feeling considerable pain in her bowels, thought he was giving her permission to empty her bowels completely. “Thanks Dad,” she said with a weak smile. “I think it will help.” Then she held her breath and gently pushed, speeding the expulsion of her poo.

Her arms were tired, though, and she was reluctantly coming to the conclusion that she would have to squish the poo in order to make a little room in her panties. So she gingerly settled herself down, and grimaced as she felt the hot stickiness of her poo ooze up her butt crack and forwards along her gusset. Then, still feeling very full, she raised herself up and drew her legs up on to the seat, settling into a kneeling position so that she was sitting on her feet, with her heels well apart to allow plenty of room for her panties to bulge out between.

All this maneuvering had caused her to clench her anus shut, pinching off the poo, but now she resumed pushing, and her anus opened once again to allow her compacted turd to slide out into her panties. This section was very knobbly and hard, and felt rather painful as it bumped its way through her anal sphincter. It met the mass of poo already in her panties and was diverted forward, bending a little as it headed for her gusset. After eight or nine inches had emerged, Megan pinched it off and took a breather.

Her father had tucked his nose inside his shirt in order to avoid the worst of the smell. “Looks like the traffic’s beginning to move again,” he remarked in a muffled voice. “You’d better get your seatbelt back on.”

“Oh shit,” muttered Megan. Then she blushed at her language. “Sorry Dad.” She pulled her seatbelt around in front of her and clicked it into place, while still kneeling on the seat. She started pushing again, and more of the knobbly hard section began to slither out. Then it halted as a particularly wide lump reached the end of Megan’s rectum and nestled against the inside of her anus. Grunting with effort, she bore down hard, and slowly the lump began to stretch her sphincter out to a diameter of two inches … two and a half … three inches… Her eyes watering, Megan gave a huge effort and pushed extra hard. The giant lump slipped through, followed by several inches of softer poo, and Megan panted in relief.

Nathan turned up the wipers and began to crawl forward, following the SUV. He glanced across and noted Megan’s red face. “See this is what happens when you hold it in for a week,” he scolded her gently. “Why on earth can’t you go every day, or at least every other day, like other people do?”

A rope of smooth, semi-soft poo was now sliding easily out of Megan’s anus, to her relief. “I know, I know,” she said. “I just … I don’t even like to think about taking a dump, so I generally don’t until I can’t put it off any longer.”

As she continued to fill her panties with softer poo, the front end of the nine-inch lumpy turd had become anchored in the middle of her gusset. Its upper end was now being pushed slowly forward by the growing mass of soft poo, which was hitting the largest lump and spreading out every which way from there. When the flow of soft poo stopped, the upper end of the knobbly section was positioned at the opening of Megan’s vagina.

Megan carefully unfolded her legs from beneath her – it was time she sat down again to make more room. As she gently lowered herself down, however, her father braked suddenly as the SUV slammed on its own brakes, and Megan found herself sitting down rather harder than she intended. As her bottom hit the seat, she gasped in shock – something had just slid right up into her vagina!

Feeling rather sick, she realized that it must have been part of her poo. She lifted herself quickly off the seat, but unfortunately the poo did not slide back out – it was firmly lodged inside her now. Reaching between her legs, she screwed up her face in distaste as she felt her lumpy, squishy gusset. As she pressed against one lump, however, she felt something pressing deep inside her cunt. She shuddered – only about half an inch of the poo was protruding from her vagina – there was no way she could get it out without removing her panties.

“Are you okay?” asked Nathan. “Something wrong? Apart from the obvious, I mean.”

“No – no, I’m fine,” said Megan, blushing furiously. There was no way she could admit to her father what had just happened.

The rest of the poo had pancaked around her buttocks, with only that one large lump remaining pretty much its original shape. Some of the softer poo had crept forward along her gusset as far as her clitoris – she could feel it oozing between her labia, which was totally gross.

There was more to come, however, so she tucked her feet back under her and got herself into a kneeling position again. Then she relaxed her anus, and gently pushed once more. After a brief rush of soft poo, she felt the consistency change again – now there were some moderate-sized, but fairly smooth, ball-shaped lumps squeezing their way through her anus. One of them was larger than the others, and she grunted a bit with the effort of popping that one out.

“You’re still pooping?” asked her father, hearing the grunt. “Haven’t you, I don’t know, relieved enough pressure yet?”

“You said I could let it all out!” said Megan.

Nathan’s brow furrowed, then the light dawned. “I meant you should let yourself cry!” he said. “I didn’t mean you should let all your poop out!”

“Oh!” said Megan, turning white. She clenched her anus to stop further expulsions. “I thought … oh no!”

Nathan sighed, and then shrugged. “Don’t worry about it,” he muttered.

“Oh but I was in such pain!” said Megan. “It feels so good to get rid of it. I promise I’ll try to be better in future about going more regularly.”

“Damn right you will!” said Nathan. “Well I guess you might as well finish what you’ve started, if it will help you feel better.”

“Thanks Dad,” said Megan gratefully. “These panties seem to be able to hold quite a lot.”

Nathan’s hair stood on end. “No details, please!” he exclaimed. “I don’t want to hear it.”

Megan smiled despite herself, then her face took on a look of concentration as she resumed pushing. The poo that was now emerging was firm, smooth, and not too wide, and feeling it slide through her anus was almost pleasurable. She felt it curling around beneath her buttocks, adding a lumpy layer to the already thick pad of poo that was filling the back of her panties.

She pinched it off and slid her feet out from beneath her so that she could sit down again. This time, as she settled herself gently down, she could feel poo oozing all the way up to her waistband, not to mention further forward along her gusset until her entire pussy was cradled in the warm mess. As she shifted her position, she felt a little tingle in her loins as the ridge of poo between her labia stroked over her clitoral hood. This was rather nice, so she did it again, and smiled with secret pleasure as she was rewarded with another tingle.

As subtly as she could, she gyrated her pelvis, grinding her pussy into the poo in her panties. This had two effects: first, her clitoral hood was dragged back so that her clitoris was exposed and caressed by the ridge of poo, and second, the poo in her vagina was pushed inwards a little, which caused it to slide over her g-spot.

A little moan escaped Megan’s lips, and she hastily turned it into a throat-clearing. Her father glanced across at her, but he did not look suspicious. Forcing herself not to make a noise, Megan began to grind her pussy into the poo with a steady rhythm, so that the poo in her cunt slowly eased in and out, gently fucking her while the ridge of poo along the middle of her gusset lavished delightful attention on her clitoris.

Her cheeks flushed red as she felt herself approaching orgasm. She closed her eyes and ever-so-slightly increased the pace of her gyration. Soon she was unable to prevent her breath from coming in gasps.

“Megan, what are you doing?” asked her father suddenly.

On the brink of orgasm, Megan was shocked back to reality and her eyes snapped open. “Nothing!” she said quickly.

Her father said nothing, but frowned and faced forward again. The traffic was beginning to move a little more steadily now – he judged that they might be home within the hour if all went well. He only hoped that the rain would stop, so that he could open a window and let some of the smell out.

Megan was desperate to climax, but she did not dare to try the same thing again. Instead she let her anus open up again, lifted her bottom off the seat, and pushed hard, so that a long, smooth sausage of poo quickly extruded from her rectum and curled up against her buttocks. This was followed by a rush of semi-soft poo which billowed out from her anus and filled every available nook and cranny, smoothing out the bulge in her panties and surging forward along her gusset to fill out the front of her panties. As it flowed over her clitoris, Megan felt like she was being continuously licked by an immensely long tongue. Her nipples hardened in her bra and the flush came back into her cheeks, but she forced herself to breathe normally.

She continued to push until the front of her panties were bulging so much that a little hill had formed in her lap, over which was draped her short cheerleading skirt. If her father saw that … well, it did not really matter, since he knew she was messing herself anyway.

She reached beneath her bottom with one hand, and cupped the bulge in the back of her panties. It was worse than she thought, hanging down several inches beneath her buttocks. If she sat down now, her poo would splurge out of the legbands of her panties and all over her jacket. Instead she tucked her feet back under her, and knelt with her heels right at the outer edges of her buttocks, supporting little more than her hips.

