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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Interview With Peteuse

Today I had the great opportunity to interview someone I have admired for a very long time. Peteuse has been ripping them for as long as I can remember so when I got to interview her I was beyond excited. She was so genuinely nice too. We got off track quite a bit but we finally finished the interview and here it is!
Fetishfreak: What made you get into doing fart videos?
Peteuse: That was a long time ago! I went to Paris and met a french guy there and we had a little affair. So I invited him to SF for a few weeks. At the time he did not know what youtube was! I think it was about 2005? So I explained to him it was a video hosting site where anyone could post any kind of stupid thing and some of them even get famous for those stupid things! So as an example I told him I would record my next fart and put it on YT to see what would happen. So self-fulfilling prophecy lol. I put a stupid thing on YT and became “famous.” To a certain community of course. As time went by I realized it was all the who were commenting and telling me how sexy I was for farting! I had no idea guys got horny from farting. So I guess the attention, though virtual, was fun. So I continued. I like to make people laugh so I liked making the videos and seeing some replies that people were LOLing at a girl farting! My exhibitionist side :). I stayed on YouTube for awhile for fun, then a webmaster for girlsgonegross contacted me. I put him off for so long then one day I decided to try it as a side income. At the time I was sick with lung disease,(pulmonary hypertension) and my doctor prohibited me from working, so girls gone gross helped me out.
Fetishfreak: Who are the guys in your videos? Friends or what?
Peteuse: Most of them I paid. Strangers. Though one is a friend I paid to get farted on, (he was a poor student at the time) Hes the “Facefart On My Bad Roommate” guy. The other two, a white guy I hired from craigslist, the black guy, I hired him on the street lol, he had no idea what he was getting into.
Fetishfreak: How bad do your farts usually stink?
Peteuse: Like anyone it varies! One day they are bad, the next just the usual loud ones but not smelly. Depends on what I ate! Meat and cheese…..oof. Anything really fatty like deep fried stuff.
Fetishfreak: When you fart on people you seem so merciless. Do you ever feel bad while ripping them on the people you hired?
Peteuse: Well no since I paid them! But if I do a wet one I feel bad…
Fetishfreak: Do you stop filming or what?
Peteuse: If I do a wet one? No not usually hehe. It is in my underwear and is usually just a little squirt.
Fetishfreak: Have you ever farted in anyone’s mouth?
Peteuse: Yes of course! A fan comes to have farting sessions with me every few months and I fart all over his face, in his nose, in his mouth.
Fetishfreak: You have some of the biggest farts in the business, if you could fart on anyone for a day who would it be?
Peteuse: George W. Bush…..or Justin Beiber.
Fetishfreak: Well thank you for talking to me!
Peteuse: You are most welcome! Let me know when you post the interview. Hugs! Have a good rest of the day!
There you have it folks. One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. It was an honor Peteuse. You can find her on, Clips4sale and
I hope you like what you read. Leave a comment down below! Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nano tech Panties part 1

Eccentric & perverted Billionaire Jacques Drew has made his money in Bio and micro engineering , he was now retired and had spent a Billion Dollars perfecting Nano Technology for the last 3 years as a private project in his supremely equipped lab in California. He had finally managed to perfect the technology over 6 months ago, the Technology could be used for curing Cancer , space travel and endless applications , but he had decided to use the technology to build Girls panties to satisfy his perversion for Panties and female farts that he had all of his life . So these panties that each pair cost £1 million pounds to make were not just panties , although they were 100% for appearances any different from a normal pair of expensive pair of lace panties Brazilian cut in white , but they could feel and record everything that happened whilst being worn by the women, every bit of moisture , heat ,smell gas that come from a females arsehole and Vagina . The really hard thing to get your head round, is that the panties when worn a million Nano bots would enter the women through her arsehole and Vagina and attached to her Brain and Nervous system and would feel everything the women could feel in the panties , the actual sensation of her releasing a fart into the Panties , every bit of moisture she felt in the panties , any feelings of arousal, the thoughts of the girl also whilst she farted , wanted to fart and anything else sexual happening whilst enclosed in the panties . All this information would relay to the Drew's Pc in the form of a spoken commentary to Drew's PC at the same time recording everything . Also the Beauty of these panties and something that he had to really think about was how to keep these panties on the girl and how to get her to wear them in the first place . Then he it came to him , he would set up a company that made designer panties for the rich that removed all the secretions from the vagina and stayed completely fresh all day and night until changed , they would be priced at 5,000 dollars a pair and offered to the worlds sexiest women on a free trial as long as they gave there honest feedback once they had worn the panties . The women would be selected by himself but they would be contact by a highly paid lady from the panty company , who would herself believe these panties where just self cleaning . To keep the women wearing them was the real peach , the Nano bots would relay messages to the women's brain that would make her forget to ever take them off and make her believe that after the normal period of time she had changed her panties and to forget how she had obtained the panties and what they were actually for ( just a matter of programming the Nanos in her body ).