In this position she let out some more poo – a series of soft, squishy lumps that merged with what was already in her panties and merely served to make the sagging bulge a little more huge. Still feeling extremely horny, she reached between her legs, under her skirt, and felt around for the tip of the poo in her vagina. It was buried now beneath a mass of soft poo, but she sank her fingers into the nylon-veiled squishy mass until her probing fingers found the hard, round end of the knobbly turd. Pushing it inwards, she quivered with pleasure as she felt it slide deeper inside her, then she let it go so that it slid out a little, then she pushed it back in. After just a couple of minutes of fucking herself like this, she was almost at her climax.

But then, “Stop playing with it!” said her father. “For heaven’s sake, what are you doing?”

Frustrated once again, Megan sighed and withdrew her hand. “I was just making sure my panties aren’t leaking,” she said.

“Oh,” said Nathan. “And are they?”

“No, they appear to be holding it all,” said Megan.

“Good,” said her father.

Megan scowled resentfully for much of the rest of the way home. The rain had slackened off over the past few minutes, and as Nathan pulled into their driveway, there was only a light drizzle speckling the windscreen. He stopped the car, switched off, and climbed out. On the other side, Megan opened her door and very carefully stepped out. Her skirt was splaying out oddly on account of her massively bulging panties, and when she felt behind her she realized with a sense of fascination that the bulge was actually sagging below her hemline. She waddled slowly indoors, anxious not to spill any poo, but as she walked she could feel her panties beginning to slip downwards. Stopping in the hall, she reached back with both hands and held her splayed fingers underneath the enormous bulge.

Her father turned to face her. “I’m sorry if I was a little hard on you in the car,” he said to her. “This must have been an awful experience for you. I should have been more sympathetic.”

“That’s all right Dad,” she told him with a smile. “It was my own fault for holding it in so long.”

“Well,” he said, a little awkwardly, “I just want you to know … you’re still my princess.”

She threw her arms around him happily, and he held her close for a full minute before drawing back. “Now,” he said, “you’d better go and take a shower.”

Megan nodded, and she proceeded to climb the stairs slowly, cradling her bulging panties in her hands as she went. Upstairs in the bathroom, she stripped off everything but her panties, then she switched the shower on and climbed in when it reached her desired temperature. Finally alone with her poo, she plunged her hand into the front of her panties, her fingers sinking deep into her mushy poo, and she masturbated furiously until her entire body was shuddering in the most intense orgasm she had had for a long time.

Lumps of poo were falling from her panties as she gradually came off her pleasure high, and somewhat reluctantly she pulled them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Washing all the poo from her bottom and pussy, she stepped on all the lumps with her bare toes and mashed them into a liquidy mess, which she then swept towards the plughole.

It was not until she was nearly clean that she remembered the poo still in her vagina. She was about to take it out, when a delightfully wicked thought occurred to her: why not leave it in?

She finished washing herself, then she climbed out and dried herself very carefully, using toilet tissue to mop up the brown water which kept trickling down her inner thighs. Eventually this trickle stopped, and, wrapping herself in a towel, she brushed her teeth and dried her hair. Then she went back to her room, dropped the towel, and pulled out a fresh pair of panties. These were white silk, much prettier and skimpier than her cheer panties, and she put them on with a contented smile. Climbing into bed, she switched off her bedside light, turned on to her side in a semi-foetal position, and snuggled up to her favourite teddy bear, which she had had since she was six years old.

She could feel her knobbly poo still buried inside her vagina, and it felt heavenly. As she gradually drifted toward sleep, it vaguely occurred to her that her bowels were not quite empty yet. Smiling to herself with her eyes closed, she relaxed her anus and pushed. A soft poo, about an inch and a half in diameter, started snaking its way out of her rectum and into the back of her panties, and she sighed with pleasure at the sensation. Not firm enough to hold its shape very well, it curled up and squished together slightly into a soft, lumpy mass which, once fully expelled, slid partially down over one buttock. This did not feel very comfortable, so she reached back and pressed it between her buttocks again, and a little into her pussy. Then, sensing that there was perhaps a little more yet, she pushed as hard as she could. Sure enough another poo, slightly firmer and thicker, began to emerge. Megan pushed it out with steady pressure, using her hand to guide it along her gusset as it inched further and further forward. By the time it broke off, its tip was pressing nicely against her clitoris.

One last, long push filled the back of Megan’s panties with a shapeless mass of very soft poo, and, lying thus with her buttocks and pussy cradled in a delightful warm soft sticky embrace, she finally drifted off to sleep.


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Monday, April 21, 2014

The True Meaning of Love

My mother and I have been sleeping together now for 2 years. This story goes back about 4 months is about how we ended up getting into more than just watersports. Some of you may need to read my previous story (Punishing Mum) to pick up were this story begins. My name is Jacquelyn and I have just turned 22. My mother Amanda in now 40 and to me is the most gorgeous woman in the world.

It was a Thursday evening and I had arrived home early about 4.30pm because I had worked through my lunch hour so I could go late night shopping for some new cloths with my best friend Sara. I’d jumped in the shower and cleaned up, put on a fresh pair of cotton knickers and blow dried my hair. As I was just finishing putting on my face mum arrived home. Wow was she ever looking sexy. I asked her were she had been and she told me that she had just come back from a lunchon at the club. I asked her why she had dressed up so sexy. Her only answer was “You never know what you might find out there honey”. I couldn’t argue with that logic. She asked me why I was home early so told her the reason.

As mum walked around the bed to get changed she stumbled and nearly fell over. I asked her if she was ok and she told me that she had just a little too much to drink. She wasn’t drunk just tippsy. So I went up to her and kissed her deeply and told her I would help her get undressed. Mum had on a loose fitting blouse and a just cut above the knee skirt and heals. As I peeled off her blouse I was placing kisses on her bare skin as it appeared to me. I placed her blouse on the bed and ran my fingers over the lace in her bra and watched her nipples grow under my touch. Mum let out a little sigh as I slowly began to peel the straps off her shoulder and reached around her to release the clasp. As I reached around her I slipped my tongue into her ear and started to chew on her lobe. I could feel her melting under my touch. This sends my mum crazy, she just can’t resist having her ears bitten. As her bra fell away our breasts were now touching skin to skin. Her nipples were hard and her breathing was starting to become shallow.

My crotch was heating up and I could feel the dampness starting to form. I released her ear and travelled down her body to take one of her beautiful nipples into my mouth and gently suck and lick on it. Mums hand was now caressing my hair as I brought her nipple to its full erection. As I was doing this I undid her button - unzipped her skirt and pushed it over her hips and let it fall on the floor. I broke my suction on her breast and kneeled down infront of her and helped her step out of her dress. Then I removed her heels. Mum was left standing there in only a pair of white cotton knickers with little pink and yellow flowers on them. I could see and smell her arousal. I leaned forward and buried my nose into the front of her knickers and breathed in her motherly scent. I stood up and ran my finger over her pubis and turned to remove her blouse and skirt from the bed so we could turn down the sheets.

As I was turning down the bed mum started to walk into the bathroom. I asked her were she thought she was going. And she just turned her head over her shoulder and said “ I need to go honey” and then continued into the bathroom. This was unacceptable for me and I followed her in grabbed her by the arm and spun her around pushing my tongue into her mouth and I bit her lower lip, as I pulled her close to me. I pulled back and told her that I could fix that for her. She looked into my eyes and said “Honey you don’t understand I need to go at the other end”. I looked at her and she looked at me. She could she the wheels turning in my head and before I knew what I was doing or saying, I began to rub her ass cheeks and said that I could help her with that too.

I’d heard about pooh play and scat but never given it any thought until now. Mum looked at me and said “Jackie please no”. “Mum please just trust me I know you will like it”. I said this as if I was some sort of expert on the subject. I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew at the time was that this is what I wanted to happen and I was extremely turned on by it. Before mum could protest I pushed my tongue back into her ear and started to rub my finger over her labia. I whispered into her ear “God mum I want to make you cum so bad”. I think that and a combination of the alcohol and the teasing broke down the barrier and she relented.

Breathlessly mum said “Ok Jackie ok you talked me into it but we better do it now because I’m nearly bursting”. As mum finished saying this she started to remove her knickers. I quickly stopped her and told her to leave them on. Again she looked at me as if I was some weirdo “OK I’ll leave them on but your doing the washing”. I backed mum up towards the toilet and sat her down. I spread her legs wide and really started to rub her pussy hard and fast. Mums breathing again became shallow and she was starting to pant. I pulled the gusset of her kickers to one side and pushed my face into her crotch and started to lick at her lips. She was extremely wet and her clit was starting to poke out from under its hood.