He had a list of sexy celebrities that he wanted to try this on, first the ones he had heard rumours farted a lot and other that appeared to have never farted or had not admitted to it anywhere in the world . 4 months later he had the company set up to front the Idea and he had his first female lined up for Melissa the 27 year old company representative to contact . He was a big fan of the UK version of Britain's got talent and really fancied the female judge Amanda Holden and had read various articles about how she could fart on demand and farted in the green room etc so she would be perfect, now only to get her to accept a pair of these panties and wear them , Melissa was very good and had vast experience in the celebrity trial industry . He was called by Mellisa only 24 hours later , she said that Amanda had accepted with pleasure as loved the Idea that the panties where self cleaning , Amanda had also explained to Mellisa that these would be ideal as she often was in rehearsals and on stage for BGT on some days for over 9 hours at a time , then usually went out drinking with the other judges after and that her vagina could get very sweaty in the heat of the stage lights and her panties would be very soiled by the time she got home and could change .
This was true , but it was also the huge number of farts Amanda released into them in a normal day that soiled them more than her sweaty Vagina but obviously this was something that would not be admitted to someone over the phone but would be revealed by the panties later .
It was the live shows for BGT starting tomorrow and Amanda had just received, the Knickers as a UK girl this is what she called her underwear . Amanda being a vegetarian was very very gassy and always struggled in the live shows due to the length of time the rehearsals etc took , she would have repeated visits to the green room or toilet so she could fart , this was usually done out of earshot of anyone else but due to time being short did not have time pull up her tight fitting skirt or trousers down and take of her panties down to fart , so 99% of the farts would be in her knickers and this would usually stain them heavily with brown fart stains, also the heat from the farts would make her fanny sweaty and moist and stain her knickers at the front also so her Knickers would be really stinky and moist by the time she got home .
Today she was going to wear and extra tight skirt that finished just above her knees in cream , when she slid the knickers on they fit really nicely , they hugged her shaven fanny like a second skin and the half lace half sheer gusset showed her pussy to perfection , but the fit around her bum was divine it was like wearing a second skin, the only thing she had some concern over was the lines that would show through her tight skirt . But she knew Simon would get turned on by seeing the outline of her knickers through her skirt as a turn on and she loved to tease , but a brown stain on her skirt would just be too much that's why she usually had to change her knickers at least 3 times a day but these self cleaning ones would be such a relief and time saver .
As soon as the knickers encased her bum and pussy, a million micro Nano bots entered her bum and pussy and attached themselves to her brain stem. They also established immediate contact with Dr Drew's PC and started instantly relaying and recording . They also displayed extremely Hi Def images of Amanda wearing the panties under her skirt , The minute the panties encased Amanda the ones relaying her thoughts , her simulated voice spoke over Drews PC exactly as she thought it spoke her thoughts in her voice . Her first thought was that a fart was brewing in her belly and she was going to fart very soon in her knickers. Then she released the fart , it was a really hot and airy one as most of her farts where due to the amount of vegetables she ate , her thoughts were ooohhhhh that feels warm in my knickers and gosh that smells like fresh baby poo and cabbage . The panties registered the hot escape of gas at least 30 seconds and at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius hotter than her already warm Knickers . What excited the DR was an instant moistening of the gusset due to arousal Amanda had become very slightly turned on by the smell and heat of the fart passing through her knickers how sexy he thought . The panties where so advance they even registered the very slight discoloration the fart had done to the panties , something that could not been seen by the human eye or the sexy image of her bum tightly packed into the panties on his screen , it worked out that an average of 2 more farts of this type would leave a skid mark in them .
The thoughts the Nano's registered , where filtered to anything related to sex, panty feel, farts , moistness vagina etc none of her day to day thoughts were relayed . Due to this he did not expect another relayed thought come through so fast , gosh I can feel another fart brewing already , her mind flashed to all the vegetables she had eaten and was worried that she was going to have a bad day at auditions with farting so would be so happy if these knickers stopped the stains , then immediately the panties registered another very hot and airy fart releasing from Amanda's tight arsehole , but also registered a visible fart stain on the panties , not heavy but you could see it on the screen , the fart had contained a high amount of poo particles . The smell registered was more cabbage and very strong and lingering , wow the though spoke out that smells bad but kind of sexy , he could not believe this thought , the panties registered an instant moistening double the amount registered on the previous fart . Then another thought come over it was Amanda acknowledging she enjoyed the smell of cabbage from her tight arse and the hot feeling of the fart filling her knickers . She then thought that the fart felt a little wet and her knicker gusset felt slightly wet . She went to the mirror and bent over and pulled up her skirt to reveal her tightly covered bum and vagina, she thought look at that skidmark over my arse crack and my knickers are slightly wet also , the Nano bots as programmed asked for Dr Drew to
give instruction, he was just about to order them to make her accept that there was no stains in her panties when Amanda put her hand over her pantied bum and rubbed her finger up her bum crack and over her pussy . Her first thought was how hot and messy her knickers felt already after only 15 minutes , she put her finger to her nose and sniffed her finger , loads of things happened all at once the thought came through that the smell on her ginger was sexy , the panties registered a huge release of moisture in the gusset and the ones on her nervous system registered an oncoming orgasm from in her pussy . Then another though came through , ohhh I need to fart again and how she was going to put her hand over her pantied arsehole and feel the fart as it came out , this she did she was now standing up straight so had to put her hand up her skirt and put her open palm firmly over her arsehole . She then farted a really long , smelly hot moist fart . Two mixed thoughts came through the sexy feel of her tight arsehole and the hot gas from the inside filling her knickers and the really sexy feel of the fart through her knickers against her hand , the Nano's registered a the oncoming of a massive orgasm seconds away , also a a lot of pussy juice in the gusset then the orgasm struck , her thoughts where on the orgasm and hot smell of cabbage in the bedroom , this perpetuated the orgasm and massive amount of pussy juice filling her gusset . He hit the button as soon as the Orgasm finished and made the Nanos convince her brain her panties were clean again .
Suddenly , over the thought speaker , in the simulated Amanda voice , she said ohhh I need to fart again not a good day for gas it non stop and ive not even left the house yet .

Friday, November 7, 2014

My ex cat and her amazing farting arse

Well I thought I would start a new thread about my ex gf. I have written a few bits about her previously in different threads.

This story starts on a Saturday morning at about 0900 hrs. Anyway i turn up at her house as planned and to say she is a little worse for wear is an understatement as she is struggling to stand. She had been out with her friends the previous night and had a bit too much to drink. Baby she says i think i'm having a hungry day i've already had 4 bit of toast and i'm still hungry. Excellent I think as I love it when she has a hungry day its unbelievable what happens. Have I got time for something else to eat before we get a taxi. Yeah no problem I say and she has 2 more pieces of toast while we are waiting. She finishes up and the taxi turns up about 5 mins later and takes us to the station. The train is due to leave at 1000 hrs and we get tickets and have about 15 mins to wait. I need a smoke she says so we go outside the station and she lights up, she is still struggling to stand at this point and turns to me and says baby I need to fart big time. How can we hide it I think it's going to be big. I'll lean against the wall and you lean up against me that should muffle it a bit so she does that and it starts rumbling against me for about 30 seconds. Thats better she says and we head off for the train to Newmarket races. We get there at 1100 hrs or so without any more gas. ( just as well as the train is full ). What time does the racing start she asks about 1400 hrs I say. So why are we here so early then? Because I want to go to the pub 1st for a few drinks as we said. OMG she says I can't drink at the moment. Anyway we get to the pub and she says baby i'm hungry shall we have something to eat. Now I hadn't eaten so I say why not. So i go to the bar and order 2 big breakfasts and a couple of bottles of Bud. When I get back to the table she says why have you got me a bud i asked for a coke. Unlucky I say you promised you wouldn't get pissed last night because you knew we were having a few drinks today. Fair enough she says. So a few mins later the food turns up. A big breakfast consists of 3 sausages, 2 pieces of bacon, hash brown, 2 eggs, beans, mushrooms, tomato and 2 slices of fried bread. I just about get through mine but she scoffs hers down as if she hasn't eaten for a week. By this time the pub is full and is noisy. Just as well as she rips a fucking huge fart which fortunately I can hear but nobody else can she also stifles a couple of burps. Just making room she says. What for?