I slid my hand under her bum and slipped a finger into her knickers and started to feel around her bum hole for the protruding pooh. I couldn’t feel it coming out so I pushed my finger into Mums asshole. “JACKIE PLEASE”- “How can I if your finger is up my ass.” I removed my finger reluctantly and continued my assault on her pussy. My other hand was now inside my knickers sliding up and down my slippery puss. I put my finger back on Mums asshole and circled around and around. Mum was now starting to moan, her breathing was very quick now. I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm.

Then suddenly I felt her ass muscles beginning to relax. “ Oohhh Jackie it’s coming I can feel it”. Her ass started to open up more and I could feel the head of her pooh poking out now. I ran my finger across the top of it and around the sides. “Push mum push hard” I said. I was still sucking on her cunt, I’d never felt her pussy so wet before her orgasm. Mum was now squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples hard as I felt her bear down trying to push the turd from her ass. Suddenly a huge squirt of pee escaped her pussy right into my mouth. She couldn’t stop peeing. Mum was trying to force out her turd but it had only come out about and inch or so. I ran my finger around it and couldn’t believe the heat that was coming from it. I drank as much of her pee as I could and let the rest spray over my face and cheat.

Mum stopped peeing and I grabbed her clit between my teeth and started to chew it like there was no tomorrow. That was all it took. Mum groaned in this deep animal like sound and her body started to shake. Her bum relaxed - opened right up and out came her pooh. I removed my finger and let the elastic snap back into place as Mum filled her knickers full of shit. Her legs started to shake violently and she threw her head back still grunting as she exploded in one of the most powerful orgasms that I have ever seen her have. My mouth was still attached to her clit and there was that much cum pouring out of her that I heard it splashing into the bowl. I reached up and started rubbing the outside of Mum’s knickers, spreading her pooh all over her ass and pushed some back up into her asshole.

I released my grip on her clit and started to rub the shit into her drenched pussy. I was so overtaken by the moment that I leaned in and slid my tongue over her shit stained pussy coating my tongue with it. The taste was not that unpleasant or the smell for that matter. I remember now that the bathroom never use to smell that much after Mum went to the toilet.
I again started to rub her pussy hard and fast. I grabbed her cit between my fingers and pulled it and tweaked it. Mum was panting hard again telling me to keep going. I wanted Mum to cum again and I wanted it to happen now.

I pulled my hand from my knickers and reached up on my knees and pulled her mouth to mine. My tongue was still covered in her pooh and I shoved it into Mum’s hot mouth letting her taste her own shit mixed with my spit and her cum juice. My tongue swirled around her mouth and she greedily accepted my offering. Then suddenly I could feel Mum raising up off the toilet and then scream as she crashed back down cumming harder than before. Her legs were trying to close but I was in the way as she just kept squeezing me between her them.

I removed my hand from her pussy and pulled back her knickers so there were now covering her completely and just massaged her pooh into every crease and crevice on her crotch. Mum’s breathing returned to normal and she just looked at me with glazed eyes. She asked me how long had I been doing this for and I told her I just started today. I also told her that I felt that I needed to go poo poo too. Mum told me that she could help me with that and stood up and kissed me hard and grabbed my ass and said “Leave these on too honey” – I don’t mind doing the washing”. “On one condition mum” I said. “And what’s that” she said. “That you leave yours on”. She said ok and I asked her were she wanted me. “Anywhere you like darling”.

I grabbed the towels and headed for the bed. I spread them over the sheets and layed down on my back. Mum came out from the bathroom still in her shit filled knickers rubbing her pussy through the material. She stood next to the bed and released a little pee into her pants and I could see it mix with her pooh and then start to leak out onto the floor. Lucky we have floor boards in our house so it makes it easy to clean up. Mum caught some in her hand and then leaned down and rubbed it over my nipples and proceeded to lick them clean. My hand was back in my wet pants rubbing my pussy. I reached down and ran my fingers across my ass hole feeling the sensations it was sending through my body.

Mum had worked her way down my body so she was now looking at my wet knickers. She bent down and started to lick and suck my cotton panties into her mouth. I pulled my hand from my groin and ran it over the back of her head pushing it harder into me as I raised my hips to meet her tongue. With my other hand I began to rub her thigh and pooh stained panty covered ass. “Mummy I need to go poo poo” I said, sounding like I was a 3 year old baby. Mum pulled my legs up and right open. Then she pulled aside the elastic of my pants and licked all over my ass. She slid a finger into my wet pussy and started to tug on my clit. I tensed my muscles and pushed down. Mum felt this and removed her finger from my pussy and spread my pussy lips as her thumb worked overtime on my clit.

A small dribble of pee escaped my bladder and started to fill up my pussy. I could feel my sphincter muscle expanding to release the shit that was coming out. Mum’s tongue was still dancing over my asshole as the first part of my turd protruded from my ass. Then to my amazement Mum opened her mouth and engulfed the head of it trying to suck it out. This was just too much and I exploded in orgasm. As my muscles contracted I squirted the piss out of my pussy along with my juices and in the process I snapped off the pooh coming out of my ass. I just kept on cumming. It was one of the most amazing experiences.

As my orgasm started to subside Mum just kept her attack going on my clit and was rubbing my pooh into my ass through my panties. I could feel another one approaching. I was delirious with sexual overload. I grabbed Mum by the leg and swung it over my head so we were 69ing each other. I pulled her knickers aside and just drove my face into her ass and pushed my tongue right up her shitty hole. I pushed down hard and expelled the remaining shit that was left into my pants. At this point I came again and again. I pushed my mother’s face down into my groin as my body shook in mid orgasm.

I felt Mum’s ass vibrating on my face and I knew that she had cum too. With both of us completely spent it took a few minutes to recover. We got up still dressed in our shit filled knickers and with it on our faces to. I leaned over and kissed Mum and squeezed her ass and told her I loved her more that life it’s self and headed for the shower with her in tow.
We washed ourselves completely clean. We even drained the hot water in the process. After I got dressed and redid my makeup and hair I was ready to go shopping, even if I was an hour late. Mum was in doing the washing (I wonder why) I leaned in kissed her and said “ Thanks Mum for trusting me – I knew you wouldn’t be disappointed ”. All she said was “ I had no idea that I raised such a kinky daughter – and next time your doing the washing”.

As I got in my car I was still coming to terms with what happened. This for me I thought was a one off experience and wow what an experience it was. But what Mum said threw me
“next time”. Mmm I thought as a smile came across my face as I drove off to meet Sara.

Some people out there might think that we are two sick bitches. You know mother - daughter incest involved in watersports and scat but as I always say. “Don’t knock it until you try it”

Hope you enjoyed the story and look forward to any and all comments.

Luv Jacquelyn C
byJackie c© 9 comments/ 134774 views/ 10 favorites

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

londebeauty a angry dump

Hi guys, I've read this forum many times and decided to finally post here, one of my many dump stories. It all began yesterday, I had gotten into a small argument with my husband. He knew I used to have ibs problems, but for some months I never had a problem. This day was different. As he laid down to sleep, I sat at the computer waiting to calm down. Suddenly, a big cramp hit my side , then my stomach. I bent over clutching my side, a turd was pushing my entrance and making way quickly. I stood up and grabbed a roll of paper, I began my walk of shame through the den where everyone was watching tv, they joked about it but I had no time for them. I sat down on the toilet and in no time two large soft but spiky feeling logs made way. I felt empty but... Something was in my anus, I moved positions grunting until a small turd piece plopped out, only wiped 3 times. I looked at the pile, smiled and flushed. That's all for now , until we meet next time. Cya. 


Checking in Once More

Hi to all again. I've been away from posting for almost a year now I believe, and now feel I have some time and a desire to write about my poo again, so here "goes" nothing! 

As you who remember me are likely aware, I had a baby and shared my pooping stories from pregnancy and shared with my partners Jared and Kyra. Well, my baby is a healthy one year old now, Kyra's isn't far behind, and we're all still together. I'm again trying for a baby, but being over 40 it hasn't happened yet. I would love to have the whole experience again- even the pooping, which gave me some of the biggest, hardest logs of my life. 

I read a story from Megan that caught my eye and led me to post here quick- Hello Megan, I always loved your posts and the way you go about pooping- it's in may ways so much like Kyra and I. Your last poop described was so much like the one I had today. 