i'm going to have another one of those i'm still feeling hungry. Seriously I say. Yup. Told you i'm having a hungry day. So I head off to the bar and order another breakfast and 2 more buds. Anyway when it comes she wolfs it down again and drinks the remains of her bud. I feel a bit better after that she says but there's still room for something else. baby we've got to make a move I say as it's gone 1300 hrs. No worries says Cat lets go. So we get on the bus that takes us to the racetrack and while we are half way there she turns to me and says I need to fart. You'll have to hold it theres 30 odd people on this bus and they'll think a bomb has gone off I laugh. Fortunately it's only a 20 min journey so she hasn't long to hold it. We get off and walk about 50 yards when she lets go. Nothing large as shes clenching her butt cheeks so is more a 20 second squeak. The wind must have been blowing the wrong way as the smell follows us for about 20 yards and it's not pleasant. Must be what i had to drink last night she giggles. Anyway we go in to the course put out bets on the 1st race and go to the bar for a couple of pints. While we are drinking she says i'm starting to feel hungry again. But i'll wait until the end of the 1st race. So we watch the race finish our beers and head off for food. She orders 3 pieces chicken and chips which she eats in no time at all. Believe it or not I still feel hungry but won't have anything as i'm feeling greedy. So we watch the next couple of races and have a couple more beers which takes us to about 1515 hrs when she says it's no good I gotta eat. So we head off again and this time she has fish and chips. Thats better she says i'm feeling full. So no more food between then and the end of the meeting which is 1730 hrs. We do have 4 more pints though. We leave the course and she says i'll ring mum and see if it's ok to pop round.( She lives in Newmarket. ) So we catch the bus back to the station and start the 10 minute walk to her mums. I've got a bit of wind she says and starts farting every few steps or so. This goes on for 5 minutes and when she finally finishes she turns to me and says. i now have room for the tea mum is cooking for us. Anyway we get to her mums and she's cooked pasta for us. Now Cat has not 1 not 2 but 3 helpings of this pasta and a couple of glasses of wine followed by strawberrys and cream. Finally she says I'm full. Not really a surprise as she's had 6 slices of toast, 2 big breakfasts, 3 pieces of chicken and chips, fish and chips, 3 plate fulls of pasta, strawberrys and cream, 2 bottles of bud, 7 pints of lager and 2 glasses of wine. The time has got to 2100 hrs and the train is due to leave at 2115 so we say our goodbyes and leave. We catch the train and about half way home she says my belly hurts. I feel it and its feeling quite full but still has a bit of space although it's expanded since we left in the morning and the dress she is wearing is tighter. So I give it a rub to try and relieve it a bit which seems to do the trick. For a short time anyway. Anyway the train arrives back in Ipswich at 2215 hrs and we get off baby she says look at my belly. to my amazement its still expanding and the seams are starting to split. It must be the pasta expanding. I reckon she has grown a good 11 inches around the belly and probably gained similar in weight throughout the day with all she's eaten and drunk. We get back to her house and go straight up to her bedroom. Briefly saying a quick hello to her son. I need to get out of this dress she says and I really need a belly rub. So we struggle to get her out of the dress and her belly is tight and I mean drum tight. I could have thrown something on it and it would have bounced about 10 ft in the air. God it's painful now she says so I start rubbing. Baby you just need to fart some air out I say. And with that she rips a fucking huge 45 second fart which almost blows the walls down.
Fuck me I said now thats what I call a fart. ( forget JDR and Ana Didovic and all the others as Cat tops them all when it comes to farting. ) There's plenty more where that came from baby believe me. So I carry on rubbing and every couple of minutes theres a repeat performance. This carries on for a good half an hour and her belly is starting to reduce in size. Are you able to have sex yet I ask. Yes I think so she says but I may fart on you. I bloody hope so I say i'm banking on it. So we are having sex and as we are going at it she farts on me 3 or 4 times. I pull out and decide to fist fuck her. Now I do this until she squirts all over me and carry on doing it and she squirts about 5 times. All the while though at the same time as she's squirting she's farting constantly as she has lost control. I am so hard by this time I have to go back to fucking her and as she is still squirting it's like fucking in a swimming pool all the while she's farting on me as well. Anyway I finally come and she says baby I need water I am so de-hydrated. So I put her dressing gown on and hear a thud behind me. I turn around and she has fallen off the bed and says I can't move. It's your fault. At this I laugh and go downstairs for water. I come back up to find her still on the floor trying to get up. Here baby drink this and give her a pint of water. She knecks it in about 5 seconds flat and says god I needed that but need another one which I fetch for her. I come back up and she has finally made it back on to the bed and drinks half the water. Thats better she says time to sleep now its almost 1 in the morning. So we kiss andd cuddle up and fall asleep. Or at least I do for a bit as every hour or so she's still dropping the biggest bombs while her belly deflates. By the morning her belly is almost back to its normal size. When she wakes she says right time to get rid of the rest of this belly and drops one of the most massive farts i heard from her. It went on for a good minute to a minute and a half and was amazingly loud. Anyway it did the trick and her belly was back to normal. For a few weeks anyway. hee hee

Monday, November 3, 2014

various female fart stories

I remember a situation a very long time ago when I was just a little guy. Me and my friend Karl were playing hide and seek. It was just us in the house and I thought of a lot of cool places to hide. It was finally my turn and Karl says “don’t go in my moms office no ones allowed in there.” I said okay but right after he said that I had the bright idea to go in there and hide now because there’s no way he’d ever be able to find me. I was a little cheater like that.
As soon as he started counting I bolted up to the office and hid underneath the desk. Karl looked around for me for about 5 minutes then decided to go downstairs and look. Karl’s mom came home. I heard him say hi to her as he was going down the stairs. Since the office door is right by the stairs I was fucked. So I decided to just wait it out.
I heard heels come into the office and close the door. I was fucked. Then I see sexy toned legs walk over to the office chair and sit down. Karl’s mom then crossed her legs and scooted her chair in. Her knee was an inch from my face, so close I had to turn my head so she couldn’t feel my breath.
At this point I knew I was done. She’s gonna find me and tell my mom and I will be grounded for going into people’s personal business areas. I hear her pick up the phone and start talking to someone. This goes on for awhile and I notice I can see clearly up her skirt at her pink panties. As shes on the phone I noticed shes listening now to the other person talk and as shes listening I see her tilt her ass and I hear this huge rumble come out of her ass and into the office chair, followed by a smaller “bruuuuuurp.” in about 3-5 seconds gas filled under that desk and all I could smell was awful broccoli farts. I tried putting my shirt above my nose but it was a thin shirt or something because I could smell it right through.
Another 10 minutes later she uncrosses her legs and leans back and I hear another rumble go into that office chair. This time the smell came straight down her skirt and hit me in the face with stank. At this point I’m dying. I hear a knock on the door and its Karl. I hear him say, “hey mom can I come in, I’m playing hide and seek with Nathan and I can’t find him so I just give up. Can I come hang out with you?” Then I hear his mom reply “Yeah in a minute Karl I don’t think you want t be with in 20 feet of me right now” she said with a giggle. I was about with in 3 inches of her. She gets another phone call and I hear her say “hey babe” so I assume it was Karl’s dad. Then after a couple minutes she lets go a bunch of farts right in a row. bruuuuurp, plop plop plop, and a last plop. “Oh babe I’ve been ripping the biggest toots in the office……..yeah they reak…….no……yeah I’ll probably go take a big poo then I will be ok……broccoli and cheese……well between that and the protein shake.”
As I’m hearing this I am dying. It smelled so rank. I can tell she has been holding these in alllll day. She hang up the phone and crosses her legs again. After that she tilted her ass again and let out an very windy, airy fart that sounded like she was being deflated. This filled up my nostrils immediately with pure poo smell. She must’ve known too because she got up and went to the bathroom. While she did that I made my way to some fresh air and ran downstairs. I told Karl the whole story and he laughed hysterically. We were watching tv about 30 minutes later and I heard his mom yell from upstairs “I wouldn’t go into the bathroom for about an hour!.” Karl and I both looked at each other and laughed. That was a good day.
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Posted on October 1, 2014by fetishguy
I dated this girl about 5 years ago for about 6 or 7 months named Aubrey. She loved to work out and was really hot. She had almost the exact same body as the girl in the picture above just so you guys can get a rough estimate of what I was working with. I used go to her house all the time because she had a personal gym in her house. (rich parents) Anyways we would work out all the time together and one thing I loved about working out with her was that the protein shakes would give her the rankest gas. Like stink up a room in a matter of seconds bad.