I really liked having firm, sizeable poos during pregnancy, and since then have practiced holding my poo so that when I do go, it's huge:). Kyra let me in that this was her secret, that growing up she trained herself to hold on until her poo was huge and she absolutely had to go. I don't always do this, but if comfortably I go a day or two without pooing, I might clench my cheeks tight and attempt to make it three or four days, even five. I just simply enjoy a firm feeling poo! 

Well, I was walking today, now that the snow is melting I can get out again, and I was in the woods with no one around anywhere. My poo was almost exactly four days old, and I began to feel it trying to bulge out my anus. So, I relaxed, and lo and behold it began slooowly sliding out, and I quickly lowered my pants before my anus could even open completely and squatted down. My poo slid out slowly and I felt it the entire way for somewhere around two minutes. It felt really good. I peed for thirty seconds and I was done. I stood up and reached in my pocket for a napkin I had, and quickly wiped 1x before tugging my panties back up from mid thigh and then my jeans. The poo on the paper was dark brown and seemed dry so I folded up the napkin and took it home with me. I showed Kyra my wipe paper and we both had a quick nose wrinkle giggle giving it a sniff before I threw it in the bathroom trash can with all our tampon wrappers and the like. 

More to come, I love you all, especially you, Megan:) 

Take Care 



what comes in will come out

hi guys and gals, just wanna share a short story, like 10 minutes ago just had a poop, spending the night with Marcus, sleeping in the guess room, so anyway, I got my PJ's on so decided to go poop, so I pulled down my shorts and sat on toilet, a few good plop out wiped few times with wet wipes was done, got up now I'm in his room looking over his homework, while he play his game system, so see ya later going beat him in 2k14, then head for bed he has school in morning and I have GED classes 

Drifty Boots

New diapers

Well I got some new depends to wear that fit better. They are definitely more diaper-like than the others, so I don't know how I'll wear them to work unnoticed. Unfortunately, last night I was wearing one of the smaller ones again and I leaked a bit on my living room floor where I was sleeping. Oh well, such is life. I dried it up the best I could with toilet paper and that was that. 

Anatomy student

Lactose intolerance

So, I'm pretty sure I have lactose intolerance. Whenever I have milk I get diarrhea, and when I eat cheese, I get really gassy and have to poop. It has its ups and downs. Sure, I have the best natural laxative at my disposal, but I can't get enough vitamin D. 
Vitamin D is required in bone health, thyroid health, sperm health, and testosterone production. I have lower testosterone due to being inside all winter, working inside, and not being able to digest milk. All of which are essintial to vitamin D intake. 
Anyone else lactose intolerant? 

John H

some comments

Hi all. 
This is just going to be a short post. 

@Brandon T, Hi and glad you enjoyed my last post. Thanks for your comments. 

@Drift Boots, hi and welcome. I can't offer you any advice as I have never used diapers apart from when I was a baby of course but hope you get the proper size and that the doctor will be able to help. Keep the stories coming. 

@Pooping activist, hi and welcome. Enjoyed your first post. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable poo and I agree that time spent in the toilet relaxing or thinking while pooing is very nice. 

@Maria thanks for posting and I enjoyed your stories. Good that you have understanding friends and looking forward to hearing more from you in the future. 

@Jemma, Sounds like you gave that ladies toilet a good seeing to but when you have to go you have to go. Also I am sorry to hear your news. Hope you are keeping well. 

@Annie sounds like you had a lot of poop to get out in your last post. All the food and walking must have helped to move things along. Did you have a third poo after you posted and did you go in your panties or in the toilet? 

That's all for this post. 
Take care all, 

John H 


Hi, it's Bianca. I'd like to know if you guys got any period stories related to the bathroom. My most fond memory is Mom helping me put on a pad when I first started as a child (9-ish or so). By the way, I've found myself having to go pee more when it's cold out. Also, I've had a wonderful past weekend. Near the end of the week, I did a great poo! It was nearly 4 peices, felt long coming out, and got stuck in the drain a bit. Eventually, it broke down. I also recieved a replacement of the toy puppy I lost, but it works differently even though it's the same one. It does, however, have somewhat crummy analog recordings, but they're discernable. Strangely, today I've been peeing a lot. I think this is because I drink a lot of water. In our bathroom at work, their is spray in a ccouple of the stalls (we have 3). I've used it, but have sprayed the stall door lol! One of the stalls is the staff one, and the others are for the clients. We have fire drills at work sometimes, and I've been lucky enough not to be in their when the alarm sounds. Speaking of fire, our house minorly suffered from one, and the strangest thing was that when I heard someone's car radio booming at night I said in my sleep, "Who's burning the house!". I guess the past can come back to haunt you. 


Shart Farts

I remember this one time a couple of years ago when I was about 11 when I was in bed and I felt really bloated. I had eaten pizza earlier that day but had already pooped. It was about 3 a,m and I woke up suddenly. I decided I needed to fart so I did. I was wearing a white nightie with no underwear on. Then, I felt the urge to fart again so I did. But instead of farting, I pooped. It was really bad diarrhoea and it went all over my pillow. I had no idea what to do because I was just kneeling on my bed with my bum in the air and poop all over my pillow. I felt like I needed to poop again so I thought that I may as well fart in bed as the damage was already done and I thought I had already got rid of all my poop. I was really wrong and I ended up pooping onto my pillow for another 10 minutes. My poop was really mushy and it was squirting out of my bum at lightning speed. I got off my bed and woke my mum up but she was really angry with me. She made me go into the shower and wash and it was already 3:30 by now. 
It didn't end there though because while I was in the shower I had another urge to fart and I did and it went all of the wall and shower curtain and my mum made me wash again but this time in cold water because she didn't want to turn the hot water back on. Then, she spanked my bum for pooping all over my bed and in the shower and for waking her up. 
My mum is really weird about pooping and never talks about it with me. This used to be annoying for me because I would often get diarrhoea and poop in my pants or in bed and I would never know what to do. 
Another time, after the pooping incident I just explained, I had another bad case of diarrhoea. Even though I was 11, my mum decided to punish me by making me wear diapers in bed. She told me that until I learnt to keep my poop in my bum until I got to the toilet, I would have to wear a diaper. So, I was in bed once and I woke up around 4am. There was a funny smell and I realised I had pooped in my diaper. It felt really mushy but it also felt nice. However, rather than telling my mum about it, I decided to go back to sleep and wait until morning. This was a bad idea because I had pooped even more so now my diaper was filled to the brim with steaming, mushy poop and my mum was furious. She made me clean myself up and because it was Sunday and we were going to church, she made me wear a diaper at Church which was really embarrassing because it was really bulgy. 
For my 13th birthday, my mum told me I didn't have to wear diapers in bed anymore since I had been wearing them every night for 2 years straight. I could never have sleepovers in case I pooped myself which was bad. I did poop myself a couple of times when I was 13 because I never knew how to control my pooping. Whenever this happened, my mum used to make me shower and then hand wash my bed clothes rather than using the washing machine. I finally learnt my lesson and now that I am 15, I can pretty much always control my pooping. But sometimes, I let out a fart, not realising I need to poop and end up pooping my bed. 
Not only do I poop when I fart, I also poop when I think I just need to pee and often don't know when I am pooping because my poop is so runny. Although, after a couple of seconds it starts squirting out of my bum and gets more mushy and I realise I am pooping. 

Brandon T 

comments & stuff

To: Bianca great story. 

To: Julie great story it sounds like that laxative really did its job and cleaned you out completely now you know the effect of it and I look forward to your next post thanks. 

To: Maria first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you an interesting peeing experince and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story it was really good you were able to find relief from you major constipation. 

To: Jemma great story it sounds like you really had to poop bad both time but at least you made it to the toilet both times and I look forward to your ext post thanks. 

To: Bloated Butt great story as always. 

To: Im New Here first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you have thanks. 

To: annie great stories it sounds like you had 2 really great poops and I look forward to reading about your 3rd and I look forward to your next post thanks. 

To: Crystal great story as always. 

To: Debie first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks. 

On sunday I heard a girlpoop at the bookstore so she went in the bathroom and started peeing then I heard some plops then she started to wipe but then stopped cause she wasnt quite done a few more plops then she wiped. 

Well thats all for now. 