Well this particular day it had been an hour since we worked out. Aubrey had downed her protein shake and we were cuddling on the couch. All of a sudden I feel hot air come out of her ass and warm up my stomach. “That’s gonna stink I can already tell” she said with a smile. And sure enough raunchiest smell filled the air. I could just tell we were surrounded by a giant fart cloud.
“Why the hell does that stink so bad?” I said, trying not to get a huge boner. “I think its a mixture of my protein shake and having to poop” Aubrey laughed as she fanned the air. After about an 20 mins I hear her go “uh oh” followed by a long, and I mean LONG low rumbling fart erupting from this small girl. And it was like the worst smell ever. I have a fart fetish and I don’t think I could handle that fart in a dutch oven. She laughed hysterically and fanned it towards my face. I got up off the couch and sat on the other side of the room. But immediately the smell followed me so I had to leave the room lol. That had to be up there with the worst fart I ever smelled.
Aubrey got up and said “on that note” and went into the bathroom for 30 mins. Now that my fetish has grown I’d love to take on a fart like that again and sniff it all up. Was a pretty good day.
Sorry this story is short but it was definitely worth telling. Thanks for reading guys!
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About fetishguy
Hey guys name is Nathan and I have a few fetishes. I'll be posting about them and other fetishes I think are pretty cool. Hope you all enjoy reading it!
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My mom had a long time friend that just recently moved but I do have quite a few stories about her. Her name was Bobby. She was about 250 pounds. I’d say I knew here from her high 30’s to her low 50’s. One thing I loved about Bobby was her huuuuuge ass. And after I diagnosed myself with a fart fetish I loved the fact that she absolutely loved to fart. She wasn’t super gassy all the time but if you sit behind her after a big meal get ready to be blasted.
This particular story was on thanksgiving day. We had just finished the huge holiday dinner and I decided to go lay on the couch and watch tv. My friend Karl was on the couch opposite me laying down watching tv.
As I was watching all of a sudden drunk Bobby comes over and plops on me and says “whatcha watchin?” That was another thing she loved to do. Sit on people. Also I should probably mention that I am 13 at the time and I weigh about 80 lbs. Her ass was literally covering my torso and one ass cheek was lightly touching my chin. The soft couch was really the only reason I wasn’t dead lol. I strained and answered her question with “Harry Potter” Sometimes when she sat on me she would would tickle me or something and it would be fun but this time she just looked at me with a look like she was straining and as she was doing that I immediately felt and hot blast come over my chest. “Ahhhhhh” she said with relief and I said “uhh what was that?” a little freaked out. She tilted slightly to the side and a stench erupted that smelt like pure eggy evil. I yelled with disgust as I tried to fan it away. “There that should clear your sinuses” bobby said laughing at me.
This whole time Karl had been sleeping on the other couch so he didn’t see any of it. Bobby looked at me and said “I gotta fart again but I think its Karl’s turn what do you think?” I laughed and said “sit right on his head and fart and I’ll give you the rest of the pumpkin pie” “I’m way too heavy to sit on his head” she replied. I gave her a really soft pillow and said “put this under it and he’ll be fine.” Laughing she went over and lightly put the pillow under his head and then hovered right over his head and yelled “KARL!”
He woke up as she was coming down as guys let me tell you the look on his face was priceless! She plopped right down on his face and his head just disappeared into the pillow. He was 12 at the time so he was powerless under her enormous ass. Bobby was laughing but top only for a second to push out 2 farts followed by a slightly longer more bassy one. It sounded like PLOP PLOP PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT.
Underneath her I hear Karl mumble “omggggg!” I could barely hear him so he was pretty set between her cheeks. Laughing hysterically she laid on her side over his body with her ass still pointed at his head. When I looked at him his face was beat red and he was crying. CRYING! He was scared he was going to get pink eye so he went home and never came to my house while bobby was over again.
After he left Bobby said to me, “I got him pretty good, I almost felt a poop come out and nail him right in the face.” we laughed and just enjoyed the holiday for another hour and everyone went home. It was a good day.
I hope you liked my story. Every thing is true as always. I do change the names though but that’s it. I have more of Bobby that will be coming along with a couple more baby sitter ones. Also I have some school ones that I need to share. Thank you for reading!