Sincerly Brandon T 

PS. I love this site 

Crystal& Deiese

what comes in will come out

hey everyone brought my friend with me going interview me practice journalism on me. 

Deiese. hello everybody Like Crystal said I'm going interview her 
So Crystal what you do on the toilet today? 

Crystal well not too much this morning I had to poop, this afternoon I pee, evening time I pee and pooped again, and tonight I pee and pooped again 

Deiese well seems like you have the bowel movements? 

Crystal yes I do I average 21 bowel movements per week 

Deiese. do you take that after someone or just your thing 

Crystal well little bit of both well my mom was like that but what makes me go cause I don't like holding my bowels 

Crystal is there anymore you like to ask me? 

Deiese no not right now this be fine, have goodnight bye 
Crystal goodnight you all 


Crystal friend

Well sense I did a interview with Crystal I wanna tell a story 
I'm sure Crystal won't mind me sharing haha but anyway we was hanging out at the mall but here my background I'm 5'6 120 full figure mixed race black mom and white dad, love them both, so here the story, we was at the food court, so Crystal was trying on clothing, I hear her pass gass I said excuse you, she said sorry that she had to poop but never been in these bathrooms before, think Macy's inncendt kinda got to her,but I told come on you go pretty much everywhere else, she said she can't, I said alright I go with you she said okay hold on a second, so I see her in a lot of pain in her face I said the month huh, she nod her head, one thing about Crystal by she having small body frame except in the butt department sidenote never seen such a perfect shape butt that has a good size, no offense to anyone but it's very nice looking if I was both ways I would want to tap that asap haha just keeping it real, sorry girl you know you can't help it but anyway I walk with her to the ladies see a one open stall happen see a handicapped one but we don't like using those cause one maybe really need it, so I go into the stall with her locks the stall she said turn your head, hear her shorts drop and panties fall but this girl has no style when she ain't well she just let things be as is not trying straight up shorts of nothing, she said I could turn around, taking with her at eye contact, seeing her drop her turds was funny cause she just looked so drained for nothing but that's my first time seeing feeling so weak so afterwards when she was finished I wet the tp for her, when she was done I exist the stall she came out wash her hands on way out, I let her lean on my shoulder drove her to Marcus house 

a thought 

Post Title (optional)why we are so fascinated?

Both pee and shit are gifts which we give to our parents, and we may be rewarded or punished for giving these gifts, but they are our most basic gifts, and we give them in search of love. And because we all want love, we are vey interested in how these gifts will be received. And we are also interested in other people giving these gifts, and maybe being able to get more love in return than we get. 
And if our relationship with our parents has been upset, such as when a younger brother or sister arrives on the scene, then we feel we have been deprived of love, because the parent has to share love between 2 or more children. 
And if we are in search of love, then we want to receive love from boy or girl friends, and so we want to see them pissing or even shitting, so that the act of relieving oneself, over which we have no control, can be shared. And because pissing reveals the sexual organis, the view of someone engaged in pissing is erotic, unless one has found more important ways of giving and receiving love. But it is about love, not just about sex. A very intimate gesture, which is thought to be private and to be something which cannot be shared, becomes one of the ways love is given. 

The particular moment when one has to piss, even in one's clothes, has no control, is obviously close to the moment of ejaculation, and so it is a release. But it is also an intimate offering. and if we have ben punished for an unsuitable offering, then we keep trying to make this offering. 

And so for some of us it is very important that our pissing, and even our shitting, can be shared 
with someone we love. And, because we see pissing and shitting as giving, we enjoy watching someone we don't know at all doing it, because we can accept their gift, and even give them love. And there is also the fascination of seeing someone in such an intimate situation, unable not to give, but unsure how the gift will be received. 

I hope this helps. 



Hi people! 
Does anyone on here where an adult nappy that they actually use to pee or poo in?? 

It would be so tempting for me to do that with my bowel issues but I personally don't think I would feel comfortable doing that. Though if you're comfortable with it then that's fine I dont judge anyone. 

I'm just curious. .. :) 
J x 

at work
First of all, jemma, your stories are great and I'm really sorry to hear your bad news, hope you guys are ok.

I'm on the nightshift this week, 1800-0600 and I appear to have caught a stomach bug! My first shift last night, which is always the hardest, was punctuated with half-hourly trips to the toilet to have the world fall out of my arse. Suffice to say, I was absolutely threaders by the end of my shift, am bit better tonight, still had 6 trips to toilet tho, although my poo is a bit more solid tonight, just very loose. Not eating and piling down loads of water is how I'm dealing with it.

Blind Guy

To Drift Boots

Greetings. Wearing a size too small is bound to result in leaks. If you can, I'd advise getting something in your size from another store who carries it. While Depends pull-ons may work for slight daytime leakage, I guarantee you they won't hold up overnight. If this continues, I would highly recommend something better that offers more protection, like Tranquility, Molicare, Abena or Tena products. Though they are a bit pricier and harder to find without buying on line, the security they provide is worth the extra cost and looking around or buying on line, at least from where I'm standing. I could give you tips as to places who carry things at reasonable prices, but links are routinely deleted along with any references to specific companies or prices, so my best advice is to do your research. But whatever happens, seeing your doctor is the best thing you can do at this point. (S)He will probably run some tests, or send you to a urologist. Best of luck either way, and I'm here if you have any questions. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

John B- Good to be back! You're probably right, it's rare for me to go anywhere other than a loo (or, occasionally, my pants!) so it probably is the first such story I have posted on here. Glad you enjoyed it!

It has been an interesting week toilet-wise! Believe it or not I got walked in on twice (not an uncommon occurrence for me since I sometimes tend to assume a cubicle door is secure once I 'lock' it, rather than checking to be sure, plus there are some pretty poor locks about!), and walked in on someone else, too!

At the weekend I went shopping. After looking around a couple of shops I had an urge to go for a wee that had been building, so I needed to go find a loo. I was in a fairly big shop that had a customer toilet at the back. It was one of those single occupancy unisex ones. As I approached I noticed the lock was on half red, half white, which I often see on both this type of loo and on individual cubicles. Mostly this means they are empty, but not this time! I opened the door and was very surprised to see a woman in her late 20s seated on the loo, with her skirt hitched up around her waist and her red knickers pulled halfway down her thighs. I immediately said, 'I'm so sorry!' and pulled the door closed again. She seemed more surprised than embarrassed at being walked in on, and I heard her lock the door. This time the lock went fully red so she must have been making sure!

A couple of minutes passed as I waited for her to finish. She flushed and washed her hands, then came out and said, 'Sorry, I thought it was locked!' She laughed it off and I went in and emptied my bladder. There was no smell so I don't know if she was having a poo or just a wee, although I might have heard a couple of small plops while she was in there.

Later in the day after lunch, my bowels began moving and I needed to go to a loo again so I could let my poo out. I found some toilets in the department store near where I was, and took one of the two cubicles. Both doors were closed but both cubicles were empty so I took the one furthest from the door. I pulled down my jeans and pink knickers and sat on the seat, doing a quick wee before I settled in to have my poo. After pushing out two logs, someone came into the room. I assumed my cubicle showed as locked, so I continued trying to push out my next piece. But I heard footsteps and the door to my cubicle opened! It hit my knee and I saw a girl of about my age standing outside who gasped in surprise. 'Oh God, sorry!' she said, quickly shutting the door. I quickly clenched my bum and stood up to lock it as I heard her go into the other cubicle.

I assume when she entered she wanted to take the cubicle furthest from the door, and that the lock showed vacant, so she went ahead and tried it. Unlike in my next story she didn't see much, since the door only opened a bit before it hit my knee and she quickly closed it again, so she probably only saw my leg and my face. I finished my poo, pushing out another two logs as she started to do a wee in the other cubicle. I was not too embarrassed but I think she was, so I left before she could finish to spare us from any more!

The second time I got walked in on this week happened today. I went to a garden centre to find something for my Mum's birthday, and I had some lunch in their cafe. While I was waiting for my dessert I started getting an urge for the loo, to do both things. By the time I was done eating it was urgent, so I made my way to the loos. There were three cubicles, and again I took the one furthest from the door. In these cubicles, the toilet was set a long way back from the door- if I stuck my leg out straight my foot would have just about been touching the door, I think. I sat with my knees together and feet apart, with my hands resting on my thighs.