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·         Posted on September 11, 2014by fetishguy
·         111-lotionlegsagphr
·         Today I had the chance to chat with one of my absolute favorite fart girls Sexy Flatulence. She was extremely nice and I am so thankful to have a chance to speak with her, especially having already been such a huge fan. I first got introduced to her on dailymotion. I was browsing and came across this extremely attractive girl ripping major farts in white pants. I became a fan immediately. After that I’ve watched quite a few of her videos, buying them off her clips4sale and watching her promo’s on eroprofile. Finally I got the chance to talk to her and see ask her all about her story. Here it is for you guys. Also, links to all her pages and twitter will be underneath the post. Enjoy!
·         Fetishfreak: What made you decide to do fart videos?
·         Sexy Flatulence: My sister (aka Gassy Goddess) started making videos and got really positive feedback from fans. Her farts are really loud and bubbly so people loved her videos. Gassiness runs in the family so she suggested that I share my farts with the world as well and that’s how I started.
·         Fetishfreak: how did you feel when you found out about the fetish?
·         Sexy Flatulence: I think it’s great! I’m so used to hearing “ew” or “gross” when I fart around my friends and some past boyfriends so it’s very refreshing to hear from folks who can enjoy my gas and get pleasure from it. I too like to watch videos of sexy girls farting. 
·         Fetishfreak: oh really? do you kind of have the fetish or it just interests you?
·         Sexy Flatulence: I would say watching the girls fart doesn’t turn me on per say, more of an interest/fascination/thinking it’s way cool.
·         Fetishfreak:  what gives you the worst farts?
·         Sexy Flatulence: Absolute worst farts are from stale tortilla chips! It works really quickly and it’s awful to the point where sometimes it can hurt. I discovered this when I was 12! I went out to a Mexican restaurant with my friends family and when we returned the farts where coming out despite how hard I tried to keep them in! I remember leaning on a desk in pain and trying desperately to not fart in front of my friend and this BIG one went off inside my stomach and was really loud. She goes “Are you ok?!” after she saw that lol.
·         Fetishfreak: weird lol. I never knew tortilla chips to be so destructive.
·         Sexy Flatulence: I know right! They have to be stale though and not crisp, fresh tortilla chips doesn’t produce the same effect.
·         Fetishfreak: Have you farted in peoples faces much?
·         Sexy Flatulence: Sadly, no! I’ve done it to one boyfriend I had– it was an accident and he really digged it. His positive reaction shocked me but turned me on to know he was into it instead of getting mad. I’d love to meet up with fart fans and fart on them. That’s a work in progress at the moment.
·         Fetishfreak: If you could fart on anyone’s face who would it be?
·         Sexy Flatulence:  I’d want to fart in someones face who would really appreciate it! So a boyfriend would be nice. Or a huge fan of mine. It would be nice if after I farted they took a whiff, then slapped my ass, then started to lick my butt hole– that would feel awesome! 
·         Fetishfreak: would you fart in someones mouth?
·         Sexy Flatulence: Oh for sure!
·         Fetishfreak: would you worry about accidentally pooping?
·         Sexy Flatulence: If I felt things were “loose” down there I would warn the person that a treat might come out of my ass, but for the most part no! I feel like the person would (and should!) enjoy that too!
·         Fetishfreak: Are you more dominant or submissive?
·         Sexy Flatulence: In the bedroom I like being submissive– I like when guys tell me what to do and manhandle me. But I do have moments where I’m on top, smashing my boobs in their face, or sitting on their face, telling them what to do and that feels pretty cool. I’m more attracted to dominant men. 
·         Fetishfreak: alright we’ll do one more, how many times have you farted during this interview?
·         Sexy Flatulence: haha! just once. I think it was the carbonated drink I’m sipping on. And I farted in my big cozy leather chair with a few maintenance guys outside, I hope they didn’t hear me!  
·         Fetishfreak: Lucky them if they did! I’m really glad you talked to me today.
·         Sexy Flatulence: Sure thanks for having me on your blog!
·         There you have it folks. Great interview with the beautiful Sexy Flatulence. If you haven’t seen her content yet, (what the hell is wrong with you) I have the links to her clips4sale, twitter and eroprofile promo page down below!
·         I hope you all enjoyed reading and until next time….C YA!
Posted on August 25, 2014by fetishguy

My friend named Amanda is helping me out by giving me her best fart story to post. So I’m going to start by saying thank you and I appreciate your contribution.