I quickly did my wee as someone entered the cubicle furthest from me and did the same. I began to poo, pushing out a sizable, soft log. As someone entered the loos and took the middle cubicle, I did a quiet fart and another two pieces of poo. Then someone came in. Another log was poking out of me and I heard footsteps. All the cubicles were taken, so I was not surprised when they tried my cubicle door to see if it was free, but I was surprised when the door swung open! I couldn't believe this was happening again so soon after the last time! A woman of about 35 had opened the door and begun to walk in before she realised, and the toilet was too far away for me to stop it. It swung open revealing me in all my glory sat on the loo with my blue knickers and jeans down at my feet! She looked at me in surprise for a few seconds before she said, 'Oh, I'm sorry, love! I thought it was empty!' She pulled the door closed but it didn't latch and started opening again. I quickly got up and shuffled to it, locking it (for real this time!) I sat back down again and I could see her feet as she walked outside the cubicle.

My poo smelled fairly strongly and I had my jeans at my feet, so I knew she almost certainly knew that I was having a number two. She tried both other cubicles and seemed to be in s bit of a hurry to get a seat on a toilet, so I guessed whatever she needed to do was probably pretty urgent. The other end cubicle became free as I continued to push out my log, and she went in. I heard her quickly start to do a poo as well, which started with a fairly loud fart, which all explains why she was in a hurry for a loo! I did another two medium sized turds before wiping and leaving, feeling a tiny bit embarrassed, but mostly amused that it had happened twice so close together!


Post Title (optional) My last posts don't list my name.

One of my posts is directly under Monday March 17 2014. I also asked Anthony a question about his constipation and I commented on Jas's post about having poo stuck in my anus. 

I also answered those questions, which is the post directly under the questions I asked Anthony and Jas. 

Tinfoil Hat

Bean treatment

I wouldn't do it indeed. It would be much like an air enema except without the ability to control it. I think that it's dangerous to play around with your precious colon like that too and that stretching the nerves out of their limits may only increase your trouble with constipation further. No wonder you needed to be massaged by your BF to feel the urge. 
And, besides that, all the gas it would give me would only get me kicked out of my gym or out of my class in a few seconds for sure. I experience a similar effect when i take Metamucil, with the only difference that the gas starts hitting me hard the next day. 




I did a nice poop several days ago. It took a small while to come out, but felt great! It was about two, or 3 peices. Sometimes when I poop, I hate it when you have hang poop (poop that gets stuck on your bottom). 


Survey response: Pooping at Church

1. Have you ever taken a dump at church? Describe. 
Yes, most every week. At our regular church building, we have a limited number of toilets (2 or 3) in each of about 10 bathrooms. We usually have 2,000 or more attend services at three times, plus a large Sunday school. I remember the tiny toilets in the school wing which were really easy for the kids to use. Even my feet would stay on the floor when I used them and they were much more comfortable because the toilets were no bigger than you would have at home. The seats were white and didn't have that opening over the front of the bowl. My poos (then and now) came soft and fast. The biggest problem was that sometimes the toilet paper roll would stick. Compared to what I've had to deal with in junior high, though, that was minor. Although it scared me when I got mad and used both hands to yank the TP roll, and it went flying off and rolled out of my stall. 

2. Have you ever heard someone else taking a dump at church? Yes, heard and smelled. I remembered the older ladies always waiting to pee. My mom said they would be drinking too much coffee. However, when someone opened the door to the main restrooms, you could really smell the poo when walking by to the Sunday school wing. 

3. Have you ever seen an unflushed toilet at church? Many of them and many times. You see our church rents our city's muni auditorium and convention center for special Christmas and Easter services that draw huge crowds. Twice last year they also sponsored guest pastors when they traveled across the country giving talks. At Christmas, I took a big poo right after we arrived and more than half the toilets in the huge bathroom were not flushed. The one I used hadn't been used yet that day. I dropped the seat, but it was really cold to sit on. Luckily, I don't think I was seated for even a minute. My freezing buns caused me to stand to wipe myself. 

4. Have you ever passed or heard someone passing gas in the toilet at church. Yes, I pass gas immediately when I seat myself and my poo starts. It lasts no more than three seconds luckily. My sister, who is a couple years older than me is a real blaster. We crap together at church and when we're traveling, sometimes. 

5. Have you ever seen toilet skid marks or have to flush multiple times? 
It's really bad at the Muny. It's also pretty bad in the main bathrooms right outside our sanctuary. These are like home-size toilet bowls and I don't think they have the amount of water and swishing capacity like a larger toilet. I guess I don't worry too much about leaving skidmarks in the bowl. Mom sometimes gets on me for leaving skidmarks in my underwear. If I took more time at school to wipe more and better, I'd be getting more than the two or three Saturday Schools a year I already get for tardies to class. 


To Bloated Butt

haha your morning farts sound crazy:P are you usually full of gas when you wake up? Whats the most you've ever done in a row? Also is/was your gas ever a problem at work/school? 

I remember one time I was watching a movie with my friend and she blasted 6 big ones in a row! We couldnt stop laughing aha:P I really think she should watch what she eats but she doesnt seem to mind lol. She tell's me she hopes she'll be able to find a guy that can handle her gas. 

And to answer your question she is very curvy. She's about average height with very large breasts and a big bum:) But by the sounds of it not close to as big as yours. I dont think it jiggles as much as yours either:Phehe 

My butt's been described as "cute" but I kinda wish it jiggled more when I walked:Plol 

Drift Boots

New to diapers

Hello. I'm a man, aged thirty, and I just started wearing Depends for men about two days ago. I've been having control problems at work, and I'd end up leaking a bit in my pants, enough to make noticeable wet stains. Unfortunately, the only ones the store had were a size too small, which has caused some problems at home. I've wet my diaper in bed the last two nights, and both nights it leaked. The first night a little, the second a lot. Luckily my wife is pretty understanding about it and isn't making me feel any more embarrassed about it. I'll try and share more as things progress. I will be seeing a doctor about my issue after April 1, but until then, here's hoping the diapers help (and with a few less wet sheets). 


FOR New Person

If I have diarrhea I want to be home alone of if everyone is in bed. As in public, just in a quiet restroom. 

Pooping Activist

Today's Poop

Hello guys. First time poster. For reference I'm a 17 year old guy and I love the act of pooping. It feels amazing and even gives you some private time for thinking or reading or whatever. 

Today, I started off on the computer. It had been around three days since I last pooped so I was kind of due. I made my way to the bathroom. After entering I pulled down my pants and sat. Immediately I started peeing. After peeing, I tried to listen to see if anybody was nearby as I wanted my privacy. When I realized the coast was clear, I began pooping. It started out with a wave of silent farts, ones that smelled pretty bad. I grunted a bit and the turd slowly poked its way through. I heard someone walk past so I stopped pooping for a bit, the piece I was pushing out fell in the water with a plop. When the coast was clear again, I began pushing big time. "Nnnghhh..." I was grunting up a storm. After a few minutes my first log landed in the water with a plop. I still had more. A second log just slipped through with no pushing needed. I sat there and took in the relief of having just pooped. I wiped a bit -- it was a pretty dry turd -- and flushed. As I was leaving, I noticed the horrible stench. 

I'll answer a survey you wipe front or back or a combination of both 
Combination of both 

2. on average, how many sheets of toilet tissue do you use to wipe 
Probably around eight to ten. 

3. has there been cases you wipe excessively and still could not get all the spots 
Yesss. Sometimes takes me longer than actually pooping! 

4. Have you ever wetted slightly a paper-towel or large ream of toilet tissue to get the remains. 
Not really. 

5. Have the toilet tissue ever tore when you were wiping 
Usually in public restrooms. 

6. do you wipe your butt every time after you take a a leak or at least 50% of the time 
No. I'm a guy lol. 

7. Have you ever used damp or formulated toilet tissue wipes to do the job 
Not really. 

8. Do you ever feel completely clean after wiping including the elimination of odor left after the dump 
Never completely. Only if I take a shower after but I usually don't. 

9. do poop stains or skidmarks eve show in your underwear 

10. what your favorite brand of toilet tissue 
Whatever is in the house at the time! I like the nice soft ones with quilted patterns though! 


11. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN PUBLIC RESTROOM and heard some-else wiping after taking a dump. describe some experiences 
No. Usually when I poop in a public restroom there's nobody there :( I've always wanted to experience the feeling of pooping next to a total stranger. 

12. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN in public restroom and heard someone taking or a dump or someone heard you. describe an experience 
I hear people poop all the time, usually when I go in for a pee. I've pooped with people peeing and stuff in the bathroom. I'm sure they've heard me fart and plop up a storm! I've had people SEE me poop as I've been walked in on a few times. 

13. ON AVERAGE, IS THE TOILET TISSUE b very messy after wiping or only a little so 
Very messy. I have messy poops a lot of the time. 

14. how much do you spend on toilet tissue each for personal use 
Whatever my family spends! 

15. do you have to wipe more frequently during the hot summer months 
Yes because I eat more junk food and this makes my poop greasier. 


laxatives was a bad idea!

It was my boyfriends birthday party and I was really super Extra *constipated* , I try using the bathroom 4-6 times to see if anything would come out but no there was no relief. 
So during my boyfriends party I told him I was constipated. He grabbed me by the hand to go to his room. He started to kiss me all over and I pushed him away and said "Im serious stop it". he looked at me and responded "fine"! He went to his closet to get me laxative. 
I took 3 pills . My boyfriend took it away saying "Julie that's enough!, don't you know laxative our double trouble?." 
I replied saying "ugg whatever, as long as it makes me feel ok, then im good, go to your party , host your friends I would catch you later, don't worry about me baby everything is fine okay?" he went back to his party getting drunk with his friends. 
i went talking with my friends for about 10 minutes and when it was 15 minutes, i had the urge to poop but i still talked to my friends. When it was 20minutes i started to turn red like a tomato, my stomach growled loudly, my hands were shaking and sweating. the girls looked at me weirdly . i stood up and i tried to walk away calmly . "hey , Julie where are you going." said one of my friends. "uhh i have to just go..." i turned around grabbing my ass at the back running like a fool with my high heels . i knocked on the first bathroom thinking they would be no one but i found a girl kissing a boy. i went to the second bathroom but i saw this boy puking . i went to the last bathroom and it was really dirty so i didn't bother using it. so i went running in the bush to poop. I had diarrhoea rushing trough my dress and having big nasty farts coming out of my ass. when i finished i grabbed poison ivy to wipe my ass by mistake. I got back to my boyfriends party starting scratching my ass with a bad ???? ache i couldn't eat nothing until all the things i ate was out of my system. yup!! after the party i couldn't sleep 
i had diarrhoea in the bathroom until 2am + my ass was itching . I don't know if that felt normal but as soon as i took the laxative i felt my whole intestine squeezing out every single thing i got in there. it was the worst feeling ever. My boyfriend was so worried cuz i stayed in the bathroom for so long but ya. i love this website i feel comfortable sharing my embarrassing stories here. i want you to give me your opinion about this : okay i don't know if this is a good idea but Im Asian and this weekend i would like to die my hair blonde do you think blonde is a good fit for Asians? I need your opinion 


I'm constipated a lot, just like you, although I've been eating high fibre cereal lately so I've been doing well with my poos. How often are you constipated and how long does it take for you to do a poo? If you read through old posts on this site, you will see how constipated I've been lately. I've got hemarrhoids from too much straining.


I've lost count at how many times I've had a poo stuck in my anus, that won't come out. For a long time, that happened to me every time I sat on the toilet to do a poo.

I thought I would answer these questions too, as I know what its like to be constipated all the time:

A.What is your gender? Female.
B. What is your age? 27-37 age range (I don't want to give my exact age)
C. Describe your body. I'm tall with wide hips and big thighs. I've got a solid build, I'm not really overweight but it wouldn't hurt if I did lose some weight. I've suffered with constipation A LOT over the last couple of years, over the last 6-8 months was the worst its been for a long time.

1. How often do you go to the toilet to take a poo? Lately its been once a day but for a long time, it was once every other day or less (depending on how constipated I was) The longest time I went was about 7 days without a poo.
2. How do you refer to taking a poo? Dropping a load, taking a dump, doing a poo
3. How long does it take you to get started after sitting down? Lately, about 5-10 minutes but it used to take me 15-30 minutes just to get started, also depended on how bad my constipation was, sometimes 45 minutes just to get a turd to stick out 1 or 2 inches!!
4. How much time do you need between sitting down and wiping? Lately, 10-15 minutes but I used to take 45 minutes - over an hour (sometimes 2 hours if I was extremely constipated)
5. Do you usually have to push while you're on the toilet? Lately not as much, although I used to need to push extremely hard!! Along with lots of straining and grunting.
6. How much do you fart, before things start moving/during/after pooping? Not much
6. Are they usually wet or dry? Lately, they are firm and moist but they used to be VERY dry!!
7. Do you ever remain seated after you're done? Yes, I always do a wee after pooping
8. How often are you constipated? Until recently, I was constipated ALL THE TIME!!
9. If you are constipated, how long does it take you to get started after sitting? Lately, not long (10 minutes) but until recently, an hour or more.
10. If you are constipated, then how long does it take you between sitting down and wiping? 45 minutes - an hour or even longer when I was terribly constipated.
11. Do you fart on the toilet when constipated? Sometimes
12. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet while constipated? For me, it was 2 hours. This has happened a few times.
13. How often do you go to the toilet to try if you're constipated. Several times. Depending on how badly constipated I am.
14. How often do you have diarrhea? Very occassionally.
15. If you have diarrhea, how long does it take you to get started after sitting down? I can't remember the last time I had it.
16. If you have diarrhea, then how long does it take you between sitting down and wiping? Probably 1 or 2 minutes, I don't get it often.
17. Do you fart on the toilet while having diarrhea? I can't remember but I do have liquid poo that comes out (butt phlegm) when I'm constipated.
18. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet while having diarrhea? Maybe 10 minutes
19. How often do you go to the toilet to poop or try when you've got diarrhea? I can't remember
20. What is your favorite pooping position on the potty while:
a. Having a regular dump: leaning right up against the back of the toilet seat, it helps me get the poos out
b. Being constipated: start off same as above and then stand up, squat over the toilet bowl, lean right forward on the toilet.
c. Having diarrhea: I can't remember the last time I had it, I've had so much constipation instead!!


Confessions of a Laugh-pee-er

My name is Maria. I'm 28 and a normal woman except that I have a tendency to pee when I laugh too hard. Yes, I'm a laugh-pee-er. I have no other incontenence problems, just the laughing thing. A few of my more memorable experiences: 

My junior year of high school I was in Chemistry class and my friend and I started laughing about something during study time. The teacher told us to be quiet and we tried but then we looked at each other and started giggling again. Then I couldn't stop laughing. Then I felt it - I was peeing my shorts in the middle of class! I got up and ran out of the room, pee still coming out, and down the hall to the bathroom, but by the time I got into a stall I just sat down with my shorts still up, still laughing, and finished peeing through my shorts because they were already soaked and it was already totally obvious I had peed myself. I just sat there drying off my legs and wiping wetness away as best I could until finally my friend came in looking for me and found out what happened. It made her laugh so hard she had to jump into a stall and barely got her pants down in time to keep from peeing in her pants. She then had to go to the gym locker room to get my spare pants from my gym bag so I could change, but then I went home instead. Oh, yeah, I was 17 years old when that happened. 

At the end of my senior year, when I was 18, I went to a party at a friends house in the neighborhood. My two bffs were spending the night with me so we just all three walked to the party that was only a few blocks away. I was so busy having fun at the party that I forgot to use the bathroom for the few hours we were there and with all the drinks we had by the time we left I had to go pretty bad, but it was only a short walk back to my house. So the three of us start walking back and started joking around about something and all started laughing and I had to stop walking and cross my legs and bend over to keep from peeing, which made us laugh harder, and then I started leaking and shrieked and laughed even harder and suddenly lost it and started flooding my jeans right there on the sidewalk in front of my two best friends (they had both seen me pee my pants before in the past, multiple times). So there I was just standing there with my legs apart on the sidewalk, face in my hands laughing while the pee spread all down my jeans and then my other friend collapses onto the ground pointing and I look and my other bff was standing there looking down at her own kahki capri pants as they turned dark from her crotch and down her thighs - she laughed so hard at me laughing so hard that I peed that she peed, too! Haha. So we collected ourselves and finished walking home quickly, two of us with soaked pants trying to stay out of the street lights where anyone driving by could see we had peed ourselves. 