This all girl summer camp Amanda went to every summer as a camp counselor had just started a new ritual where they would haze the new campers for a week by farting on them at different times 24/7. The new campers had to wear something bright pink on them at all times no matter what they were doing so the other campers would know. Only rules for the other campers is you can’t physically harm them trying to fart on them and the counselors can’t do anything.
Well according to Amanda this one girl named Kim got it so bad one day. In the morning, the girls would take turns releasing their morning gas in her face and making her inhale. This girl Kristen had the worse gas ever and would get up on the bed and squat right over her head and fart really loud. Amanda said you could just hear the farts slapping off of Kim’s forehead.
This girl Kristen is the girl who enjoyed the fart week the most. Amanda said she was really toned, tan, somewhat okay face but had a nice bubble butt. Her farts were almost always bubbly and smelled like, and I’m quoting, “right before a poop” farts. After lunch one day her and two of her friends emptied out a big barrel of water used for another event and put a skinny young new camper in it, just a little thing, and all three stuck sat on it and stuck their butts through the top of it and farted for like 10 minutes while everyone laughed. One of the girls farted really loud and it sounded like a giant toilet fart. Kinda makes you want to be able to go to that camp doesn’t it?
Once the week is over the new campers get “Payback Week” which is nothing fart related so I won’t talk about it. But at the end they are all friends and respect each other which is really cool. 
I hope you all like Amanda’s story (trying to get some of HER fart stories but shes shy) More to come!
Comment below I’d love to hear from ya!
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Hey guys name is Nathan and I have a few fetishes. I'll be posting about them and other fetishes I think are pretty cool. Hope you all enjoy reading it!
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Posted on August 12, 2014by fetishguy
This is a true story from when I was about 10 or 11 years old. A high school girl used to come baby sit me every Friday while my mom and dad went out and sometimes on school vacations while my parents were at work.
My baby sitter’s name was Liz. Liz always wore short sporty shorts and had a bubble butt with really nice legs and decent boobs. I was just kinda really getting into girls around then so I didn’t mind having her over.
This particular time was thanksgiving, Liz had been pigging out on all our left overs and was watching tv in the living room. I came down to watch my show and she changed the channel so I could. After a few minutes of watching Liz turned and looked at me with a concentrating looking on her face and then I heard a low rumbling sound echo through the floor. Then she said “ahhhhh that felt pretty damn good” I laughed but then the smell hit me like a ton of bricks. I made a noise of disgust and put my shirt over my nose. ” I have had the worst turkey farts the past couple of days so get used to it” She said. Then immediately after leaned to one side and let go another little toot.
After about half an hour Liz had moved to the couch to get more comfortable. I was sitting next to her watching tv still. All of a sudden I hear another bassy sound as I look over and Liz is letting loose another monster of a fart into a couch pillow. Smiling as she does it. Then says “omg I think I’m going to have to poop really soon, I can tell that ones gonna stink” She was right about both. She got up and shoved the pillow into my face, laughing hysterically as I smelled her rank fart through the pillow. “I’m giving you pink eye by putting my poop particles in you eyes hahahaha” She said as I squirmed. “Get off me you gross bitch” I said as I broke away. “Fine” she said, “I’m going to put the rest of my poop particles in your toilet” Then ran up stairs giggling.
20 minutes in I hear her say “Nate! A little help!” Oh no, I thought. I ran up the stairs and sure enough there was a big log around half the toilet and 3 little logs down the hole blocking it, The entire bathroom smelled absolutely terrible. Before I could ask why the hell she needed me in there, she ran out and shut the door.I tried to get out but she was infront of it with her foot on the opposite wall. I said “Why are you such a bitch! This shit stinks!” She replied,”maybe if you weren’t such a mouthy little shit I wouldn’t treat you like a little shit, little shits have to be in the bathroom” In her defense I was a little dick 10 year old that swore way more than I should have for my age. “You can come out when you unclog the toilet then we’ll have a truce for the rest of the night.” She said in a serious but still laughing a little voice. I took the plunger and I plunged and I plunged and I plunged until all the poop flushed and Liz let me out in the fresh air. We shook the truce and went back downstairs to watch tv. Not without getting one last post-poop fart before it was time for her to go home,
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About fetishguy
Hey guys name is Nathan and I have a few fetishes. I'll be posting about them and other fetishes I think are pretty cool. Hope you all enjoy reading it!
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Hey man I loved this story. Do you have anymore about her?
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I have a few but I’m spacing the