One last one for today, I think, before this gets too long. A couple of years later I was a sophomore in college. My roommate Amanda (not her real name) and I had become realy close friends freshman year and so had moved in together sophomore year and had a lot of the same classes. We were almost sisters and inseperable. We also both made each other laugh a lot and had both wound up with damp panties from small laugh leaks numerous times since we met each other. It seemed like every few weeks one of us would laugh too hard and grab themselves and run to the bathroom and come out a few minutes later holding a pair of panties with an egg-sized wet spot (sometimes bigger!) in the crotch. 

Well, one day we had gone to lunch after morning classes at the school cafeteria and were walking back across the quad to go back to our dorm when one of us said something funny, I forget what it was and who said it, and we both started laughing and bent double. Other students walking by and everything, some ignoring us, some giving us confused or dirty looks. Well, we laughed and laughed harder and that made us laugh some more and then I couldn't help it and of course I started peeing my pants, right there in the middle of a crowded campus at 20 years old. Soon there was an obvious wet spot around my crotch and down my thighs almost to my knees and my butt felt very wet and down the backs of my legs to my knees as I kept laughing, but the reality of peeing myself where we were quickly shocked me back to reality and I was able to stop laughing and stop peeing. Amanda wasn't quite so lucky. As soon as she was the wetness starting to show on my jeans she laughed harder and lost it herself, only she couldn't stop, and she peed all down her jeans to her shoes and left a puddle on the sidewalk. We got a LOT of looks then, of course, and we had to finish walking the rest of the way across campus in our very obviously peed pants. We just hooked arms and laughed and smiled and waved at the people who made comments. When we got back to our room we decided to share the shower since we didn't have much time before our next classes (nothing sexual, just for convenience). We are still friends and still laugh about it to this day - just hopefully not enough to pee ourselves. :) 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed some of my stories. 


Monday, March 17, 2014

I've been trying really hard to stick to a healthy diet, with high fibre cereal for breakfast, fruit and ????. I've also been trying to drink more water, to help me to become less constipated. I've had to cut back on cheese and chocolate too because I ate too much of it before. And as you all know, it makes me extremely constipated.

So since my last post on here, I've been less constipated and I've been pooping once a day, most days, which is great for me. My loads are still massive and they hurt a bit coming out. Plus its still been taking me a bit of time to get the poo out (but not as long as before) Then, just when I was going well with my dumps, I went away on holidays to Melbourne and I got constipated again. I ALWAYS get backed up when I travel.

I stayed with a friend when I was in Melbourne and I HATE doing poos in other people's toilets. I don't mind going in public toilets but I just felt too uncomfortable going in my friend's toilet. I couldn't find a good time to sit on the toilet (and I knew I needed to spend a long time pooping) so I didn't do a poo at all for 3 days. On the 4th day, I was well and truly constipated and I REALLY needed to get the poos out. So when my friend go in the shower that night, I got on the toilet and tried to do a poo - I didn't care if only a bit came out, it would be better than nothing. I knew I only had about 15 minutes at the most so I bore down and strained with all my might. To my surprise, after 10 minutes, a medium sized log came out!! It was rock hard and it hurt like hell but it was something. I pushed and strained for another 5 minutes and a smaller, golf ball sized poo came out. It was nowhere near the entire load but at least I got 2 turds out. I did feel better after that and I was able to enjoy dinner that night.

However, I still had a huge load of poo in my rectum and I went 4 days this time, without pooping. So now, I had even more crap building up inside me. Plus, I ate lots of junk food, including chocolate so that didn't help me. I stayed backed up and I was in dire need for a poo!! The next day I was staying in a hotel near the airport, as I had a morning flight. So I decided to wait till I got to the hotel to try for a poo again. I was literally full of crap by then and I was so lethargic and bloated. My friend didn't know I was badly constipated either.

The next day, I drove to the hotel (I had a hire car) and I did lots of gentle pushing on the way. It took an hour to drive to the hotel. After I checked in, I made my way to the room. I got straight on the toilet to try for a poo. I could see myself in the mirror and I really enjoyed watching my face screw up as I pushed and strained. I had to work hard to get things moving. After 10 minutes, my anus started crackling, as it opened up, stretching to its limits with a huge turd making its way down. At this point, I took my pants off completely and the rest of my clothes so I was naked. I stood up and stood next to the big mirror in the bathroom (it was a nice hotel, with a huge bathroom). I pushed and strained while I was standing, clenching my fists and screwing up my face. I did this for 15-20 minutes and then about an inch of poo started emerging from my anus. It hurt like hell and it stretched my anus beyond its limits. I squatted next to the mirror so I was facing it and pushed like there was no tomorrow. I was in a bad way and I was looked so desperate when I watched myself in my mirror!!! Then I grunted loudly "Hmmmmmmmghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! This helped a bit and the turd slowly came out a bit more. I grunted again "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggghhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!" I couldn't believe how loud I got but I was EXTREMELY constipated and I needed to do everything to help get the poo out!!!!!!! By now, 45 minutes had easily passed by. I needed a rest. So I stood up and I could see about 5 inches of poo sticking out of my anus. It was rock hard and very dry. I had to get this monster out so I only rested for 5 minutes before getting back into my marathon pooping session. I got on the toilet and bore down as hard as I could. I grunted again "Hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!" and I was almost crying because the turd was stuck in my anus.

I reached down and felt the turd. It was gigantic and I didn't know how I was going to manage, pushing it out all the way. But I decided to push down on my anus with my fingers and strain at the same time. I felt the turd come out a bit more but when I relaxed, it went back in a bit. Then I said to myself "Here we go, I need to get this demon out!" and I pushed like I had never pushed before. I felt the turd come out a bit more and it felt even wider than before. I had to push and strain continously for what seemed like forever. I needed another rest and I stood up to have another look - I had a massive brown monkey tail between my legs, about 10 inches long!! And the width of a coke can!!! I walked around my room for 10 minutes - I couldn't sit down on the chair because of the huge turd between my legs. I got back on the toilet and with one last big push, FINALLY got it out!!!!!!!! It took almost 2 hours to get that turd out and it was 14 inches long!! I had to break the poo up before I flushed it - luckily it all went down the toilet!! I had such a terrible time on the toilet that day and it was extremely difficult!!

I can't believe I let myself get so badly constipated. Since I got back from my holiday, I've got back on the high fibre cereal and I'm doing okay with my poos again.


my 2 poos at a clients house today!!

Thank you to those for their nice comments since my bad news, 
Means a lot, thanks. 

Today I was at my Clients house, 
I arrived @ 8.40am having being stuck in traffic, it was supposed to commence at 8.30am 
I arrived absolutely desperate for a poo but as I was late I thought we better get on with it. 
Clenching my big buttocks I was fidgety & irritable. 
Near 9am my client offered me a cup of tea, so as she went in the kitchen to make it, I tried to let out a bit of gas... I did & it stank!! 
Back with my cup of tea & still fidgeting & lifting my bum off the seat to clench my buttocks as & when, my client realised that I needed the loo & without hesitation, asked me "do you need the loo hun, you seem uncomfortable, it's just through there." (Downstairs loo right next to the living room) 
So I went & locked the door pulled my red skirt & white knickers down, & plonked my big butt cheeks on the loo seat. 
She knew I needed a poo but I didn't want her to know how desperate I was, so I tried to make my poo come out slowly & gradually. Didn't work very well. 
I unclenched my butt cheeks & immediately dropped 5 medium sized loose logs that fell within 2 seconds, I clenched whilst sighing... then unclenched & dropped another 3 that fell within a second.. then thought what the hell & let loose. 
On top of that 8 plops that were all curled up, I dropped another 8!!, 16 all together (I normally have poos of 10 pieces or more, always have done) I wiped 6x feeling relieved & flushed, I used her spray & bleach to clean the skid marked loo I left. 
Meanwhile she heard it all & asked if I felt better now?! 
For now... yeah. 

My second poo at her house was even worse!! 
2hours later I was desperate again so just before I left (I had a ???? ache & a 3 hour drive ahead of me to my next client) I had another massive poo in her loo. I told her I was sorry and that I had a ???? ache. 

Again pulling my skirt and knickers down, I sat my bum on the seat. 
6 very loose plops initially, then a pause, then 8 on top of that, then a sigh of relief, then a final 5!! I wiped 4 x and flushed, again cleaning up her loo. 
typically in the car on my drive I was desperate again & had to stop at the services. 
All in a days work eh?! 
J x